I REALLY wish Kansas would stop making an ass of itself…

19 Feb

I currently have the flu. And I’m taking a break from work because every time I try to paint, snot runs out of my nose all over whatever it is I’m trying to work on at the time. I’m fully grossing myself out with my drainage. But if my writing on this comes out jarbled and incoherent, blame it on my viral infestation.

With that being said…I’m from Kansas. I have much Kansas pride. Which is why it breaks my heart when Kansas decides to walk around in public with not only it’s fly down, but big gigantic wads of underwear sticking out and streams of toilet paper hanging out of the back of it’s pants. Time and time again it’s the center of public backwards thinking; from the horrifying behavior of Fred Phelps, to the ignorance of creationism in public school science classes. I swear to christ not everyone from Kansas is mentally retarded… but unless you have lived there, it’s press would lead you to believe otherwise.

The latest public debacle comes from a private Catholic school outside of Topeka. You can watch the broadcast of the story HERE. Hopefully that link comes up (and I got it off Yahoo news… so please forgive the advertisements- I really don’t give a shit if you want to order Netflicks, or whatever ads they have running on there).

If the link doesn’t come up, here’s a summery…. a female referee of highschool basketball was told that she couldn’t ref in their games there because it was a boy’s game, and she was a woman. Why? Because no woman is to have any leadership or dictatorship over men.

Um…. excuse me? Are you fucking kidding? This is insane on so many levels that it blows my mind. The other ref (who was male) that was also supposed to work the game refused to work the game when the officials of the school asked her leave because he was blown away by the unfairness of it. He asked the officials if the school had female teachers- to which the response was “yes”. So he inquired as to why if there were female teachers, what was the problem with having a female referee. They said that they didn’t know… but she just had to leave.

What kind of message is this supposed to send the the teenaged boys on the team? That a grown woman- an ADULT- has no authority over them. How are they supposed to respect their mothers, or grandmothers, or girlfriends, or future wives? What about female bosses, or police officers, or elected officials? All this bullshit because Eve took the magic apple from the talking snake and gave it to Adam. Vomit vomit vomit.

So in the year 2008, this is where we stand. My mother worked in Catholic schools for a while, and she said that the amount of disrespect she received from the boys there was unbelievable because of this kind of mindset. How are women ever supposed to get fair and equal treatment in this society if this kind of social retardation is still prevalent enough for it to govern the simple act of refereeing a boys highschool basketball game?

This is the kind of shit that frightens me for the upcoming election. I have a horrifying gut feeling that McCain is going to win. I really don’t think our country is progressive enough for a female president… or for a black president either. I’d LOOOOVE to think that we’re to a place where skin color and gender no longer puts limitations on people- but that’s profoundly idealistic (just open any page of any newspaper, and watch the countless incidents of racism, sexism, homophobia, and ignorant hate jump out and burn your eyes). If in the very mundane situation of refereeing a highschool game, someone is asked to leave their job because they don’t own a penis… that reeks of just how far our country really has to go before we’re caught up with the rest of the planet (who have had female leaders, as well as leaders who aren’t of the same race as the majority of that country’s population). We are so behind in the race that we actually think we’re winning it. And we wonder why we’re the globe’s inside joke? Geeeeezzzzz…..

I’d like to rant more, but I keep typing the wrong letters and my brain is all fuzzy because of flu meds. Maybe the “nervousness may occur” side effect will kick in, and I’ll go on a typing psycho-frenzy…. but for now, I sign off in disgust.

****disclaimer****……. I KNOW all catholics don’t hold such a sexist mindset. I KNOW that not all catholic schools are run like this. Please don’t go for my jugular screaming that I’m being judgmental of all the Catholics out there and bla bla bla. I’m not. Ok? Are we all still friends? Good.


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  1. whitney February 19, 2008 at 3:42 pm #

    thaaaaaaaaaaat is very upsetting.

    i’d make you some yummy tomatoe soup and a grilled pepper jack cheese sandwich on sourdough bread for your sickly self and email it to you…. but i can’t cause i don’t think our techonology is THAT advanced yet. which is kinda weird considering all the other weird gadgets we have out there now. yep.

    feel better pookey!
    (eww germs).

  2. orionsreason February 19, 2008 at 5:00 pm #

    That is so wrong.

