McCain/Palin first made me grumpy- but now they scare the crap outta me….

31 Aug

I am in complete and utter awe of how ignorance in our country has swelled to epidemic proportions.

When McCain announced that Palin was his VP running-mate,  I scoffed and even giggled at how insanely ridiculous the choice was (some of the reasons stated in my previous posting).  But after doing a few simple searches on this blog site to find what other folks think about this duo- I’m terrified.

After 8 years of the Bush Embarrassment, no end in sight to our involvement in the Middle East, being the most hated country on the globe, our economy in the shitter (and getting worse by the second), little attention being given to the fact that we DESPERATELY need to find alternative energy sources (which of course isn’t going to happen as long as Oil Men are in office), the “No Child Left Behind” nightmare, gay marital unions are STILL not acknowledged or respected or even allowed in the majority of the States…. I could go on and on and on.  I thought that we had all had enough of the moronic and “Politicians First/ Citizens Second” kind of leadershit.  But I guess not.  I guess the majority of American’s ENJOY the nightmare we’re living in right now.

What sickens me the most is that the conservative Republican mindset is selfish and oppressive to anyone who is not a war-loving “Old Testament Christian”.  When I say “Old Testament Christian”, I mean all the Christians out there who know NOTHING about the teachings of Christ, but who follow all the rules of the Old Testament.  But if they understood ANYTHING about the Bible, they’d know that Jesus came about so that the practices of the Old Testament no longer applied.  Old Testament = health code (which means it no longer applies because of the advances of modern technology); New Testament = Behavioral code.  Jesus was a hippy.  Jesus hated the oppression of the church and government (he even trashed a church because he was so sickened at what it had become).  Jesus was a supporter of the outcasts of society, and welcomed them with open arms.  Jesus WOULD NOT have supported Bush, or McCain, or Palin.  These Conservative Republicans are about as backwards and ignorant as they come.

But they’re selfish open arms to the oppression of anyone who isn’t like them astounds me in the truest sense.  The McCain/Palin anti-abortion and anti-gay rights is fully invasive to the private lives of others.  These are things that should NEVER EVER be up for political debate.  EVER.  PERIOD.  Who the hell are these shitbags to tell total strangers that by law they don’t have rights to their own bodies or to love whoever they want???  The anti-abortion stance came from one line in the bible that has been TOTALLY taken out of context:

“Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.”  Jeremiah 1:5

That’s what this whole stupid fucking debate is all about.  So these retarded anit-abortion shitsuckers are going to try to tell it’s nation’s women that abortion is wrong because of one line in THEIR religion’s scripture?  Freedom of religion means that we all have the right to call bullshit on other people’s beliefs and we can believe whatever we want.  I don’t wanna hear the “One Nation Under God” argument…. that’s just a babble-argument.  The laws of a religiously free country should not be made with one religion’s interest in mind.  That is oppressive to everyone else in the country who doesn’t follow that doctrine (and there are more Non-Christians out there than there are Christians).  But aside from religion… IT’S NONE OF ANYONE’S BUSINESS!!!!!  NOONE has the right to step into my personal life and tell me that I’m not allowed to make a life changing choice.  End of story.  And what really amazes me is that they want to force all these women to have these unwanted pregnancies… but then where are they once the babies are born?  Are they willing to adopt all these unwanted babies, or financially support these mothers who were forced into motherhood against their will?  Of course not…. they just want to make sure the babies are born because of THEIR religious beliefs.  FUCK THEM FUCK THEM FUCK THEM!!!!!!!!  I loathe these people to my core.  If you don’t like abortion… don’t have one.  Leave the rest of us alone…. BECAUSE IT’S NONE OF  YOUR BUSINESS!!!  Go eat a dick.

And the gay marriage debate…. this should never ever ever be a debate.  BECAUSE IT’S NOONE’S BUSINESS!!!!!  The fact that the private sex life of 2 consenting adults is actually up for legal debate astounds me to no end.  Who the hell is ANYONE to tell someone who they can or cannot love?  Saying that “they can be together, but not be legally married” isn’t enough.  It’s the equivalent of saying “Your love isn’t worthy of marriage”, and fully dismisses their bond.  It’s insulting, and invasive, and oppressive…. again because of one conservative belief structure that doesn’t include the nation as a whole.  SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE, PEOPLE!!!!  WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!!!  If you’re not gay, that’s fine…. but leave everyone who is alone- BECAUSE IT’S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!!!!  Again, go eat a dick.

