I promised myself I wouldn’t write about this…

7 Jul

…. but screw it.  I’m just too annoyed by the whole situation.

I can not wait for the production of Michael Jackson’s death to be over.  When I heard he died, I knew there would be a bit of a fuss- but I had NO IDEA that it would reach such epic and ridiculous proportions.   This seriously blows my mind.

Let’s go over a few facts.  First being that we’re ALL going to die.  You, me, my son, your parents, my parents, everyone you and I both know and care about and have ever met in our lives are ALL GOING TO DIE.  This is a fact.  Let’s all deal with it.  It’s a natural part of life.  Is it tragic?  Well, that depends on how a person dies, and the impact it has on the people around them.  If MJ had died 15 years ago before he became a bad carnie act, then MAYBE I can understand fans freaking out.  But even then, not this kind of swelling madness.  And, not to sound callous but to put it in perspective- can you picture that guy old?  Really?  Picture his face in your mind… then add 25 years.  25 years of age and plastic surgery and sagging and wrinkles to what was already distorted and disturbing.  25 years of additional mental and psychological decline to be displayed shamelessly for the public.  Some people should go out with a bang before the harshness of time gets a hold of them and they pathetically fizzle out.  Would Marylin Monroe have been such an icon if she was still alive today?  Of course not.  Or at least not to the magnitude that she is still to this day.  So is MJ’s death a tragedy?  No.  Was his life a tragedy?  A childhood filled with pressures and abuse; getting too much status and power at too young of an age to know how to handle it, and declining into an insane world where he didn’t have rules, limits, or reality of any kind; one public debacle after another from his own personal appearance to child molestation charges to weird reclusiveness…. and on and on.  Yes, his life was a tragedy- and I don’t think it’s a shame that it’s over.  You could’t pay me enough money to have lived in that guy’s head for 10 minutes.

Secondly, how his funeral has been handled is disgusting to the fullest degree.  There have been varied accounts as to just how much dealing with the funeral is costing the state of California (who is BANKRUPT, by the way)- but it’s between 2 and 4 MILLION dollars.  Let me repeat that in case someone out there didn’t quite catch that- between 2-4 MILLION DOLLARS!!!!! I live in California, just south of Los Angeles.  Teachers are getting laid off in dizzing numbers.  Public education is falling apart because of lack of funding.  Benefits and social programs are getting hacked to pieces because THERE IS NO MONEY!!!  People were getting I.O.U. statements from the state for tax refunds.  Seriously… there’s no fucking money.  And the Jackson’s decide to have a public extravaganza funeral, and the city has to pay to take care of it.  Sectioning off an entire part of Los Angeles, traffic control, monumental police and security, public workers out the ass to try to keep the craziness under control, etc.  Personally, I’d like for that 2-4 million dollars to go into the health clinics that are being shut down, or to be able to keep a few teachers from being laid off or to reinstate the shut down after school programs- or hell!  How about the public schools being able to have art and gym classes again!!  Because those were some of the first things to go when the state started going downhill.  These are all things that NEED millions of dollars… the celebration of Moonwalking DOES NOT.

Yes, he was a great performer.  A couple days after he died, Sully wanted to see what all the fuss was about.  So we went on youtube and I showed him MJ videos of performances that were just fantastic.  But what blows my mind is that he was just a performer. He didn’t save millions of people, or cure cancer, or really “heal the world”.  He gave to charities and was said to be a kind person…  but when you get down to it- he was just a performer.  There have been at least a dozen suicides over his death.  There were photos in the news of people who had spent every penny they had to fly from England to LA just to be near the funeral, and had no money for food or shelter once they got here.  All for a man who didn’t even know these people existed.  They had no personal relationship with him.  They had never even spoken to him.  The dedication that people in our society have towards pop stars and celebrities is demented and shameful.  To KILL YOURSELF because a pop star dies (and not an active pop star, mind you… but one who really hasn’t participated in society except to be the butt of plastic surgery jokes) is a blinding example of just how backwards our society has become.  And it makes my stomach hurt.