    As someone who was raised in a UPC cult, I’ve seen that same mindset my whole life. I even went to the school the church had. girls weren’t even allowed to wear short sleeves (In Florida no less, with 95 degree heat, during gym class).

    That kinda stuff sucks…as a nation we are behind in our views.

    feel better soon!

  3. Kristen Ferrell February 19, 2008 at 9:10 pm #

    my parents were really great about raising me with the knowledge that i can do anything i want in life, and the fact that i was a girl didn’t make any difference. what i’ve seen in the religious situations that i was forced into was very very different, though. i saw oodles of subservience, and women cowering under the dictatorship of their husbands.
    i’m always baffled when i see women voluntarily bind themselves to a male-dominated belief structure that keeps them down and submissive.

  4. orionsreason February 19, 2008 at 9:16 pm #

    Me too. My aunt is still like that this day with her husband. I could never comprehend why I was told to be that way, and when I did actually ask, no one had a real answer.

  5. Haley February 19, 2008 at 9:32 pm #

    That’s really ridiculous. That has to be against the law in some way. It doesn’t make sense that we’re so “progressive”, yet females aren’t allowed to referee? So, we’ve for fancier cell phones, that doesn’t make us all around progressive. Aren’t the big bad troops fighting for my “freedom”? Aren’t they fighting for the woman Referee’s freedom? Where is her freedom? Fuck that. In the ear. Oh, and the matter of the war, again, peacekeeping, and the whole bit about trying to improve life for women in the Middle East? Yet, we can’t even have women referee’s and it’s a fucking radical thing that a woman is running for president? And even littler things like the difference between man and women. Other than the penis vs. vagina thing, but like if a guy’s a whore, he’s a stud, but if a girl is a whore, she’s a slut. Guys play “tuff” sports while girls sit on the sideline dancing half naked.(And, I really love your “scream like a girl” statement.) It’s ridiculous.

  6. Sunny February 20, 2008 at 6:09 am #

    I won’t disagree that there are countries who have had female and minority leaders, but I think it’s a stretch to say that the whole rest of the planet has. It happens, but the Madeline Albrights of the world are still few and far between… I agree that this country can be a really bigoted place, and that there are other contries that are probably ahead of us onthe equality front, but there are many places where women still can’t vote or drive cars, and many more places where the more subtle bigotry goes unchecked. I’m not saying we’re where we need to be, I just don’t think that – globally – it’s fair to say we’re behind the curve. We’re just not leading by example like we should be (and like we’d want the world to believe).

  7. Amy M February 20, 2008 at 6:36 am #

    Yeah, we should protest. That’s ridiculous. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say an apology will be issued. No one can be that stupid for too long.

    McCain will only win if Hil gets the nomination. Otherwise, as my friend Bill said, Obama will beat him like a hippie with a drum.

  8. bergertime February 20, 2008 at 7:08 am #

    this kind of information does not make me proud to live here, in the sunflower state. I agree with you on the whole president issue. It makes me happy to see so many people excited about this election, and the fact that there were SO many more people out for the democratic primary / caucus’ (espescially in Kansas) than were expected makes me a little bit hopeful.
    But I also know people, and people are bastards. I have heard and read so many stories about people who will not, under any circumstances vote for a *woman* or a *black man* for president…even Democrats who would normally support a candidate on the issues that those canditates stand for. Thant is *f*ing ridiculous, and frightening. Those jerks are going to come out in swarms just to make sure that our next president is a *white man*.
    What if all you had was a list of each candidates ideas, beliefs, and goals…no photo or name. Then who would you vote for?

  9. rena February 20, 2008 at 9:06 am #

    this is so so sad. and right after i was so proud of kansas for overwhelmingly voting for obama.

  10. Kristen Ferrell February 20, 2008 at 9:54 am #

    i’ve heard more vicious commentary towards hilary than i have towards obama. i’ve overheard on several occasions that hilary would start bombing countries if she discovered bill screwing her interns, or if she was having her period… and i actually saw a political cartoon in a major publication stating that all the other candidates were prettier than her. are we still at such an ignorant place where menstruation myths and how pretty she is is something that men actually consider when taking a look at her political efficiency? are men so fucking ignorant that they think that because of a hormonal surge a woman could go stark raving mad and start pushing red buttons in a global killing frenzy? or that if she was prettier, she’d be more worthy of presidency? are you fucking kidding me???!! gggaawwddd… grow the fuck up.

    and as far as obama goes… i think he stands a better chance than hilary. our nation has taken some baby steps as far as racism towards african americans go, but it’s only because our country has become so hostile towards the hispanic community that the bigotry towards african americans has been put on the back burner. this country hasn’t really grown any in overcoming it’s racism- it’s just been transferred to a new group of people.