I could go through all the issues, and rant about the conservative standing on each one… but this would turn into a book.  But my original point is that I thought that we were moving past all of this. I thought we were growing as a nation.  But by doing simple searches in blogs to see other people’s opinions… I’ve found that ignorance is still very much alive and well, and happily thriving in our nation.  It makes me ill.

This next election is particularly dire, because a few of the Supreme Court Justices will be retiring.  The president is the one who brings in the new ones.  If McCain/Palin get elected, and they have the right to bring in Justices with conservative/Old Testament Christian ideals…. Roe vs Wade could be back on the table to be overturned.  Seriously.  It’s that scary.  None of us thought that Bush could have a second reign of terror…. but it happened.  Let’s not let this blunder happen again.  We’ve all had enough of this douchebaggery, and it will just get worse.  And we no longer have the rest of the globe to help us- because thanks to Bush, they all hate us.

And if you do believe in a God…. pray that lightning will strike Palin, and that McCain will FINALLY have that long-overdue massive heart attack.  I’ve got noone to pray to, so I’m counting on you.


21 Responses to “McCain/Palin first made me grumpy- but now they scare the crap outta me….”

  1. jim August 31, 2008 at 11:13 am #

    If you have ever read the New Testamen it would be instructive to read Revelations. Additonally you may wish to read 1 Romans 24-32.

  2. Kristen Ferrell August 31, 2008 at 12:35 pm #

    Just to state for the record so it’s understood that I’m well acquainted with the Christians: I was raised in the church (every Sunday morning, bible summer camps, youth groups, church choir, etc) and was in a Southern Baptist group home for 2 years where we were bombarded with Southern Baptist madness every second of every day. I’ve had to read the Bible cover to cover more times than a child ever should.
    So, Jim, in reference to the Roman’s passage (which is in reference to lust, disgracing the bodies given to us by god, and participating in things not being glorious to god, etc etc etc)… I get it. But the teachings of Jesus are the main focus of Christianity… and actually the whole point of Christianity. So does the Roman’s passage undo everything Jesus taught? Or is it more like “Embrace and love all your fellow men… unless they don’t agree with you, then they go to hell.” I don’t think so… or if that’s the case, then it makes me a stronger Atheist. And Revelations is an interesting read… but come on.

    BUT all this is off point. As I stated before, with such a massive number of our nation’s population who are NOT Christian… these beliefs should never hold any influence over national law. I don’t believe in God… or any form of a higher power at all. So to live in a nation with religious freedom should be a positive thing for us. But if my son grows up to be gay, or if I get pregnant again despite the methods we use to avoid this (which would be fully destructive to our family structure to have another child, and thoroughly confusing and upsetting to my son for me to go through a pregnancy and put a child up for adoption) but I’m not given the reasonable choice of aborting the unwanted fetus…. all because of a few passages in an ancient book that dictates the action of a religion that our family doesn’t subscribe to….how is that just in a society that claims “Freedom of Religion”. It’s not.

    People can hate abortion. People can choose to not have same-sex intercourse. But to dictate the lives of others because of their personal beliefs is oppression. And it has no place in a country that preaches “Freedom”.

  3. daMama August 31, 2008 at 3:49 pm #

    I completely agree with you on the constitutional “Separation of Church and State” and “Freedom of Religion” issues. Freedom of religion also means freedom FROM religion. The making of laws and forcing all others to abide by what some see fit according to their own particular religious needs to control.

    Our founding fathers understood well the problems that arise when one religious belief system rises above the others and begins to run the nation. After all didn’t the majority of immigrants to the wilderness of the new world come here seeking FREEDOM to practice their respective faiths as THEY saw fit, without oversight, condemnation or persecution from the state?

    Being not a Christian, I do not see where I must allow my body or my life choices be ruled by Christian laws. No so called Christian would allow people of my faith, (or any other faith for that matter) to unilaterally come in and make laws that all of the American Christians would have to follow and obey because to do otherwise would be an affront to MY faith and would be disrespectful of MY faith.

