Swinging from the rafters….

28 Aug

Today is a Roger Miller day.  You can click the little arrow above and join in my Roger Miller day if you don’t have any of his albums of your own (and shame on you if you don’t).   Roger Miller makes me feel better.  His silliness makes me giggle when I want to break things.   Thank you, Roger.

I had a long conversation with a dear friend of mine last night.  He is one of those magical people who not only knows how to fix someone’s fucked up life… but he’s not afraid to tell that person exactly what they are doing wrong.  This is a rare and beautiful mixture to find in a friend… so if you have someone like this in your life- do NOT let them go.

My lovely friend, Peter, let me know that I’m a retarded control freak and I’m focusing too much attention to things that are not making me enough money to live on, not giving me time to breathe… but mostly they are not making me happy.  IE: my little clothing business.  This thing is seriously killing my fucking soul.  I cannot put into words the amount of time and stress that goes into a few simple fucking shirts and such… but then there’s the shipping and the inventory and balancing the books and trade shows and wholesale shipping and trying to keep up with orders, etc etc etc- and god forbid if something goes wrong, it all sinks into the shit hole.  And on top of this, I’ve got to be there for my son 100%, and then ALSO find time to be creative to make art for the gallery shows.  I work about 14-15 hours a day on all this, because it’s just me running the show.  This is why I’m a retarded control freak.  Because for some reason, I think I have to do it all myself.

What’s double-fucked is that this is not what I wanted to do with my life. Peter asked me last night “Did you ever want to be a clothing designer?”.  I said, “No”…. to which he said “Then what the fuck is wrong with you?  Do what you want.  Noone is MAKING you do this, moron!!”.  (I LOVE that he is such a straight-shooter.  I know that I can forever trust him to be honest)

I wanted to make art for a living, and then the clothing became a fun side-project thing to help pay the bills.  But the clothing has taken over, and I’m doing nothing else.  Not only that- it’s fucking EXPENSIVE, and I’m drowning in it instead of it helping to pay the bills.  It’s funny how that happens (actually, it’s not funny at all… or at least I’m not laughing.  Neither is my checkbook).

So after a resurgence of ulcers, migraines, nervous ticks, insomnia, and Brad financially carrying my weight because I’m so fucking behind…. Peter’s firm voice of reason was the final red flag letting me know that I need to make some serious changes in how I’m doing everything.  Simplify and delegate…. 2 things that I have a very very very very very very hard time doing- but now it’s time to learn.

Brad told me he’d take the reigns, and he’s approaching a printing company/distro that’s run by friends of ours to have them handle all my shipping.  They’re called Blue Collar Distro, and they RULE!!!  And as much as I love having such close interaction with my customers… I just can’t do this anymore.  Brad has also offered to oversee all production of clothing…. so he’s saved my ass again.  I was approached this week by a PR company… so I’ll keep you posted on how all that’s going (or if I work with them at all because PR is EXPENSIVE!!!).  And there is a delightful lady who has said that she’d like to take on the sales angle of my stuff.  So all that is really promising.  Keep every one of your fingers crossed.

The downside to all this is that I’m going to have to scale down the clothing a bit.  So all that super detailed stuff that I just made…. if ya like it, ya better get it now.  Because after it’s gone, that’s it for now.  I’m going to simplify the line again… just poofy sleeved tees, and plain girl’s tees (and Blue Collar can have boy’s tees available all the time as well).  BUT I’m going to switch my focus a little and make more accessories.  Jewelry and journals and new additions to the dinnerwear and handbags…. things that aren’t size specific, and that I don’t have to worry about fabric, or insane purchasing minimums, and all the nightmares that come with making clothing.  Simplify and delegate.  Simplify and delegate. Simplify and delegate.  That’s my new mantra.

So after I get back from my gallery show in Berlin, there are going to be great big changes.  Hopefully for the better.  And hopefully they will all work out.  Because if they don’t, there will be great sadness.  And I really don’t like great sadness.  That’s why I’ve got Roger Miller on eternal repeat.


6 Responses to “Swinging from the rafters….”

  1. germinfested August 28, 2008 at 8:29 pm #

    I’m excited and sad all at the same time! I really want some KF jewelry, though. wee. I’m glad you’re gonna be less stressed, though. That’s always a plus. My aunt had a T-shirt company and I used to help her with filling orders and shipping every so often, and it was horrendous! But I will be very sad to see the other stuff go! But what your friend is saying is true, you should do what makes you happy. No matter what you do, you’ll always be fucking MAGICAL. Clothing line or no clothing like, you’ve inspired me like sooo much. No joke.
    xoxo Haley

  2. Kristen Ferrell August 28, 2008 at 9:45 pm #

    you’re so darling!!! there will still be clothing, but i just have to totally take it down a notch in order to stay sane. things have become unbalanced, and i’ve gotta correct that. because right now, every move i make, i’m shooting myself in the foot.

    but hopefully it will all get better.
    thankyou so much for the encouragement!!!!

  3. germinfested August 28, 2008 at 11:58 pm #

    Hm, yeah, feet are beneficial. I don’t know what kind of look you’re looking for with the jewelry or whatnot, but there’s tons of easy DIY things you could do (I know DIY probably sounds horrible, but it’s easy on the wallet) for certain things. For instance, over the summer, my friend and I made hair clips out of beer caps, glitter glue, cute buttons and clear mod podge and then stuck them to regular hair clips. So, it might work to do the same thing but with a teeny tiny print or something. I don’t know if that kind of thing would work with the rest of your line, but it is cheap, and really neat-looking, if you swing it the right way.

  4. christine August 30, 2008 at 4:53 am #

    I cant wait to see accessories!

    I’m a total control freak with EVERYTHING, it took me a few times of practically making a cripple of myself before i took a step back and ‘let things take its course’ without me being involved in every step of the process…that was so hard to do but totally necessary to save my sanity!

  5. Vikki September 2, 2008 at 7:07 am #

    Sorry but at the same time glad to hear your changing your store to suit you. It’s only reminded me to get one of the new severed fingers (fully in love with that design.. already have it poofy sleeved with the bow) t-shirts before they sell out.

    Mirroring an above comment. Would totally love to see some Kristen Ferrell jewellery. Oh severed finger necklaces!
    Just keep doing what makes you happy 😀

  6. Kristen Ferrell September 2, 2008 at 9:28 am #

    Severed finger necklaces were the first thing i had in mind!! That’s funny you should mention that!! I think we have a brain link!!

    But yeah…. I need this to turn back into something I enjoy doing. Because lately, it has become more stressful than fun and is no different than a soul killing office job. I’m gonna make that better.

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