    I REALLY REALLY like the idea of just having a list of candidates and what they stand for- but no name or photo. that way all this propaganda and show-boating would be done away with, and we could just elect the person with the right qualifications- despite gender or ethnicity.

    i just get really scared because nobody thought that bush could ever win that second election- and poof! there he is!…sitting on that throne babbling and drooling for the world to see. so i have no clue how this next election will go. and the thought of another republican in office makes me want to take my child and run for cover.

  11. Candice February 20, 2008 at 9:01 pm #

    It’s sad that his kind of thinking is still so predominant. It definitely isn’t just Kansas or Catholics. I am from N. Florida and have grown up watching men have this weird dominance over their wives…and the more infuriating thing is that the women just seem to accept it and choose to be silent sufferers (the only exception being when they pray outloud, and even then it is a the guilty plea of “help me not to feel this way, I’m wrong, it’s my fault”). I have a family member who goes to a Baptist church that doesn’t allow women to hold any leadership positions or teach classes with men in them. When I ask them about it, they simply quote some Bible verse and say that they strictly follow the word of God. I usually remind them that women were considered less useful than a goat in those days and I find it very un “Christ-like” that they would continue to support such a hateful and demeaning attitude. It’s sad that I have a graduate level education and yet they feel that no man or boy could benefit from my knowledge because I’m a girl.

    As far as the whole woman as president = hormonal bombing issue goes…I always wonder why mens’ “hormonal issues” are never mentioned. I mean, we could make a similar claim that men are brainless lifeforms that only think with their dicks and can’t get anything done for fucking. Or that they are so driven by high testosterone levels they can only solve problems through violence and aggression. But…that would be ignorant, right?

  12. Kristen Ferrell February 20, 2008 at 9:12 pm #

    If you look throughout history, tribes and cultures that were governed by women were usually higher functioning and more peaceful. Men are governed by the need to dominate, destroy, and fuck. Period. And the reason why we’re in the messes that we are today is because the fellas have been running the show.
    Step down, boys, and let the women take the wheel for a while and “make it better”.
    It’s like they have to run around and prove they have dicks by claiming and screwing everything in sight. But women KNOW we’ve got the biggest dicks, so we’ve got nothing to prove- so we don’t feel the need to conquer every woman/territory/financial situation/country/etc etc etc out there.
    Women are better. And boys are emotionally and psychologically retarded.
    Yeah- I’m sexist.
    Prove me wrong, and I might change my mind (but don’t count on it)

  13. Candice February 20, 2008 at 9:32 pm #

    I have zero urge to prove you wrong on that one…my last sentence was mostly sarcastic. I have to try hard not to treat all men like slimy amoebas, because I mostly agree with the alternate claim I mentioned. I just wonder why girls haven’t been screaming it at the top of their lungs. Why are women dragged through the mud over a week of cramps, when men act like slobbering idiots 24/7/365 ?

  14. Kristen Ferrell February 20, 2008 at 9:37 pm #

    hahaha! you’re so right!! i like the things you say. 🙂

    (and the “prove me wrong” wasn’t directed at you… but at the oodles of fellas who will email me and tell me that they are the exception to my rantings, or that i’m being a judgmental bitch, or that i’m uptight and just need a “good lay”- and yes, i’ve had boys actually say that to me!! ha!!! you rule, lady. xoxo)

  15. Lex February 21, 2008 at 7:38 am #

    Wow, I hate to say it too, but only in the Topeka area. I know that the overall RCC (as dictated by the Vatican) won’t allow women in higher positions, but my Parish is not this way at all. Not a bit, and we get plenty of converts from Protestant churches/upbringings every year. Most Catholics in the U.S. are pretty progressive about this crap and are a nice change from the rest of the state, which embarrassed me enough when Huckabee won the Primary.