    I have always wondered why Christians cherry pick what it is they will or will not believe from their own holy book. They will pick out from the Old Testament hateful scriptures or what ever else will fit their particular needs at the moment and leave the rest alone. At the same time these same folks will claim that because of Jesus, the Old Testament no longer applies. So which is it? Does it apply, because they have obviously cherry picked from it? Or does it really not apply, in which case why are any of those scriptures being used at all? If it does apply, why then is it not followed in full? Why do these people eat pork, shellfish and all sorts of NON KOSHER things? After all Jesus was JEWISH!

  4. Kristen Ferrell August 31, 2008 at 5:53 pm #

    AMEN!!! It was being forced to read and study so much scripture when I was young that showed me all the inconsistencies and hypocrisy in modern Christianity- and I ran from it. All the hate, and judgment, and persecution of anyone different, and damnation, and nitpicking, and tyranny (yes, tyranny, and the relentless domination of others- just like the homophobia and anti-abortion bullshit that goes on today as well as the wars and dominance that has gone on throughout history to try to “save” the rest of the world) has taught me to seek salvation in myself and no other external force. I don’t see why the 10 Commandments can’t just be enough… it’s pretty simple and leaves little to misinterpret. All the other bullshit can be flushed down the shitter. It really isn’t doing anyone any good.

    But you’re right… if the tables were turned the conservative Christians would freak out. If the atheists started forcing science books into religious classes, they would riot. So why do they think we’re going to stand for them forcing their ways of living onto us? It’s so fucking ego-maniacal and self righteous… and it just makes me hate them all even more.

    They should be allowed to live any way they want… and so should we. Liberty and freedom for ALL… not just some.

  5. janai August 31, 2008 at 7:20 pm #

    we should send mccain baskets of cheeseburgers, fried chicken and chicken fried steak and instead of a note, the basket should have a sticker of bush holdinq his thumbs up on it…gay is the way :p

  6. janai August 31, 2008 at 7:35 pm #

    Oh yeah, I totally got off track.
    I am 17 a catholic and love the idea of Jesus as a hippy. I belive that as long as your typically a good person and you honestly and whole heartly try to be nice or whatever (I mean were all humans, were allowed to get mad and make mistakes) that its fine. And I actually don’t belive in hell.
    Noone is for sure that God exists but the idea that when we die and we weren’t total douchebags when on earth there’s a nice place waiting for us is pretty good to me.
    I went to an all girls catholic highschool and one of my religion teacher would say “you can belive whatever you want so I’m not gunna sit here and say that God was the only factor in the creation of this earth, I don’t even know myself.”
    I sort of wish that idea was taught more often. And when I think about it. I think God was the one that started evolution…that way, everyone is right. Maybe life is somethinq simple like that :]
    But who am I to say.
    There should be one religion and it should be “Just Don’t Be a Judgemental Douche”

  7. ash August 31, 2008 at 8:30 pm #

    Seriously, Kristen, we have alot of the same exact thoughts.
    At first, yesterday, I was all, haha stupid old John McCain, you are done for now! Picking that stupid moose-hunting beehive ladypantsuit for your veep, no one will fall for that! haahahaha.

    But then today, I realized they will ALL fall for it. Because they all vote on that abortion bullshit. They all vote based on their opinion of a medical surgery. What if we all felt so strongly about tonsilectomies? What if we all voted to keep the appendix, because it has feelings too?

    Seriously. Roe vs. Wade decided that shit, eons ago. Why is it still an issue?



    I do believe in God. Honestly I do. And I believe he hates the Republicans. That is why he sent that damn awful hurricane. He sent it so they would have to cancel their little party-convention thing.

    The situation is frightening.

  8. germinfested September 1, 2008 at 10:08 am #

    And guess who’s 17-year-old daughter is pregnant? This is just the epitome of irony. I nearly peed my pants with laughter when I heard this. I really hope people aren’t this fucking stupid to STILL vote for them.

