Happy days and dead animals….

14 Jun

… “The Purple Bottle” by Animal Collective

Brad does not like the song that I posted above (that can be listened to by clicking the little “play” arrow). I think he liked it the first couple times he heard it, but I have this really annoying habit of discovering something new to love (be it food, a movie, a book, music, and item of clothing, etc.), quickly becoming obsessed with it and drilling it into the ground with my manic compulsion to overdo everything to the point of madness. I really don’t have control over this. I don’t just “kindof like” anything… I either love it like a stalking teenager, or I despise it so much I want to kill it with my bare hands. I love this song (and the band who made it) with hearts and stars in my eyes. Brad thinks it sounds like the end result of an art therapy project for a group of institutionalized mental patients. Maybe so…. but it’s pretty fucking fun to listen to either way.

So now I’d like to talk about my customers for a second. I’ve posted on here before about how amazing they are with their support and encouragement and wonderful little gifts they send me… but I don’t think I did them justice. Because of technology, new and different types of relationships are being formed. I’ve never met the majority of my customers, but I adore them. They know things about me, I know things about them- and we’re strangers… but we’re not. I don’t like to refer to them as just “customers” because that sounds so sterile and anonymous. So from now on they will be referred to as my “special ladies” (or “special fellas” if needed) , because these people restore my faith in humanity because they are so god damn amazing. So with that being said, here’s some fun stuff I got from a couple of my Special Ladies….

The first lady is Brianna. Brianna bought a painting from me, and apparently the post office used the package to play kickball with, because it arrived to her TOTALLY broken (which amazes me because I make paintings on wooden plaques so that they’ll be more sturdy). So I told her to send it right back to me so I could repair it… and with the painting I got this collage as well as a copy of a paper she did on me for a school project (this is posted on my flickr page, and if you click on the image you can view “all sizes”- which I recommed to be able to see all the amazing detail that she put into this collage… she RULES!!!!!!!):

I will be in awe for keeps over how much this lady fully dominates.

And then there is Whitney. I have hung out with Whitney in “real life”, and this lady makes me giggle and giggle. She’s in the band “Homesick Abortions” (and you should click on the link and check them out ‘cuz they RULE), and shes funny and rad and adorable and all things good. So today, I got this box in the mail, and I opened it up and I had to sit down on the floor I was laughing so hard. These are the things she made for me to indulge my creepy obsessions with 2 very special old men….

First, here’s my new favorite necklace on the planet with my darling William Shatner in it:

and here’s my new favorite wall art professing my love for Neil Diamond that is now hanging right next to Brianna’s beautiful collage:

Whitney…. it’s like you can read my mind, and know just what I need to fill the holes in my life.

Both these ladies are total superheros in life, and I adore them.

And now…. dead animals. Brad, Sully, my father-in-law and I all went to the LA Natural History museum today. Insect zoos and massive dinosaur bones and so much taxidermy that I had tears of joy in my eyes. I looooooooooooove natural history museums. And fortunately, because I have a brainy kid, Sully does to. Here’s a few of the little fellas we saw……

I love baby owls. They’re so weird looking.

Brad just gave me a new set of speakers for my computer, and as soon as I plugged them in the started smoking and caught on fire. So they’re now submerged in water in our bathroom sink… and I’m going to go and check on them and make sure they are truly dead. Thanks alot, Brad. From now on, I’ll get my own electrical equipment.

Over and out, my darling bunnies!!!!!


7 Responses to “Happy days and dead animals….”

  1. hayley g June 14, 2008 at 7:35 pm #

    was brad trying to kill you so you’d stop playing that song? you should remind him about the ZZ Top he was blaring out of his guitar while you were trying to work!

  2. Kristen Ferrell June 14, 2008 at 7:42 pm #

    Seriously!! The ZZ Top, the ’70’s disco funk before I’ve had my coffee, the obsessive playing of German Industrial music, and on and on and on. He really is just as bad as I am… but he won’t admit it.

    And I really don’t think it’s a valid reason to try to set me on fire.

  3. hayley g June 14, 2008 at 9:01 pm #

    haha you’re perfect for each other. aww!

    **thanks so much for the t-shirt you sent with my tote bag and the cute kitty drawing! when i opened the envelope i was like “… wait a minute!” **

  4. whitney June 15, 2008 at 1:37 am #

    when i saw the picture of the rhino, i immediately pictured jim carrey being birthed… hahahahahaha…. it’s 2:34am and i’m delirious and i cant stop laughing at the mental image i’m having of a naked jim carrey falling out of a mechanical rhinos ass!!!
    ahhhhhhhhhh, so dummmmb.

    and i don’t know bout’cho, but that kitty sticker is fricken amazing! i actually found packs of those at the dollar tree!! there’s other kitties doing weird crap with different backgrounds.

    and that collage is very, very, VERY rad!

  5. Lucy June 15, 2008 at 2:51 am #

    Well that is just FREAKISHLY similar what I wrote in my last journal entry about having to be literally OBSESSED with things that I take a shining to…. And literally do whatever it is to death!! Until I get actually sick of it. And it’s a little bit weird. Heheh…

    Baby owls are sooooo cute aren’t they!

    And that collage is really cute too! Bless Brianna! (Whoever she may be).

    You are wonderful as ever!xxx

  6. Janai June 15, 2008 at 6:32 pm #

    That makes me want to go to the Natural History Museum down in manhattan. They have the best thing in Africa exhibit. There’s like this [fake/plastic of course] dude/animal thing on a tree and like its real dim in that part so you look up and see this creature thinq hovering over you. I’ve named it Frankie. I don’t know why the fuck Frankie is there and what he is but everytime I see him, it scares the shit outta me and I’m scared every freakinq time.
    And I’m also scared of those taxidermy animals in the huge glass cases. My very large and very over-active imagination plus the dimly lit cold rooms = a very freaked out Janai. I don’t like the idea of havinq huge dead rams behind me, bison to the left of me, bears to the right of me and mountain lions in front. Its like a mixture of the movies ‘A Night at the Museum’ and ‘the night of the living dead’ only worse.

    Oh yeah and I do the obssesion thing as well, right now I like chocolate Cereal straws and Hairspray songs…I know, weird lol

  7. christine June 16, 2008 at 6:52 am #

    haha thats crazy i totally beat songs and movies i love to death as well as any type of new hobby..i just throw myself into it!

    the baby owl is cute. normally owls scare me, ever since i had this crazy dream that an owl told me it was going to kill me..freaky? yes.

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