    Since running the one really nutty family off the street (they wouldn’t let the girls cut their hair or wear shorts that didn’t cover their knees), I have two left, and both believe that the wives must obey their husbands, as did nutjob who ran screaming from my antics (in one case, quite literally). This sounds like the stuff they’d pull. They always say these sorts of things. You know, right before they ask me what my Dad’s actual beliefs were so that they can “help me determine if he was a ‘real Christian’ and if he is in heaven or hell”. Did I mention I don’t have many friends out here?

    Oh well, if it makes you feel any better, we are not the only people with Obama stickers on our cars at my Church, and we’re in JoCo, so that’s at least one bastion of Catholic sanity. It is also a very active church and one which I am SURE will help in protesting this atrocity, so I will get the word out to some of the Parishioners.

    Which “tribes and cultures”, out of curiosity, are you referring to supposedly governed by women? That issue is one of Gavin’s pet peeves (not to be a party crasher) and I have a feeling he’ll want to prove you wrong. It’s just a historical/anthropological accuracy issue for him, not an attempt to bash women, you know he’s not like that. Actually, I’m the one who wants to dominate, destroy and fuck out of the two of us. It’s kind of hard to not want to destroy certain things when you live where I do though, so cut me a little slack….But no, Gavin won’t call you anything rotten or email you, this issue just comes up frequently over claims of matriarchal rule within ancient Celtic societies (not accurate) and certain tribes here in the Americas (that’s an “ask Gavin”).

    And Candice, damn straight, anyone who doesn’t respect cramps and let me take “personal days” is in some serious physical danger.

  16. Gavin J February 21, 2008 at 8:32 am #

    Most tribes in Papua New Guinea are matrilineal and matri-focal. They are also some of the bloodiest in the world. Amongst the Iroquois League, all the tribes were, again, matrilineal and matri-focal. In addition to exterminating or enslaving neighboring tribes (the Shawnee, Miami, and Wyandotte tribes all fled to the Ohio valley because of the threats), warfare was directed primarily by the concerns of the women. The Navaho and Apache (shall I point out that they too are matrilineal and matri-focal) gained renown in the pre-expansionist Americas not because of their farming or pastoralist skills, but because they were remarkably skilled at killing their neighbors. The list goes on from here: The Nuer, the Indus Valley Civilization, the Crow.

    Additionally, the archaeological record implies that Europe and the Anatolia were also matrilineal and matri-focal in pre-Indo-European times. Women probably held the highest positions of institutional power prior to expansion by Indo-Aryan and Semitic populations (who, incidentally, did not replace, but intermixed with native populations). In other words, the girls were basically in charge. It is during this same period that we see the first emergence of warfare on a widespread scale in these regions. It’s depicted in the art, in grave goods, the development of advanced fortifications and in a score of other data. Now, we can either assume that the men were in defiance for several thousand years, rampaging or killing, or we can follow the Law Of Parsimony (the simplest answer is usually the most likely) and infer that if warfare was taking place and if women were the driving political and social forces in these societies, then it is highly likely that women were making the decisions to “dominate, destroy and fuck”.

    The simple fact is that while this sort of commentary is fashionable and accepted as “truth” in certain circles (just as the far right accepts creationist theory as fact), there nothing to substantiate the position. It lacks analytical rigor, intellectual substance, or a holistic understanding of prehistory, history, culture and psychology. I don’t say that to be mean, I say it from the standpoint that armchair anthropologists usually have more of a following than those of us actually trained in the discipline and therefore have, in my humble opinion, an obligation to get their facts right before taking a position. Internet access doesn’t make us necessarily smarter, it simply allows us to search for webpages that frequently support an a priori notion of reality. Of course I could care less if I change anyone’s mind. My validation comes from knowing a hell of a lot about the topics at hand (forgive my seeming arrogance), not from converting anyone from a specific intellectual trajectory.