  9. Sunny September 1, 2008 at 2:54 pm #

    ok I don’t have the patience right now to read the whole blog, but when I heard about the preggo teenager I had to mention it. Germinfested beat me to it, but yeah. This news totally made my day. And how sick is it that now she has to marry the schmuck who knocked her up. Abstinence sex ed, woo!

  10. N I C O L E September 1, 2008 at 7:01 pm #

    I love you Kristen…for serious.

  11. Kristen Ferrell September 1, 2008 at 7:26 pm #

    Awwww Nicole…. you’re filled with sweetness and care-bear-stares!!!

    I will NEVER EVER EVER EVER understand why adults could possibly think that teaching abstinence and ONLY abstinence will ever work with teenagers!!!! WAAAAAAAY back in the day (I’m talking hundreds of years ago) it was the norm for teenagers to get married. Romeo and Juliet were supposed to be about 13 years old. Teenagers are overflowing with hormones, crazy impulsiveness, mad wacko delusions of love, and rebellion. So when an adult says “Don’t have sex!!”… the first thing that kid is going to do is go out and get laid (ESPECIALLY in our sex-crazed mixed-message culture).
    Our job as adults is not to shelter our kids from reality… but to TEACH them about reality and give them the tools to deal with life in a responsible and safe way. To tell a kid “don’t have sex” is insane. BUT to tell a kid the reasons why it’s best to wait for sex until they are a little more emotionally mature to handle it, AND then to educate them on all the ways to stay safe if they lose their brains on some spontaneous night… condoms, birth control pills, etc etc etc. And then make sure they always have the damn condoms!!!! To give a child isn’t condoning teenage sex- it’s making sure that you’re child does end up pregnant/getting someone pregnant or getting some disease. Kids are having sex at a younger and younger age…. making sure they’re safe is a parent’s job.

    Those “abstinence” morons make me sick.

  12. Kristen Ferrell September 1, 2008 at 7:29 pm #

    When I typed “To give a child isn’t condoning teenage sex- it’s making sure that you’re child does end up pregnant….” I MEANT to type “To give a child condoms isn’t condoning…etc….”.

    I’ve had a long day. I’m all brain-muddled. Sorry.

  13. christine September 2, 2008 at 6:16 am #

    “Jesus was a hippy. Jesus hated the oppression of the church and government (he even trashed a church because he was so sickened at what it had become). Jesus was a supporter of the outcasts of society, and welcomed them with open arms. Jesus WOULD NOT have supported Bush, or McCain, or Palin.”

    haha i totally love this, i was raised in a strict russian orthodox converted into baptist family, and i agree that these crazies just use what they want out of the bible, take it out of context and turn it into something that supports their personal views and impose it on the rest of us..its kind of like that movie “Saved”, its scary how into it people get and how they turn something into whatever will fit into their own agenda.

  14. Kristen Ferrell September 2, 2008 at 10:00 am #

    I have friends who are devout Christians, and they are the wonderful kind who focus on behaving the way that Jesus taught. They are fully accepting of everyone, and they’re not “preachy” to people… they just try to be the best people they possibly can and serve as a good example of what Christians are supposed to be. I can fully respect that.
    But picking and choosing what works best for you out of the bible has never set well with me. If you’re going to preach the old testament, then preach it ALL… not just the points that fit best with your personal agenda of hate. And to follow the bible word-for-word when thousands of years have passed and the times we live in now are SO different than the time it was written just doesn’t make any sense. It says to not eat pork because there was no refrigeration and the food poisoning could kill you. It says for “man to not lay down with man” because lining of the anus is really delicate and if conditions are totally sanitary, there’s a higher likelihood of disease. It also has guidelines about slaves, and about women going to the outskirts of town when they’re menstruating. I could go on and on with the things that no longer apply because times and conditions have changed because we’ve evolved and become more educated. (Not to mention that the bible has been re-translated SO MANY TIMES, so who knows what it originally said!)
    But I’m also a little weary of taking literally any book that condones taking instructions from a talking burning bush. Call me a skeptic, but it’s just a little too far-fetched for me.