When the people in my life that I love and have an actual relationship with die, I will grieve and miss them.  But when a celebrity that I have never even seen in person dies- not only does it not effect me, but I get really annoyed that I’ll have to pay for their memorial service with my tax dollars (ESPECIALLY when my funeral will consist of a cremation and my ashes being stored in a ziplock bag because there’s no way my family could afford any more).

Thanks goes out to the Jacksons’ for keeping the psychotic madness alive.



19 Responses to “I promised myself I wouldn’t write about this…”

  1. amyjeen-dollypop July 7, 2009 at 7:36 pm #

    ok so i may have exacly the right person for sully@ email me at

  2. Anonymous July 7, 2009 at 10:32 pm #

    actually his funeral just generated about 5 million in revenue for lo angeles because of the tourist boom, just sayin ; ) at least some good came out of the madness.

    • Kristen Ferrell July 8, 2009 at 1:56 am #

      I like that businesses in LA got a boost… but the city itself is in the hole millions. Hotels, airlines, restaurants, rental car companies, shops and anything pertaining to tourism got oodles of sales… but the state won’t see any of the proceeds from sales tax until next year during tax season, and I don’t think that there were enough traffic or expired meter tickets to make up for the millions that they immediately shell out to all the city workers for a couple days worth of work. And it’s wasted millions like that which add to the decaying programs in this state. We NEED social programs and more funding for public schools… we don’t need more of MJ.

  3. natalie July 8, 2009 at 12:46 pm #

    well at least you are american and he was a native american so its fair enough (lets say…) for that fuss to happen.
    However, I AM GREEK, i live in GREECE, MJ had NOTHING to do with my country, he’d never been here as far as i know, yet AAAAAAAAALL the media was talking about him 24/7. When i wanted to watch the news that start at 8, i had to go through MJ’s life, madness, discography, private life and so on again and again, and they would only dedicate the last 10 of 5 minutes to discuss the news from Greece.

    We even had an earthquake, a “father” who was raping his own daughter and a notorious gang finally arrested, but however none of those was that important, comparing to jacko’s death.
    At least he had a vast amount of money. He could do tons of stuff with it. So i dont fucking care about his death either.

    To sum up, i have to say it makes me mad that the non-private channels used our tax money, not for his funeral, but to cover the journalists’ expenses in order to have a live report from LA. We didnt really need to send greek people over there, watching the whole drama on CNN was fine with me..

    P.S: whenever i guess what all those non-american journalists were doing in LA, other than covering the event (that is, shopping, sight-seeing, hanging around) drives me crazy.)

    Peace. and more vomit

    • Kristen Ferrell July 10, 2009 at 6:41 pm #

      The global coverage of this blows my mind. HE WAS JUST A POP SINGER!!!!
      The lack of perspective is gross. Your right- major news has been shoved out of the way so that they could have minute-by-minute coverage of this… and how much more is there to cover? He’s dead! Move on!!! UUUUGGGHHH!!!!!

  4. J July 8, 2009 at 1:19 pm #

    Hi Kristen, my name is Julia, I’m a long time fan of your artwork and clothes. you even have a photo of me on your flickr :)) will send you some more :))
    I like your blog very much. Would like to comment about that “taxpayer money” thing. There was a story (in Britain) a few months ago when a rich asshole called duke of Sutherland wanted to sell two Titian paintings that belonged to his family but were on the “long-term display” in the National Gallery of Scotland. he wanted to “diversify his assets”… he asked the gallery to pay him 100 million pounds (!!!) for the two paintings, saying that he made a discount “for his beloved nation”, cos on the open market they would cost, like, 300 million pounds. and what do you think the government did? of course, they started a nation-wide “Save the painting” campaign. 50 million for one painting was raised (including 12,5 million from the Scottish government and 12,5 million from the state-run National galleries of London and Scotland… at the time when the British economy was suffering, people were being laid off left and right, public schools were closing). now they have to raise another 50 million… and of course, movie stars and millionaire artists are all campaigning.

