I see right through you, McCain…..

29 Aug

So the fossil McCain chose his running mate. And it’s a woman.

Like we didn’t see this one coming.

Apparently, this is going to be a close race (which completely baffles me… haven’t we all had enough of the conservative war-loving ticket?). And after the close battle between Obama and Clinton, and the cries to have Clinton as Obama’s running mate (which would have been an unstoppable duo)… McCain decided that he could pull more liberal votes if he had a vagina on his team. Nice try, old man… but you’re not fooling anyone.

One of the major jabs McCain has thrown at Obama is that he is inexperienced. But his new running mate, Sarah Palin, is only 44 years old (younger than Obama), has only been governor for 2 years, and previous to being governor she was the mayor of an Alaskan town…. population 6,500 (hell… my cat could be mayor of a town of only 6,500!!!). Are you fucking kidding me? THIS is the person who has the experience needed to help run the country? If McCain is going to harp on Obama’s inexperience, he probably should have picked someone who isn’t still in their political diapers. And I KNOW they’re using her youth as a balancing agent because McCain is ancient…. but when he croaks on the job (which he will), do we really want this person who has NO MAJOR EXPERIENCE running the show? While we’re at war? While our country’s economy is in the shitter? While the entire planet hates us? While we’re at a point in our planet’s history where major environmental decisions need to be made as far as alternative power sources? Gimme a break!!

What I find REALLY insulting is that it is SO FUCKING OBVIOUS that the number one asset that he saw in her was her gender. She lacks the experience and political know-how to handle the job. He would have NEVER brought on a man with such a lack of experience. But after the democratic voters were so divided between Hilary and Obama, he decided he needed to up his political correctness profile and bring a vagina of his own into the race. But what this relic doesn’t understand is that people loved Hilary because she was qualified for the job, had already proven herself with her own political background, could proudly stand her ground in the boy’s club, had the experience and stamina, AND was a woman… it wasn’t just being female. It’s just as insulting for a woman to get a job because of her gender as it is for her to be turned down for a job because of it. Gender equality means that we are treated as EQUALS… not refused because of our gender, AND not used as a prop because of it as well.

Here’s what he didn’t think about with Palin. I don’t know how well it’s going to sit with the conservative female voters that she’s a mother of 5, and the youngest one has Down’s Syndrome. It’s hard enough being able to balance out your time with your kids if you’re a working mom…. but if you’re Vice President and you have a special needs kid? The conservative women are not going to like her putting her career before her children… and as the mother of a special needs kid, I don’t like it either. That may be the only conservative bone in my body… but when you have kids, they come first. Always. I’m NOT NOT NOT saying that a woman can’t have an amazing and busy career along with having kids (because I’m a working mom and always INSANELY busy with work)- BUT if I was offered a job that kept me away from home the majority of the time, and kept me from having a really involved hands-on role in the upbringing of my special needs kid (or even if he wasn’t special needs)… I would decline, and go back to it once my son was older and more independent. Your babies only have one childhood, and that childhood is a parent’s top priority. Everything else under the sun comes second. Period.

Yes, it would be amazing to have more women in the White House. It’s long overdue that we had a voice there. But to hire an unqualified women JUST to have women there isn’t the answer. Because if she blunders (as unqualified people often do), then it just gives more reason to not have women in there in the future. And it’s insulting to our gender to be the “token female”, and to be around just for appearances.

McCain, you’re a transparent and misguided douchebag. And I REALLY don’t like you. End of story.


I just read a wonderful blog about Palin’s political background and blunders.  Feel free to read it here:

Mudflat’s Blog


12 Responses to “I see right through you, McCain…..”

  1. jim August 29, 2008 at 10:02 am #

    Wow I find myself agreeing with stunning. But the rel question is are you an insane liberal or a realist?

  2. jim August 29, 2008 at 10:04 am #

    let me corect my spelling errors. It is stunning I find someone who is actually talking the truth about the idiot liberal Mc Cain. But are you doing this becaase your aare a realist or a liberal who is sucked into the vortex of Obamamania?