  17. Kristen Ferrell February 21, 2008 at 12:43 pm #

    I was taught the exact opposite in all my art history classes, African studies classes, and courses taken about women’s roles in history. Granted, art history classes aren’t anthropology classes- but they do focus on global history, just through the historical imagery we’ve been left with to sort out the facts of humanity’s past (which have been alot of the key elements to discovering history). I wasn’t an anthropology major, so these topics of study haven’t been my main focus. But what I have read and studied while at college (not on the internet) was that female dominated cultures- such as ones in Africa, as well as the Wiccan based cultures that existed before the Catholics started in on their massive propaganda efforts in Europe in the Middle ages- were more peaceful, and focused on a higher internal functioning within the tribe than being focused on external domination. Was there still violence? Of course- but so goes human nature and self preservation. I could dig up all my old notes and books and site all the examples that I was given (because I never remember exact names, dates, places, etc- my mind doesn’t hold onto details well anymore), but I just don’t have the time for it right now to dedicate to an on-line debate.
    My main point was that throughout history- men have fucked everything up. The drive to rape, pillage, conquer and dominate has been obvious and far too abundant- and primarily has been done with the backing of a religious cause and a male-dominated theology. And I’ve stated that I don’t have alot of background in anthropological studies- but I do have extensive studies in psychology and behavioral sciences (I was majoring in art therapy, and took years of psyche courses as well as my own personal delving into these topics out of curiosity because the human mind is amazing), and men are hard-wired differently than women. This is just a fact. And when you have cultures run by men who are driven by testosterone and have been told all their lives that they’re superior because of their gender- and all the different cultures are clashing against each other for power, you end up with the mess that we’re in now. Whatever the historical facts may be, right now we’re standing in piles of shit because somewhere in the beginning some asshole wrote a book of fairy tales that made men number one, and following was the bloodbath that has been human history. And since the fellas being in charge hasn’t really worked out so well, I think that maybe it’s time for a little change in the program and we need to get some ladies in there to make it better. I don’t care to change anyone’s mind… I’m just speaking mine.

    But I’m also a big fan of Valerie Solanas’ SCUM manifesto, and the idea that the male Y gene is an incomplete female X gene, and that men are chromatically and genetically flawed and have been trying to overcompensate through dominance and vile tactics since the beginning. To anyone who hasn’t read the hilariously accurate manifesto of Ms Solanas, it can be read in it’s entirety here (and it’s a pretty quick read):

    She was brilliant.

  18. Kristen Ferrell February 21, 2008 at 10:30 pm #

    and to Lex…. I’ve run into less Catholics that hold this belief system than I have the evangelical Southern Baptists or Jehovah’s Witness’s or whatever. I think there are very few modern catholics who actually still feel this way (or at least I hope so!!).
    I’m living in the suburbs that are REALLY similar to Johnson County… but fortunately for me, our neighbors all just assume that they’ll get nowhere talking religion with me, so they don’t bother. But the neighbors of ours that we do talk to are all really sweet and we haven’t been judged at all. You’ve told me the troubles you had before with the people that live around you, and that would drive me crazy living in the situation that you do and having such hostility so close to the comfort of home and around your children. I’m so sorry you have to deal with that!!

  19. Lex February 22, 2008 at 5:55 am #

    Hey, sorry, I didn’t mean to seem like I was siccing Gavin on you or anything, he just knows more about that stuff (in terms of citing sources) than I do. My minor actually was Women’s Studies and I’m sure you remember me making speeches at those Lawrence “Take Back the Night” rally/marches. I just was a little upset after further research disproved these theories about ancient societies that many of us want to believe, but just don’t hold water.

    The big issue, however, is what you address in your post. That is BS and I’m shocked, especially since Catholic Parishes in the Midwest are sort of becoming the alternative for more liberal Christians (I have on my car the standard “fish”, but in a sticker form with a rainbow filling in the middle). I certainly hope that it is symptomatic more of just being in the “outside of Topeka” area, because that crap wouldn’t fly here, not in JoCo nor in the many RC Churches in the Brookside area, and I’m sure that we’ll all protest and then they’ll yell back about us “city folk” trying to impose our values on us, etc. You know well what those, what did you used to call them, “boogans”?, act like. Morons.

    I know someone who lives close to you and he has described the area. I was a little surprised, but then even SF had a suburban area similar. Mega-Churches are popping up like crazy here lately though, and these radical evangelicals on my street are quite unapologetic about being open with their views, something that used to be less apparent in simple conversation. This is what happens when the “Young Life” crowd grows up.

