How to degrade your scene and be a scumbag at the same time!…

7 Jun

There are many things about my fellow humans that make no sense to me.  This is one of them:

Jenny Hart’s Embroidery Artwork Stolen from Exhibit

Riddle me this…. you’re a fan of an artist.  You see that artist has taken the time and effort to make new pieces, and a local gallery has taken the time and effort to put together an exhibit to display these pieces for fans like you.  Huge efforts and expenses are taken on with displaying the work and promotion and preparation so that this event can take place- just for fans like you.  So opening night when you go to the show do you:

  • A.  Enjoy the artwork, have some free snacks, make a pleasant evening of it, and leave feeling you go to experience something fun, creative, and beautiful?
  • B.  Enjoy the artwork, have some free snacks, make a pleasant evening of it, and grab a couple of the pieces of artwork off the walls on your way out- stealing from the artist that you admire and the gallery that brought them to you?

If you chose option A, then you are a good, normal person and are liked and appreciated by the art community.  If you chose option B… then you are a complete shit-stain, and I hope your friends beat you down when they find out what you did.  Seriously… you fully suck.

Art theft happens all the time, and it makes me furious.  I’ve had it happen to me at 2 different galleries because some of my pieces are small enough to easily slip into a purse or pocket.  It’s happened to too many friends of mine who are artists or who own galleries.  What I can’t wrap my brain around is why someone would take the time to go to a gallery opening of an artist they like, and then steal from them?  Yes, art can be expensive… but I guarantee you the artist and the gallery don’t profit that much from art unless they’re dealing with the arty giants out there.  Let me break down the grown up financials to you so that you understand where the term “starving artist” comes from…

Let’s say I have a little painting in a gallery and it’s priced at $1,000.  Holy shit!  That’s a lot of money!  Who the hell am I to charge that much for 1 tiny painting?!  Let’s do the math, and then you can see just who the hell I am.  If that painting sells, the gallery get’s 50%.  Yes… 50%.  That is normal.  They promote and get the people in the door to make the sale- so that’s their cut.  I try to make it out to all my gallery shows, so let’s say my plane ticket and expenses comes to a low-ball price of $300 (this doesn’t include money lost on time off  I’d have to take from the day job to go to the show).  I’m now down to only making $200 on that $1,000 painting.  My small paintings that run around $1,000 usually take me a couple weeks each to do… so if I worked 3-4 hours a night on the piece, that’s around 50 hours of work.  If I only make $200 for that painting, I worked for $4 an hour on it.  Did you get that?  $4.00 an hour. (And that $4 an hour doesn’t even include the cost of the materials to make the piece and get it ready to present).

The gallery doesn’t do a whole lot better.  They have their overhead (rent/utilities/maintenance/insurance/etc).  They have staff to pay.  They have to pay for promotion (ads in magazines, postcards, flyers, etc).  They have the set up, all that free wine and cheese that people wolf down at the opening, they usually will provide a place for the visiting artists to stay, etc.  After all their troubles and expenses, their profit isn’t much better.

So why do we all do it?  Because we love it.  Because it makes us happy.  Because something in us makes us do it.  And even though we’re almost always taking a loss, we still make our art and bring it to you because it makes you happy.  The drive of visual communication is a powerful one, and I’ll do it without even questioning that measly $4 an hour.  So when an artist does all this work for very little financial pay off, and then the work gets stolen… that breaks hearts.  It’s like punching a toddler in the face as it runs towards you for a hug.  To say it’s discouraging is an understatement.

This doesn’t just happen in the art world, though.  It’s common in the music scene.  My husband’s band has been robbed more times than I can remember.  Once, on the 2nd night of a 3 week tour while he was on stage some stupid punk kids smashed out their tour van’s window and only had time to grab his bag… which contained all his spare cords, his laptop, all his clothing, phone/computer charger…. everything.  He was left with his guitar, his wallet and the clothes on his back.  Kids steal from the merch table.  Kids steal gear.  They steal anything that isn’t bolted down… and these are the kids that come to the shows because they are fans of the band!!!  Band’s don’t make any money anymore.  There are no longer record sales because downloading has taken over.  There is no such thing as “label tour support” anymore because the labels are broke.  They only money bands make is on tour- and after gas and vehicle rental and food and hotels and getting merch made  and time off work and then splitting any profits between all the band members and paying the techs or merch slingers… it usually averages out to the same as my painting sales.  A few bucks an hour.  Only to get robbed by the “fans”.   It’s disgusting.  And for any of you little punk kids out there who have stolen anything from any band… you’re not “punk”.  You’re a fucking tourist to the scene, and I hope your Discharge/Neurosis/Nausea shirt sets itself on fire in protest of you the next time you put it on.

