Destructive kitten forces vs. Psychic Premonitions, and some icky dream imagery to boot….

25 Oct

I have lots of sick and disturbing dreams.  Lots and lots of them.  Usually I’ll wake up from them and have to laugh, because I’m not sure how my brain comes up with this stuff when it’s trying to rest.  And other times I’ll wake up completely disturbed, and wondering if there is something truly wrong with me.

Last night I had a dream that our old and befuddled Oscar cat got out (all our cats are indoors cats).  I looked out into the backyard (which wasn’t the backyard we have now, but a huge lawn surrounded by woods), and I saw a bunch of kids torturing Oscar.  Pulling out his fur, poking his eyes… horrible stuff.  But here’s the part of the dream that made me sick to my stomach…. I grabbed a huge hammer off the kitchen counter, ran out into the backyard screaming like a warrior and killed the children, then grabbed Oscar cat and ran with him back into the house.  In my dream, I killed children with a hammer… and not in a cartoony way…  but in a really bad way.  I didn’t like this dream.  I woke up feeling like something in my brain had totally crossed a line, and it really needs to apologize.

So this afternoon, I went into the kitchen to make Sully lunch.  We have big windows and a sliding glass door that lead into our backyard. I glance into the backyard- and there are all the cats…. minus Oscar.  I look at the sliding screen door, and it was off it’s sliding track and lodged open.  I run into the backyard and start swooping up cats.  One after another until they’re all safely back inside… but still no Oscar.  Sully starts searching the house while I search the backyard for him. Nowhere to be found.  Oscar is really old, totally senile (he gets disorientated and confused easily), and has really bad joints so he can’t jump or run anymore.  He’s the one that CANNOT get out because he wouldn’t be able to defend himself.

And then I remember my dream.  And I hear the sounds of the neighborhood kids playing in the culdesac, and I get a little freaked out.  Sully and I are running up and down the street calling for him, I’m repeating over and over in my head “no matter what, don’t get a hammer”.  We eventually find him down the street in a neighbors yard unharmed.  But I found the lost-cat-dream and the lost-cat-a-few-hours-later interesting, and I was glad that horrid neighborhood children being smashed into jelly wasn’t a part of the dream that was played out.

After we got all the guys back inside, we found out how the back door was opened.  It was Daisy.  Our 4 pound tiny cat was repeatedly taking a running start and jumping as hard as she could onto the back screendoor until it got knocked off it’s track.  She’s crazy smart.  I’ll come home to find all my drawers opened and emptied onto the floor, she can open doors and scale anything.  We already had to replace one screen door because she figured out how to pull the screen part of it out and climb through the opening it made.  She’s a crafty little asshole.  And today she organized a prison break.

But senile old Oscar is back at home, safe and sound…. and no children were killed in the process.

And Daisy is under strict supervision.

Old man Oscar and his best friend Sluggo during daily cuddle time

Old man Oscar and his best friend Sluggo during daily cuddle time

Daisy, the destroyer of everything

Daisy, the destroyer of everything


11 Responses to “Destructive kitten forces vs. Psychic Premonitions, and some icky dream imagery to boot….”

  1. whitney October 25, 2008 at 1:37 pm #

    awww, poor oscar! at least the kids in the dream weren’t the same type in real life. that would be horrible!

    my two kitties are indoor cats too, and they always try finding ways to get outside, and when they succeed they just freeze on the patio and don’t know what to do with themselves…. so it’s easy for them to run back inside. fuckers.

  2. Kristen Ferrell October 25, 2008 at 3:00 pm #

    All the kitties stayed in the back yard- except Oscar. Oscar and Leo used to be indoor/outdoor kitties, but once they started getting old and not as able to defend themselves if they need to I made them become indoor kitties. The other cats have no idea what to do outside…. but I have taught Sluggo to walk on a leash just like a dog. It’s really funny.

  3. Katrin October 25, 2008 at 3:38 pm #

    What a strange deja-vu (well, thank god only almost).
    During my childhood the summers at my grandparents’ were saddened by the fact that there was always a kitty that was killed on the road. So I am really glad that my two cats are indoor cats, although they always try to get out when I open the apartment door.

  4. Tawni October 26, 2008 at 4:18 am #

    I’m so glad all the kitties are safe and inside! Naughty Daisy!

    Creepy dream. Ugh. I hope tonight while you sleep, you get to ride a singing unicorn through a sparkly rainbow or something. xoxoxoxoxo.

  5. christine October 26, 2008 at 6:31 am #

    seeing cats on the side of the road makes me feel so pukey..i’m always paranoid somehow my kittens will manage to get outside 😦

  6. Jp October 26, 2008 at 7:15 am #

    Omg that really freaks me out. I feel like if my cat Alex got outside she’d turn into a pussy(lol) because when she’s in here she always tries to fight everyone and everything.(except my sister. I don’t understand how if I want to pet her she’d bite me but my sister rolls her up into a ball and alex will give her kisses for that-wtf) and we have really HUGE rats b/c sadly we live by an alley and those motherfuckers look like they on drugs. And I know they’d freak the shit outta her.
    And now I’m reminded of the lady in the next buildinq that has killed like 5 cats b/c she lives on the 6th floor and always keeps her windows WIDE open with NO screen.(her newest cat is orange) Its like comon lady, little adjustable screens cost like 2 fuckinq dollars ! Buy one !
    But I digress, no matter how freaky premonition dreams are, they are so fuckinq helpful-sometimes.

  7. aprilfalling October 26, 2008 at 7:41 pm #

    is daisy kristen as a cat?

  8. Kristen Ferrell October 26, 2008 at 9:52 pm #

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! She might be!!! Maybe that’s why she only likes me, and why she’s my favorite! She’s scrawny and rowdy and moody and yells ALL THE TIME, swipes at Brad’s eyes every chance she gets, and instigates ALL KINDS of shit and nonsense every second of every day.
    We’re soul mates.

    I never know that I’ve had a premonition dream until after the premonition plays out. It would be nice if I could know the difference between my bullshit babble dreams and my “this is actually going to happen so beware” dreams. 😉

  9. daMamma October 26, 2008 at 10:24 pm #

    So glad all your kitties made it back into the house safe. Prison break Daisy, too funny. Cats are so darn smart it is scary. I had one once that would turn on the lights when “she” thought you should be awake and shut them off when “she” thought it was time for you to be in bed. She was also very adept at opening doors. Any door.

    As smart as she was, she could play that ditsy blonde so well too, her companion was much smarter. He would actually close the doors behind him. He talked too. If you listened closely to his meows you could tell what word he was trying to say. A little bit cool, a little bit freaky. loved both so much though.

  10. Kristen Ferrell October 27, 2008 at 9:43 am #

    Our fat black Lila cat talks ALL the time, and she talks conversationally. When you whisper to her, she’ll whisper. When you talk really loud, she will too. And she’ll say something, then wait for you to respond, then she’ll respond, and on and on… she’s learned the structure of human conversation. It’s hilarious.

  11. Anon October 27, 2008 at 11:21 am #

    Most of the cats I had were all indoor. Except for one, because he was a stray we took in and he enjoyed being outside he was my favorite, but the indoor ones tend to live longer. The one we had liked to play with mice and would get sad when she accidentally killed it, and she used to hide my kitten stuffed animals and would get mean if I came to pick them up because she thought she was the stuffed animals mother. My aunt has 6 cats and they all have different personalities, one has converstions with squirrels outside the window, and when ever they are alone unsupervised they get into things and they came home once to hear the radio blasting and the cats going crazy because they can easily hit the button to start it up it’s just a little push. Some people think cats are boring, I love them they are all different and are more independent.

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