**Blog Rules** (please read before bitching)

**DISCLAIMER: For reasons unknown to me, when you type in the words “free bitching blog”, this blog comes up in the top 10 items on the internet.  As much as I love this and think it’s hilarious- this isn’t a place to come and randomly bitch about stuff.  You can if you want- but no one who reads or comments on here will know what you’re talking about or be able to do anything for you.  We have specific topics to bitch about (which you’ll discover if you hit the “home” tab).  So feel free to bitch randomly- but it will probably just be ignored (or deleted if it’s far too personal, creepy or depressing).  Sorry!

The Rules:

1. I am an opinionated jerk- but I try to be as friendly as possible with this, and am sometimes open to correction if you catch me in the right mood.   I tend to easily offend people because my “Social-Appropriateness Filter” broke long ago, and I never bothered to fix it.  If I write something on here that offends you, feel free to respond… or feel free to not read anything else I have to say.  But if I’m going to try to be polite- please try to be polite as well.  I don’t ever remove comments… but if you come at me with attacks, it won’t be welcomed with a hug- especially if you can’t back up the reasons for your attacks.  Remember… I’m a jerk.  And I’m also one of the most creative people with insults, and I have lots of fun fighting back.  So if you’re mean, it won’t hurt my feelings like you would want… it’s actually a total blast for me.

2. This is a god-free zone.  You will find no guilt, condemnation, shame, judgment, or sermons in the name of any lord here (so take a big sigh of relief and enjoy the wonderful pleasure of freedom… You’re welcome).   Now, please feel free to express your religious beliefs openly (I’m NOT an advocate of censorship in any way, shape, or form), but know that you’re not going to convert anyone here.  I’m a devout Atheist and use the wonderful powers of logic and science, and “The Golden Rule”  to govern my life.  As much as I ADORE hearing from people from every walk of life, if you step into my little world spouting the word of the Lord in any spiteful manner, I will eloquently bitch slap the hell outta ya.  You can jump on here and spout venom and it won’t be deleted… but you’ll get venom back…. and I guarantee you that my regular readers and I can spout venom FAR BETTER than you could ever dream.

3.  This little blog is public, so anyone can comment (whether you have a blog account or not).  And if you do comment, there’s an option to link your comment with a website…so if you run a business or have a profile somewhere else, look at this as free advertising.

4.  If you have proven to me to be a total pile of garbage, I will block you.  Piles of garbage tend to be annoying yelly- bum-outs.  No one wants a yelly-bum-out at their party.  So if you are that type of person, go make your own party somewhere else.

To sum it up, let’s all play nice.  It’s just the internet, so what is there really to get so worked up about?

Thank you for your time…..


…and now. The only difference is that now I’m allowed to play with knives.

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