    well, I understand, Titian is so famous, a genius, but after all these paintings are just PAINTINGS, for god’s sake, and no one would have destroyed them if they were sold to another rich asshole, they would be safe and sound somewhere in a Swiss bank and the asshole would loan them to exhibitions from time to time… as usual, “regular” people don’t matter when it comes to “GENIUS”. kind of a parallel with that Michael Jackson situation.

    and by the way, what makes that duke of Sutherland even more dickish and execrable, is the fact that HE WON’T PAY ANY TAXES (if you sell an object to a public collection, you don’t have to pay taxes). besides, the art market has had a severe correction… so the worth of those two Titian paintings is estimated at 150 million pounds, not 300 million. if somebody esle bought the paintings from him, he would have to pay at least 60 million pounds in taxes. so he actually got more money because of his “kind favour for the nation”…
    vomit, vomit, vomit.

    • Kristen Ferrell July 10, 2009 at 6:45 pm #

      THAT’S NUTSO!!! Yes, art is important. Yes, music is important. But can you imagine what kind of amazing social work could be done with that money? Putting it towards schools and medical research and poverty issues and clinics and so on and so on….
      I don’t understand anything anymore.

  5. Tawni July 8, 2009 at 5:24 pm #

    Exactly!!!! You perfectly stated how I feel about something, once again. Thank you for having a brain that makes such good sense to me. You rock, sister. xoxoxoxoxox.

  6. daMamma July 8, 2009 at 6:03 pm #

    I would love to see the city CHARGE MJ’s parents for the cost of the funeral to the city. Not his kids, but his parents. They are the ones that arranged this circus event. Yeah, yeah he had some great tunes and made some pretty good videos once upon a time. Once upon a time he was a really cute black boy who became a cute little white girl, then just some hideously bizarre monkey thing. Way over board on the plastic surgery dude.

    The guys was a freakish nut case and not worthy of oodles and oodles of air time. I live in Calgary and let me tell you that freak took over our news here as well. The BBC, the CBC, CTV and all the U.S. channels we get. Gosh darn if he didn’t block out part of the Stampede as well! Ugh! I happen to like the rodeo, the bull riding and bronc busting. I did not need or want to see endless coverage of this guy’s life being made out to be some sort of saint or something.

    Gosh I hope that the city charges his parents for this circus display of worship. Ewww…. now I need a shower to scrub all this mindless crap off. But first I think I’m gonna hurl…

    • Kristen Ferrell July 10, 2009 at 6:55 pm #

      HAHAHAHA……AMEN!!!! The parents SHOULD pay for the expenses. NOT the people who live in California.
      The media is making him out to be a saint. They have completely shut out all the madness and creepiness and charges brought against him, and turned him into this god-like creature who apparently did no wrong.
      It’s like when Kurt Cobain killed himself. I LOVED Nirvana, and it was horribly sad that he was so tortured that he took his own life. But lets call it like it really was… he was an addict who was too selfish to put his daughter first and get clean, get help, and stick around to make sure she was safe and happy. I was horrified when he killed himself- not because of his death, but because of his monumental self-absorption. When you have a kid, you get rid of the drugs, and you DON’T bail and leave the kid in the hands of your FUCKING PSYCHO wife (because Courtney Love is one of the most terrifying creatures on the planet). But he went down as a saint too.

      It’s all so backwards and demented. I think I need a shower, too.

  7. whitney July 9, 2009 at 7:25 am #

    …..*picturing a 75 year old MJ*……….

    oh god.

  8. Angela July 9, 2009 at 8:44 am #

    I totally agree with you. I’m sick of all the MJ fuss too. Did everyone forget how freaked out they were by him a mere few years ago when he hung his baby off a balcony with a sheet over his head?