  15. Lex September 4, 2008 at 10:20 am #

    You’re fine with Christians. Well, you’re fine with me, and I’m a Christian now. I see myself as a “Gospel Christian” though, that is more concerned with the actual words and deeds of Jesus than the commentary otherwise. As for taking the rest literally, did we take Jesus’ parables literally? And Jesus is God, so why would the same Being not have spoken in parables in the OT? Why Christians can’t make that step of logic baffles me.

    Anyway, GREAT on Palin. Scares me too. Top post (finally a new post after all of this medical mania) at my place too. I DO NOT want that thing answering the phone at 2 AM!!!!! NO!!!!! The thought that every suburban Mom that I can’t stand might end up President at some point here scares me terribly, wasn’t even this scared of W. Bush to be honest.

    P.S. While cleaning I found an old copy of the UDK with you in it about your bright red hair. Two pictures with it too….ahhh, the Kristen college memories!

  16. Kristen Ferrell September 4, 2008 at 11:12 am #

    OH FUCK!!!!!!! I can’t believe that you found those old copies of the UDK!!! Did you know that they guy who took those pics was the one who stalked me and did all that crazy shit? SCARY!!!!!!!! Vomit.

    But you’re logical, and can see reality clearly, and are intelligent.
    Apparently not many people are… but that’s what scares me about religion (or any type of group thought structure)…. really stupid people can get a hold of something that is good, and make a huge fucking mess. That’s what happened with Christianity…. too many stupid people with selfish and fear-based motives got a hold of it, and now it’s become something terrifying.

    But there are the good Christians out there (like yourself) who are too smart to buy into the sickness. Can you use your God-skill to make the other ones not such frightening piles of trash? Pleeeeease?

  17. melancholymonday September 4, 2008 at 7:56 pm #

    Come see what I made on my blog!! It will brighten your day!!


  18. Kristen Ferrell September 5, 2008 at 7:51 am #

    ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    it did brighten my day!
    you make me giggle, lovely lady!!!

  19. Lex September 5, 2008 at 8:00 pm #

    HAHA! Nope, they mostly don’t consider Roman Catholics to be “real Christians”, so I just try to live the example. This is hard with the ODD factor, but I try. I also don’t live a separatist-type of life like evangelicals do, eschewing the secular. I feel absolutely no conflict listening to the music I always have and my religion. Or liking watching “Dexter” episodes, “House”, etc. Yet I cringe HORRIBLY when confronted by a self-described Christian like Palin! She belongs in “Pharisee Camp” IMHO. These holier-than-thou types just frighten me, especially when faced with the prospect of this amount of power! What’s really wrong with just liking what Jesus did and had to say? Even if you don’t believe in His divinity? Why add on scary crap like the “war ordained by God” or whatever it was she said about Iraq…that’s just fucking scary, creepy, makes me want to take a shower. Again and again.

    OMG….I forgot about stalker guy! I had forgotten that UDK even. Looked through it thinking it was one that featured my Late Great Cat Ken and then there you were on the back when your hair still glowed in the dark…lol. If only I had pics of when it melted….OK, just kidding. Looking back though, do you see the humor in that one now? I hope so, it was sort of funny, and very funny in retrospect.

    I’ll try with the Pharisees, who knows. One Priest we have is the most gentle, sweet and merciful man alive, seriously. When asked if suicides go immediately to hell he just responded that, “If a person is that point I don’t think their mind is still functioning in a sane way that God would judge them on. They aren’t themselves and can be forgiving.” Have you ever heard that sort of mercy spoken by anyone in a Palin-type church? Maybe it happens, I just don’t see it. Besides, Father Gabriel wears sandals under his monk robes (yep, he was a monk too!) and sings old U2 songs with us even though he’s shy. He makes Christianity brainy and fun, discussing history and doctrine. Good for a geek like me. Certainly not the “You’re going to HAAAEEEEELLLLLL!!!” crap at other churches. Or go to an ethnic Orthodox service where even if they say that it’s not in English and you don’t care….LOL…that’s what I did when I was agnostic. Couldn’t understand a word. Heeheehee.

  20. kararararalyn September 8, 2008 at 6:59 pm #

    ick. ick. double ick. i’ve been off the internet for a week and I NEEDED to catch up on the kristen blog.

    this frightens me, i’m sure i’ll be up tonite…

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