Sticking a toe in the water….

22 May

Before the economy crashed, things were pretty awesome.  I was able to run my arty business from home, have the money and time to do pretty much whatever I wanted, and had the freedom to make whatever clothing I thought was cute and fun to sell.  I had my dream job of staying in my pajamas all day long, painting and designing clothing for all my adorable customers.

Then the economy crashed.  And the first 2 things that came to a complete standstill were sales of art and sales of non-necessity clothing… which is everything I did.  Sucks for me!!  So with that, I came to a screeching halt on making anything new until things got better and jumped into day-job land as an art director at a fantastic sunglasses company.

Fast forward 2 years…. guess what?  Things are better!  People can bitch all they want about Obama- but things are better than they were 2 years ago.  People have started spending again… and that’s a good thing.  When the media instilled financial terror in our society (whether it was warranted or not… and in a lot of cases it wasn’t), pocket books closed.  When an entire nation shut their wallets, business’s lost money and had to start firing people.  Those people weren’t able to pay their bills and lost their homes and there was less spending, which lead to more downsizing and more people being broke and more downsizing and homelessness and people being broke, etc etc etc.  The one thing that actually stimulates the economy (spending) is the thing that the media made people too terrified to do until people were actually at a place where they couldn’t do it.  Thanks, media!!  But that has gotten better.  I’ve seen it in the daily lives of the people I know, and on a national scale.  Is it great, or anywhere near where it was before the crash?  Of course not!!  But it is better.

So now that it’s better, I’m getting back into the game.  I wasn’t about to go into production on ANYTHING unless things looked a little brighter because going into production on ANYTHING is expensive, and I was broke.  But because of my amazing day job at the sunglasses company, and because of a few tips from glorious friends… Kristen Ferrell Clothing is getting a makeover and hitting it hard once again.

Last night I was up until around 6am with the flu putting my new sunglasses line on the webstore.  Here are a few examples of my new fun that I am SOOOOOOO excited about!:

Forrest Wayfarers- these already sold out, but more are on the way!

Daisy- which are one of my favorites!!

The cases all the frames come with (and these cases make me giggle)

And here's a preview of one of the new pendants that I'm making. This is made out of wood, and there will be oodles like this... and I LOVE them!!!

So good things are happening.  Finally.  This year has been a rough one so far and filled with lots of crappy drama thrown at me by terrible people and health bullshit and money woes…. but it’s all seeming to turn around.  And it fills me with smiles.  I hope all of your days are filled with smiles, too…. because you’re all fantastic bunnies!!!

And this is my personal message to the past stint of struggle that I’m starting to see my way out of:

Dear Past-5-Months... ya see that fat middle finger? It's all for you!! (but those glasses can also be found on my site to anyone who fancies them!)

Big love to you all, dearies.  And gigantic hugs for staying tuned and giving support!!!  I kiss the foreheads of each and every one of you. And you.  And you.


6 Responses to “Sticking a toe in the water….”

  1. Diana May 22, 2011 at 5:37 pm #

    If everyone stuck their toes in the water just a little bit more and spent more money with small companies (like 1-woman-operations like you), then business could all grow, wouldn’t have to charge as much for items, then people would spend more money, prices would go down, more jobs available and on and on and on. the media needs to just shut the f*ck up and let people get back to what they were doing (or at least a little bit… maybe not spending quite like they were… but youget what I’m saying).
    Good work!! i’m excited to see everything else you have coming up!!!

    • Kristen Ferrell June 3, 2011 at 9:53 pm #

      It seems to be getting better… for now… I really hope I didn’t jinx it by saying that… eek!

  2. laura kelly May 22, 2011 at 7:58 pm #

    These are awesome, I love the Wayfarers in particular! I’m not surprised they sold out!

    • Kristen Ferrell June 3, 2011 at 9:54 pm #

      Thank you!! And I’m getting more of those wayfarers made pronto! 😀

  3. Josie May 22, 2011 at 10:27 pm #

    I love love love love love these!! And necklaces coming soon? Are you kidding me! Your fantastic!

    • Kristen Ferrell June 3, 2011 at 9:56 pm #

      I love that you love them!! Yay!! Thank you!! I’m just happy to be back in the game, fighting the good fight!

      I like it when things work. 🙂

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