    I have a few posts at my MySpace blog, since the teens on the street are most likely to check it, but they all found my other one (linked with my name here), and a simple search for the words “Pottery Barn Ruby Ridge” will lead to numerous posts on them, most of which are pretty funny. I was a little pissed on the post where they stole one of my rainbow flags, but still. I’m glad people are treating you well so far. The family I ran off were the ones who really showed it, but the two other fundie families finally let their masks slip, and that was after two years of me thinking that their constant description in front of me of people as “Christians” included everyone. Then the one told me that No, that did NOT include Catholics. These freaks are still fighting the Reformation, it’s amazing! On my blog the top post details some quotes and links to a site detailing some of Obama’s quotes and positions, and my favorite one deals with gay rights, an issue always very close to my heart:

    “….nor am I willing to accept a reading of the Bible that considers an obscure line in Romans to be more defining of Christianity than the Sermon on the Mount.”

    That sums up my view perfectly about these people. Ignoring the basis of the religion to stick to one line about homosexuality, and it is also Paul who wrote the obscure line about women being subservient to men. The bit about not adorning yourself with jewels is roundly ignored by these JoCo evangelical women whose ears almost to the last woman sporting huge diamonds. It isn’t that you don’t find some Catholics like this either, but at most bigger churches you can join groups which are intellectual in nature and studies (NOT usually Bible studies) as opposed to others, so there’s a place for most people, even people like me who disagree with much of the Catechism itself.

    I’m horrified when I hear of or experience bigotry in real life, but consider this link from a mockery site I run with a Muslim co-blogger posting on affairs at some very anti-Muslim sites. Note the second comment in this post (click to make it larger). We deal with this so much that little shocks us online anymore. Just click on the blog title or links to these racist sites to see just how much is out there. I’m a member of two “watch sites”, this one I started and LGFWatch, and beyond our posts the comments we get from regulars at the blogs we pick on are so heinous (two previous posts on my mockery site deal with comments touting a theory that Muslims have lower IQs than whites genetically due to being from a warm climate…I’m not joking).

    I’m too mired in that crap to notice stories like the one in this post, so I’m happy that you brought it to everyone’s attention. It needs to be dealt with. But if these links give you an idea of why I am not nearly as upset with other “isms” right now it’s because I’m fighting daily against people who have started a new organization that may as well be the new KKK whose aim is to incite violence and forced deportation of Muslims from Europe and the same here, with Mexicans added on for good measure!

    Ugh, sometimes I just get tired dealing with all of the bigotry I see everywhere honestly, one reason we deal with these buggers with humor. Sorry to go so seemingly off topic, but it does deal with how I view the topic at hand. Please do check out the links to our sites if only to see what I’m referencing. These people are out there and becoming more and more active, and most of them are also sola Scriptura (Scripture alone–an evangelical creed) “Christians” who want a theocracy here in the U.S. that would certainly include subjugation of women, they’re just starting with racial & religious minorities.

  20. Lex February 22, 2008 at 5:56 am #

    Damn, sorry about the comment length.

  21. Gavin J February 22, 2008 at 7:00 am #

    Fair enough. I have neither the time nor the inclination. I will mention a few things. I have no doubt that art history, African studies, etc. classes provided a great deal of insight. However, I too had these classes, helped teach a course on pre-historic Europe, and have derived most of my understanding from approximately 40 hours of graduate course work in the area of prehistory (with, admittedly a European and linguistic trajectory, not art), a continued membership in the American Anthropological Association and its Archaeological counterpart, and a library of well over two hundred books in the areas discussed, that, being the geek that I am, I continue to visit on a regular basic. So forgive me if I believe I know quite a bit about the subject.