  3. Kristen Ferrell August 29, 2008 at 10:23 am #

    I really try to look at each candidate for what they stand for- and not if they claim “Liberal” or “Conservative”/ “Republican” or “Democrat”/ etc. Because no candidate is going to stand for 100% of what I believe in… so I try to take them all as individuals. And realistically… McCain scares the shit outta me. Just like Bush scared the shit outta me when he was up for election… both times. I’m sick of these guys… and I think that my neighbor’s chihuahua could have done a better job running the country than Bush did, and a better job than McCain will do.
    So I’m probably clinging to Obama like a blind toddler to it’s mother’s leg in hopes for a little positive change and guidance out of the quicksand we’re all in right now. For that, I might be guilty of being sucked into the “vortex of Obamamania” (I really like that phrase… it made me giggle!) a little bit. But it’s only because the alternative is so very terrifying to me.

  4. Kristen Ferrell August 29, 2008 at 10:33 am #

    …. but I won’t deny that I’m pretty fucking liberal. Really, the only “Conservative” stand that I agree with is the death penalty… but only for rapists, child molesters, and serial sex offenders.
    So take all that however you like. 🙂

  5. Sunny August 29, 2008 at 5:00 pm #

    I think it’ll backfire; like you mentioned, the ultra-conversatives will think she’s a bad mom (or that’ll be their excuse for not liking her, since it really comes down to her seeming a liiitle too empowered for them to be comfy), and the “lady vote” (blink blink) will see she’s a token. Beyond that, I think it could hurt him amongst undecideds, because McCain was supposed to be *the guy* – like, the ONLY guy – who wouldn’t buy into this kind of pandering BS.

    But this could be wishful thinking.

    *Though I can’t agree with your points there – if the family moved to DC like most (all?) presidential and VP-families do, and if dad stepped up, and knowing they can afford a nanny, I think the kids would be fine, the youngest besides the special needs kid looks about 11, it’s not like they’re all little.

    To steal a phrase from another commenter on another blog, “I’m afraid her vagina and mine have to agree to disagree.” On a scale of one to ridiculous, voting for a woman because she’s a woman is only slightly less ridiculous than voting for a woman who opposes reproductive rights because she’s a woman.

    Also, jim? I’m a realist and a liberal. If I see this vortex you’re talking about I’ll be sure to alert the local authorities.

  6. kasia August 29, 2008 at 7:03 pm #

    “On a scale of one to ridiculous, voting for a woman because she’s a woman is only slightly less ridiculous than voting for a woman who opposes reproductive rights because she’s a woman.”

    THANK YOU!!!

    Other than that, Mz K, I had literally the same reaction to his announcement that you’ve had. Except mine involved b00bies rather than vagina. Awww, the dems have b00bs, now the republicans want b00bs too!!

    Too bad they didn’t realize they already had one.

  7. Kristen Ferrell August 29, 2008 at 8:51 pm #

    Sunny… I’m sure the little ones would be fine in a nanny’s care, but that always makes me sad when kiddos don’t get to see a parent much because of work (whether it’s a mom or a dad), and are left in the care of others. I know it’s a necessity… but it still makes my heart say “ouch” for the little ones when they don’t get lots of time with the ones they love. (I get a little overprotective of the kiddos… even if they’re not mine). But my main point was that I don’t think the ultra conservative mommies out there were going to like it much to see a woman “out of her place”. I’d like to see oodles of ladies running the political show… Just not Palin. She’s scary.

    and Kasia… the Republicans don’t WANT boobs- they just feel like they HAVE to have boobs to make friends. And they’re stupid enough to think that we’re stupid enough to fall for it and be friends with them.

    I’ve been reading up on Palin today, and she SUCKS!!!!! They put her on there not only because she’s a woman, but because they’re hoping she’ll pluck the heartstrings of the ultra-conservatives out there. She’s against abortion. She’s against homosexuality. She’s one of those “get sex education out of the schools and insert creationism” morons. The more I read about her, the more I want to vomit everywhere.

    What’s ULTRA scary is that when I did a search on this blog site for “Palin”, all the postings about it are about 50/50 for people for and against her. I had NO CLUE that our country was still so fucking idiotic, and that we didn’t learn from our mistakes by having Bush in office TWICE!!!!!! I guess I was being idealistic to think that our nation’s population could mentally grow a little bit, and see that if you keep electing the same fucked up people into office, we’re going to keep having fucked up results.

  8. daMama August 29, 2008 at 9:28 pm #

    Kristen, real nice opinion piece, thanks.

