Please take a few minutes to help free Patricia Prewitt….

10 Oct

We all know our judiciary system can be flawed and sometimes outright broken.  Over the past few years, the past wrongs of our legal system have become more and more apparent with the use of DNA and other advancements in forensic technology.  People unjustly convicted of crimes are set free, and unknown perpetrators of crimes are finally captured.  These advancements are a really amazing thing, and have allowed freedom for people who were innocent to begin with.  But this can only happen if forensic evidence was taken by the police at the scene of the crime. And only if the police did their job to attempt to find any evidence at all.  But police fail, and the judicial system fails, and then innocent people are left to rot unless they stand up and try to fight for themselves.

In 1986, Patricia Prewitt was forced to leave her 5 young children to begin her 50 year prison sentence for the murder of her husband.  This is the worst case I’ve ever seen of undue incarceration, and if you follow the links I have in here and actually read the story- you will be horrified.

In 1984, a man broke into the Prewitt home in the middle of the night, shot Patricia’s husband and assaulted Patricia.  After he left, she went to phone the police, but found the phone was dead.  She had to gather up her children to drive a mile to a neighbor’s home to get help from a neighbor and call the police.  Her husband died that night, and the police immediately turned Patricia into their number 1 suspect.  Nitrate tests the police gave her showed that she had not recently fired a gun.  She was also assaulted by this intruder.  There were no financial or emotional reasons for her to want her husband killed.  There was NO evidence AT ALL (even circumstantial) that pointed to her (did I mention that she was also attacked?  How would she have attacked herself?).

She was allowed to return to her home to care for her children while awaiting trial.  Their home was robbed.  Their dog was poisoned and killed.  There were multiple times that someone attempted to get into the house again.  The police did NOTHING about any of this.

After the trial and the conviction, it came out that the prosecution withheld evidence of a strange man observing their home the night of the murder.  This information was never allowed into court during appeals.  She was offered a plea bargain of a reduced sentence if she just said she was guilty.  She refused the plea bargains thinking there was NO WAY she could get convicted with NO EVIDENCE OR MOTIVE- but now she’s stuck with a 50 year prison sentence.  While in prison, she has tried to make her life still count by taking every course available, and works as a computer programmer/analyst and writes software for the Missouri Department of Corrections.  This is a good woman.

In 1997, Governor Mel Carnahan planned to sign her petition for clemency after reviewing the horrors of her case, which would reinstate her freedom.  Governor Carnahan was then killed in a plane crash, and she is now back to waiting for the current Governor to pay attention…. over 10 years later.

Why am I telling this horrifying and upsetting tale?  Because it’s election time.  Governors can grant clemency at the end of their term when they are not going to serve again.  So RIGHT NOW is when we all need to take action.

If you’d like to read an account of what Patricia went through (which made me cry), you can read it HERE

If you’d like to read a short summary of the events of the case, and the reasons why the police went after her as the only suspect (which is frightening and insane), you can read it HERE.

NOW, after all that, here is where YOU come in.  If you’d like to sign the petition that will be sent to Missouri Governor Matt Blunt to commute her sentence to time served… just click HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After you submit your info to the petition, it will send you to a page where you can give a donation.  This confused a couple people I sent this link to, and they thought that they had to pay to sign the petition.  You don’t have to pay anything… that is just a voluntary donation if you’re so inclined.  What is important is the signatures and support.

Do your good deed for the day.  Sign the petition.  And then send a link to this blog to everyone you know so that they can sign the petition… and tell them to send the link and sign it.  PLEASE!!!  Her children have waited long enough to have their only surviving parent back home with them and their families.

Thanks so much.


12 Responses to “Please take a few minutes to help free Patricia Prewitt….”

  1. christine October 11, 2008 at 9:28 am #

    Its sad to see someones life be destroyed by allowing things to just fall between the cracks. I signed and hope others will, what a sad story, and hopefully this govenor will step up to the plate and do something about it.

  2. whitney October 11, 2008 at 10:57 am #

    this is frustrating and sad…. she deserves to be home!

    (so i’m retarded and i think my name ended up on the petition like 5 different times cause the paypal thing confused me as well. d’oh).

  3. Kristen Ferrell October 11, 2008 at 11:19 am #

    What her and her family have been through breaks my heart. And it just keeps going!! The fact that she went through ALL of that, and FINALLY a Governor was going to give her clemency- and then the Governor was killed in a plane crash and she had to start from scratch!!! How does one person get nailed by horrible things so many times in one life??!
    Because of the injustice of it all, people really need to rally and get active with this. ESPECIALLY if all it could take is going to a website and submitting your name to a petition. Such a small act to make such a massive difference.