    First, there was no pre-Christian Wiccan civilization. Wicca was created and popularized in the early 1950s by Gerald Gardener after essentially borrowing pieces of ritual and belief he found appealing in Celtic religious practices. Even if we were to believe in the myth of this reinvented tradition, it would apply only to parts of the British Isles (most of Britain and the mainland were a fusion of Roman, native, and Middle Eastern religions by the time Christianity made head-roads into northern Europe). So, if the discussion is about pre-Christian society and spirituality, then the simple facts are this regardless of what an art history class may have suggested. Grave goods are comprised largely of weapons of war and Celtic economic practices revolved largely around a mix of farming, pastoralism, and killing your neighbors. While women certainly had more rights than their Roman and German counterparts, the societies were not matri-focal. Nor, contrary to popular belief, did anyone worship “the goddess”. The earth was seen as the female counterpart to the heavens and this has been reinterpreted as worship of “the goddess”. There was no Catholic propaganda because 1) the Church did not exist in this capacity at the time of most European conversions and it is not until the 850s that “orthodoxy” is established (Aryanism, Palagianism being primes example of the divisions), 2) propaganda requires a method of dissemination beyond the spoken word, something that for all practical purposes did not exist, 3) the majority of conversions took place due to the work of a single monk and/or small (2 or 3) group of monks, 4) the Druidic system had become so corrupt that neither the religion nor its elites held much stock. It should also be noted that Druids, contrary to modern reinterpretations, were in fact male.

    As to Africa, we know precious little from textual sources. However, migration patterns, the sudden disappearance of languages, and increase in artwork depicting warfare, periodic and inexplicable devastation of settlements, and an increase in grave goods that include tools of war increase between 500 B.C. and 1200 B.C. So if applying a model of inductive reasoning, which is more effective than a deductive or inductive model in this instance, it is probably right to assume that regardless of the gender-orientation of these societies, warfare was indeed fairly common, as it has been since written records started being kept.

    And I won’t even bother with the “men never create” argument, suffice it to say that the medium on which we now type was created by men, as were many, many things. Declaring otherwise is hyperbole.

    But all of this is ultimately irrelevant, isn’t it. And besides, I’m bored with it. Making the statement of “change my mind” is what’s know in linguistics as a contradictory semantic declarative – it’s a statement demonstrating on the surface a openness to intellectual flexibility, but indicates on a semantic level that the speaker means anything but that. It is, in short, a hedge meant to state “I will not budge regardless of the facts”. So, returning to my original point, I will not change your mind or the mind of anyone else because there is no desire to actually analyze the complexity of reality, but rather to make a sociopolitical statement, even to the point of twisting the evidence to meet personal and societal (in the sense of belonging to a group with shared ideology) frames.

    The crux of this is simple. The sort of diatribe that decries half the population as evil brutes is an ideological declarative akin to the writings of Herbert Spencer (the father of eugenics who postulated that since Africans had been enslaved, it was proof of their inferiority), Tony Muhammad, or David Duke. Regardless of the rationale, the language would be considered grotesque if we inserted another population (say women, Hispanics, Muslims, etc.) but since the focal point are groups with whom you, and many people for that matter, take issue, it’s perfectly acceptable to use such language, as well as distort the archaeological and historical record. So while I certainly support the idea of self-expression, language that resides in the public sphere and is blatantly derogatory and grotesquely bigoted open to critique. But then, my sadly male brutishness and Catholic beliefs no doubt discount my background in pre-history and anthropology.

  22. Kristen Ferrell February 22, 2008 at 12:07 pm #

    I totally respect your background in this, and am totally willing to see the history’s facts for what they are. And I’m sure you’re right on all counts as far as debunking my statement of women’s role in history and how violent it was. I’ll take that.