    Cheney-esk is a word that comes to mind after reading her bio on Wikipedia and a few other places around the net. Not much difference between the two when it comes right down to the brass tacks of it all. Other than the fact that she is pretty, (sort of) I honestly can not find anything about her that I find appealing on a personal note, nor on a professional one. To be fair I will try to keep looking, although it will be hard as every time she speaks I find her voice more grating than Nancy Grace’s!

    McCain seems to be very much like W. Instead of stupid arrogance we get random senior moments that seem to be happening more frequently lately. Sort of reminds me of the Reagan years, lovely weren’t they? *cough – cough

    I am not comfortable with this particular dynamic duo at all.

    To Palin, I like to say: You mind your own uterus and I will mind mine. The rest of the women in the country can do just fine making their own decisions about theirs. Thank you very much. To McCain,: You don’t have a uterus, sit down, shut up.

  9. Stefan Fobes August 29, 2008 at 9:36 pm #

    I’ve written an article purely on the issues of Obama and McCain. Tell me what you think sometime.


  10. ash August 30, 2008 at 12:46 pm #

    I lovey love love love Obama. He is articulate and handsome and the best damn role model, we may have ever had, running for office. Do you know how many times, I have to tell me kids, Mommy hates the president? Sure he is a good teaching model, for the kids. He models all of the sick awful behavior I never ever want them to display. Ignorance, Racism, and lets not forget that mistake of a damn war, the fucking Patriot Act, and oh yeah, he is a big liarliar pants of fire-head, too!

    I don’t care who calls it “drinking the koolaid!”, I love that man Obama. I am certain his breath smells like delicious thin-mint Girl Scout cookies, while that dirty old bastard McCain has prune breath that smells like old men’s assholes. Not that I know what old men’s assholes smell like! I hate this bee-hived environmentally ruining pro-life lady from Alaska. She makes Hillary look like a freaking saint. I hate the fact that she returned to work three days, after birthing her down-syndrome baby. I HATE THAT, so much it makes my left arm numb, just thinking about it. If I get high blood pressure, I am going to sue the pants off John McCain and his Moose-burger eating Conservative lady-friend who he only met once. I exercise. I run 4-11 miles everyday. But this damn election is stressing me out so bad, I think it is undoing all the healthy exercise! It is driving me to drink waaay to much Miller Lite. It is making my husband buy me waaaay to much Miller Lite so I will quit bitching about it.

    Please people, do not make me move to Canada. It is cold there. I do not like the cold. I do not want my kids learning creationism in school.
    Oh HELL, where is that Roger Miller record??? It may be our only way out of this!

    (sorry that was rather lengthy, sigh, but I couldn’t help myself!

  11. Kristen Ferrell August 30, 2008 at 8:26 pm #

    to daMama’s comment: “To Palin, I like to say: You mind your own uterus and I will mind mine. The rest of the women in the country can do just fine making their own decisions about theirs. Thank you very much. To McCain,: You don’t have a uterus, sit down, shut up.”

    EXACTLY!!!!!! Women can feel however they want about abortion, and if they’re against it they have the choice to never ever have one. But when I hear about women taking any measures at all to keep other women from having the right to choose what happens to their body and their future (because babies DO change a person’s life, whether you keep it or put it up for adoption), I get fucking venomous. They become gender traitors, and are my enemy. And it cracks me up when you run into those amazing individuals who are anti-abortion, but pro-death penalty. Retardation on that level should be accompanied by a drool cup and a trained special helper.
    And as far as fellas are concerned… shut the fuck up. The boys will NEVER EVER EVER have to be in that situation, so if they have an opinion about it they had better keep it to themselves and just be supportive of whatever the lady decides to do.

    And Ash…. I am desperately waiting for the day where I don’t have to explain to my son why our president is such a fucking worthless pile of ignorant waste hell-bent on taking us down. I wanna know where all the vigilantes went? Regan was shot because some guy really liked Jodi Foster…. can we let him out of jail for a few days? Please?

  12. butcherbaby September 1, 2008 at 12:08 am #

    I wanna know where all the vigilantes went?
    i’ve been wondering that since the day bush jr wash “elected”. i was sure both him and chaney would have been taken out by now.
    where are all the crazy people when you really need them?

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