  4. myshinyhell October 12, 2008 at 6:02 pm #

    This case epitomizes the phrase “travesty of justice.” I went to school with two of her daughters and lived in Holden, Missouri at the time of the murder. The whole town knew it was a set-up. She was framed, then convicted, without any real evidence. If you ask anyone who lived in the town at the time if she’s guilty, most of them will say no. It’s just commonly known and accepted. But you can’t fight the police- nobody could really *do* anything. I’m honestly surprised that Hollywood hasn’t gotten ahold of this story, because there is so much corruption involved with Patty’s case it is unbelievable.

    They forensically proved Patricia didn’t fire the gun that killed her husband, and a neighbor reported a car sitting in the dark at the end of their driveway that night, but a corrupt cop with an obvious personal vendetta against Patty (or maybe just females in general?) kept that evidence from being submitted in court. She refused the plea bargain of 5-6 years because she maintained her innocence and they gave her 50 years.

    Women often get harsher sentences upon conviction than men. It is sexist and unfair when this happens. This woman didn’t do the crime, but even if she had, she’s most likely served far longer than a man would have for the same conviction, and she still has 20+ years to go.

    Please everyone, take the time to sign the petition and post the links to it in your social networking blogs, websites, etc. Patty deserves to finally be home with her children and many grandchildren.

    Kristen, thank you so much for posting this information for everyone. You’re the coolest woman on the entire planet for so many, many reasons! xoxoxoxoxo 🙂

  5. hayley g October 15, 2008 at 10:52 am #

    me and my boyfriend gladly signed!

  6. Kristen Ferrell October 16, 2008 at 8:00 am #

    Yay!! Thank you!!!

  7. Jane December 22, 2008 at 9:13 pm #

    Thanks Kristen and all. 🙂 Jane (Patty’s oldest daughter)

  8. Kristen Ferrell December 22, 2008 at 11:50 pm #

    Please let me know if there’s ever anything else I can do to help!

  9. Goldsmith Twin December 30, 2008 at 3:45 pm #

    I grew up in Kingsville and Holden. Until I went into the Navy in 1981, All of us partied on Holden’s short strip. The cops got high with everyone and then busted them when they wet on duty/was the joke @ the time. Everyone knows the St. Louis run to KC to Springfield & Chicago Ill., ect. has been a mob, drug & gun rt. since the roaring 20’s at the least. I have known more crooked cops than good cops in Mo, SC, Ill. and the list runs on. Cops are human like anyone else. Cops take payoffs too. It isn’t what you know, but, who you know. Everyone is either related by marriage or grew up together in them there woods. Everyone knows your business. People there get ran off the road in their cars that kill them to make the murder look like an accident. So much crap goes on there between Kingsville to Sedalia line, the Feds couldn’t scratch the surface of all their busts. They do however play a major roll in the number of deaths they cause of their witnesses! My best advice, stay away from the state of Missouri and Ill. Crime goes deeper with thick blood lines and crooked cops. By the way, Feds aren’t always walking a straight line either 🙂

  10. Matt in Virginia April 11, 2012 at 10:32 am #

    This blog is a great example of how murderers end up getting “supporters.” So you post a highly one-sided article about Prewitt’s supposed “innocence,” and then people read it and immediately sign petitions and comment about her “tragic injustice.” It appears that no one bothered to do any other research about the case, such as…. reading the FACTS of the case. Sigh. Very naive.

    Killing a spouse in cold-blood, and then lying about it for 26 years, is indefensible behavior, no matter how many aerobics classes Pam teaches, college credit Pam receives, or easily led people Pam manipulates with her “wonderful personality.”

    • Kristen Ferrell April 15, 2012 at 1:59 pm #

      And how familiar are you with this specific case? Or the family involved?
      My exhusband is a close friend to the family. This isn’t just something I read about on “Yahoo News”. These are people me and my friends and family KNOW. So unless you have some specific information that we all don’t, please don’t bellow your ignorance from the hilltop… it’s grating.

  11. Susan Nelson January 7, 2018 at 7:35 pm #

    I just watched the program Final Appeal that showed evidence was found and should be tested for DNA.
    The program showed the governor did not grant Patricia clemency. I took for granted that your request for petition signatures may be outdated. My only hope is that DNA will set her free.

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