    But I don’t see anything wrong with being disgusted with the male gender because of everything that has gone down in more modern times. The large majority of crimes across the board are performed by males- from petty to violent to white collar. Our culture’s social damage to young girls is spawned from a male dominated mindset that refuses to release it’s grip (young girls growing up to hate each other and hate themselves all in the name of boys). Wars, rape, spousal abuse, child abuse, child molestation, hate crimes, etc…. these are primarily “male crimes”. Social injustices such as women getting less pay for the same job, women being held down in work and social situations or chastised because of the ever-present “boys club” that is prevalent in almost every employment situation (the art world I live in is one of the biggest “boys clubs” there is, and I have to work my ass off to not be dismissed into the “chick art” category). And then to take it to a day-to-day level, to witness men’s ignorant and monkey-like behavior whenever I leave the house, or even in the sanctity of my own home when I’m bombarded with messages on sites like myspace and emails sent to my work email address from piggish boys saying vile and crude things. It is everywhere… television, movies, magazines, advertisements, clothing, schools, work places- EVERYWHERE. How is it grotesquely bigoted to see things for how they are and call “bullshit” on it? Every male in my life fully agrees with the my mindset because they see it too, and are equally disgusted by their own gender. I find that the men who are outraged by my mindset are the ones who are guilty of these brutish behaviors.
    Yes… there are good men out there. Of course there are. My dad is one, so is my brother, and the males that I allow to be a part of my life (who I very carefully weeded out of the bunch). Not ALL men are bad, and I would hope that anyone who reads this would be able to comprehend generalizations. It’s like when someone who’s a member of a minority race states that they hate “whitey”… of course they do! “Whitey” has fucked things up left and right, and done some pretty horrifying things, and made a big mess for alot of people. And even though I’m white, I never take offense because I can see where the anger and frustration comes from, and because I’m not guilty of the behavior they have to fight against. I don’t take it personally, because it doesn’t pertain to me- but alternately I try to do what I can in my life to help fight the battle of bigotry so that “whitey” isn’t hated as much, and things can be better for all. So instead of taking my “i hate boys” as a personal attack (because it’s only personal if you’re guilty of the harmful behaviors that women rally against)- try understand where a woman’s anger comes from and do your part to fight against it. The more boys that are in there “fighting the good fight” means that there are less women out there who want to castrate all the fellas. Doesn’t that seem like a better plan?

  23. Lex February 25, 2008 at 4:47 pm #

    How the hell many women do you know out there who want to “castrate all the fellas”? That’s kind of scary to me honestly. I don’t know any really, but then I keep my distance from my own sex. All the bad shit that has been done to me has been done by women/girls, barring a few incidents. I’d read the SCUM Manifesto but it’d probably make me gynocidal.

    But then you know me, around females I am basically autistic. There are social cues of some sort going on with women, grudges NOT held (for some really bizarre reason, because when I hate someone it’s for a reason, and it’s for life), and backstabbing galore. That is all I see when I see groups of women, especially white women of my age group. Scare the fuck out of me. I guess I’d scare the men in your life you mention who are “disgusted with their own gender”, I just don’t think that there is a single thing wrong with the chemistry that makes one male and not female. Not a thing. Nor do I think others should. It’s nature, it’s life, it’s part of whatever makes me unable to even remotely understand most members of my own gender.

    This probably isn’t the main goal in your life either, to debate sexism and gender politics, or even of this blog. I prefer to learn from what I read and not get into these lengthy threads as well. Besides, as I said earlier, I deal mostly online in terms of blogs with fighting bigot-blogs run by people with just one focus, hating Muslims & Islam (just Google “Atlas Shrugs”…LOL). That’s more than enough to make me want to just fight the good fight and leave the fact that women generally make me autistic out of it. And take down these local dumb-asses who say a woman can’t ref a sports game. Screw them.

  24. Kristen Ferrell February 25, 2008 at 11:20 pm #

    i think the number of my female friends that are pro-castration would frighten quite a few of the fellas out there. haha!
    i really don’t want to castrate anyone…. i’d just like 99% of the fellas out there to shut the fuck up and step the fuck back. they take up too much space, and are boring… but fully demanding and arrogant. (and i’m totally aware of the fact that i’m reeking of arrogance by saying that.. but it’s my blog, so i have that right… haha!! 🙂 ).

    but the reasons why girls can be so vicious towards one another is because we are more psychologically driven…. and in a male dominated society, we have been taught from birth to look, act, dress, and behave in a way that is attractive to men. and we are taught from birth not only to fight each other for male’s attention- but to HATE each other because of it. it’s at the very root of girl’s horrifying behavior towards each other- and is all psychological torture. but all my close female friends have learned to see this in themselves, and fight against it- which is why we’re all able to bond so closely with each other, instead of seeing each other as “competition”. but alot of women out there haven’t been able to shake the mind-games (and with the external pressure of how to look/act/behave bombarding them left and right from every aspect of society, it’s easy to see why their defenses are up and they see other women as a threat because their own self esteem is constantly being attacked). i have girls who behave this way towards me… but because i can see where it comes from, i don’t let it effect me. and usually when said girls see that i’m actually not a threat, they let their guard down.
    it breaks my heart the way that girls fight each other. we’ve got enough battles to go after- fighting amongst ourselves just doesn’t make any sense. and it’s keeping us down.
    but i just love the ladies, and i want us all to win. 🙂

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