  9. Kristen Ferrell July 10, 2009 at 6:57 pm #

    Yup! Apparently, that was some other pop singer named Michael Jackson who the world loved to make fun of… not the one everyone is mourning now.

  10. svila July 11, 2009 at 1:06 am #

    actually you said everything what to say to to that situation
    me and my family we are all MJ fans but yes he died…so what???? i never could understand why people freakin out cause of people who they don´t even know…..why should i fly to the states to be near to his funeral ,than it would be even better to try to call his ghost in some spooky ceronomy ,but yes it is another time to accept that so many people are completly stupid.

    but it is a strange thing that people who died turn into saints
    in austria we had a real famous politician and he was a nazi ,he was very sucessfull in my nazi country and he was the state enemy but when he died suddenly he was a man “who said what he thought” and “a politician with heart and soul” ,nobody said that he wanted to kick out every foreigner and make austria “turkish.free” and all this bullshit.everybody was mourning,the whole country was soooooo shocked.and when two artist made fun of this madness (oficially in the tv)they had to fear attacks and a fire broke out in there office.but HE was the nazi ,oh dear

    so double vomit on all this shitty peolpe

  11. DeeStroi July 30, 2009 at 8:25 am #

    12 people killed themselves over MJ? seriously? oh man thats lame and very sad.

  12. Butcherbaby August 5, 2009 at 4:49 am #

    yup, i agree.
    MJ did have a tragic life, and i can’t imagine what it must have been like. he had money, fame, talent, adoring fans, and everything else people dream about having and none of it could make him happy. it’s probably a blessing for him that he died when he did, and with no pain, no sickness, just…nighty night.
    but the second i heard that he died, i *KNEW* he was going to be the next Elvis. don’t expect the furor to die down anytime soon, we’ve got at least 30 more years of wacko jacko memorabilia, tributes, impersonators, and sightings at out of the way gas stations in alabama on the way.
    and why the hell his family doesn’t have to pay for his funeral, i don’t understand. when my folks died, we sure as hell would have had to pay for any police or security folk we wanted there. famous or not, what’s the fucking difference? if the jacksons can’t afford it, then they should be soliciting donations because you know there are plenty of idiots that would gladly contribute.
    and those 12 who killed themselves over him? well, just think of it as chlorinating the gene pool.

  13. anonymous August 11, 2009 at 2:00 am #

    Hi Kristen,
    I too have been a fan of your works and opinions for a few years now. I actually directed 2 friends toward your site just today (one of which who is an artist and was in turn inspired by your work to go back to more detailed pieces). However this is one case where I must disagree. Or moreso, to give a different perspective. The grief that myself and countless others feel over the death of Michael is indeed very real. Whether or not we knew him personally is irrelevant to our emotions. The fact is that somehow at some point we were moved deeply by him and his message. He was in infinately generous, gentle, kind, shy man who managed to maintain love in his heart. Just as you mentioned in another post about media messages infiltration of society, this is prominent in how Michael was portrayed to the world. Never were his multi million dollar donations mentioned, visits to hospitals, or his endless and successful search to find a liver for a boy named Farkus mentioned. He loved children more than anything in the world and they were ultimately used as a weapon against him. He was perpetually betrayed by those he allowed in his life. The first interview he did in many many years with Martin Bashir, who goaded Michael into trusting him and then produced the doc in such a way that Bashir pushed his opinions and suggestions on viewers (which is a journalism no no) and portrayed Michael as unfit in every way, was just one of countless things that broke the mans spirit. Ahhhhh I could go on for days. But anyway, I understand your stance on the financial issues that arose, revenues or not. But as for the emotional aspect, there is a reason that people globally were hit so hard by his death, and each griever has their own personal stories and reasons why. Pop star or not, Michael was very relevent and the pain from his passing is very real.

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