In summary… artists in every field do not make art to get rich.  That is a ridiculous concept because only a handful of artists every decade ever do get rich.  They do it because they love it.  They do it because you love it.  And if you are a fan… act like one.  If you want your favorite artist to keep showing their artwork or playing their music in your town- then make sure that they aren’t fucked under when they do!  If you see someone being sketchy at a show and stealing or causing trouble- stop them!  Or rat them out.  There is no shame in ratting out shitbag behavior.  Because whether you’re an artist or an admirer of art… we’re all in “the arts” together.  And if it gets too difficult to bring the art to the people, then the only way the people will be able to see art is online or in magazines.  And that’s lame.  So let’s all participate.  Be sure and share the link above on whatever forms of social media you play around on and try to get Miss Jenny Hart her artwork back.

Thank you for enduring my long winded soap-boxing.

In appreciation of art, the most beautiful FoxyGoat Lisa made an amazing portrait of me and sent me one of her beautiful necklaces.  She is a wonderful (and amazingly witty) artist and lady… and I super love her.

Click this image of me with her necklace and portrait of me to go to her website, and be sure to check out her etsy store!!

Big love to all you bunnies, and have a great night!!  xoxox


Attention East Coast darlings!!!!……..

2 Jun

Allllllrighty….. if you’re looking for something fantastic to do tomorrow night, I have just the thing!!  The Black Vulture Gallery in Philadelphia is having their opening of the gigantic “Speaking in Tongues” group show curated by the amazing painter Buddy Nestor.  I will have a piece in it, and there are TONS of other artists showing.  It really is going to be spectacular.  On it’s facebook event, I have checked that I’m attending- but that means that I will be there in painted form via artworks, and my heart will be there.  But physically, I will still be in California (as much as it fills me with sorrow to not be able to go).    Here is the flyer for the show:

If you click the image, it will take you to the Facebook event page for all the information

And to preview the amazingness of the curator, Buddy Nestor, here is the portrait he did of me for his “Every Girl Goes To Hell” series.  I love it… and it terrifies Sully… which makes me love it even more.

Buddy is pretty great!!!

I’d like to report an overwhelming amount of love that I’ve gotten over my new funny little sunglasses and accessories- which means that more will be coming quickly.  Your excitement has spawned my excitement which has gotten the creative juices flying around like hummingbirds on crack.

Hope you all have a great weekend… and please check out the show if you’re in the area!!!  Hugs all around!!!

A funny thing happened on Main Street today….

29 May

My son and I took a little break and went down to Main Street today.  Main Street in Huntington Beach is just like Main Street in Anywhere, USA… boutiques and restaurants that are where the masses congregate on sunny weekends.  The only difference between the H.B. Main Street and Anywhere USA Main Street is that ours is a big surfer tourist area because it leads onto a pier, and on weekends it’s not just crowded- it’s packed.  So we’re wandering around people-watching (one of our favorite things to do), and I’m cluing into some interesting behavior.

The groups of “punk girls” with their tattoos and piercings and perfectly manicured “I don’t care about your fashion” look were glaring and mocking the “indie rock art chick” girls for being snobs and the “prissy girls” for being superficial.  The “indie rock art chick” girls with their tattoos and piercings and carefully manicured  “I’m discarding mainstream fashion for retro fashion and craft fair jewelry that makes me oh-so-unique” were rolling their eyes at the “punk girls” for not being cool enough and the “prissy girls” for being superficial.  The “prissy girls” with their perfectly manicured hair, nails and spray tan and designer clothing are looking in disgust at the “punk girls” for being intimidating and the “indie rock art chick” girls for being weird.  I was watching group after group of cultural stereotypes pass each other on the street, giving each other the “evil eye” stare down quickly followed by snarky whispers to friends and noses immediately turning up into the air.  The lady vs lady disdain was uncomfortable- but what really got to me was the fact that there isn’t ANYTHING  different about any of these groups except the end result of how they choose to portray themselves to the world… which makes their disdain fully ridiculous an unnecessary.

When I make sweeping generalizations about the 3 mentioned groups, in NO WAY am I meaning to insult anyone.  Because when I was younger I could have been quickly tucked into the “punk girl” category, over the past few years I probably could have been more easily tucked into the “indie” category, and as I’m getting older I’m getting prissier every day… so I’m a pretty solid combination of all 3 groups.  But the uniforms are usually so extremely defined and well planned, that they can quickly be picked out of large crowds.  But not only that, these groups rely on being defined by their exterior- but loathe each other because of the exteriors so much that it’s almost comical.  Almost.

The “almost” is because there’s no reason under the sun for any of these girls to be treating each other like shit, because they are all exactly the same.  There is no difference between a girl getting covered with tattoos and a girl getting a boob job and botox.  There is no difference between a girl spending hundreds on a punk uniform and a girl spending hundreds on designer clothing.  There is no difference between a girl spending hundreds on piercings and body jewelery and a girl spending hundreds on spray tans and hair extensions.  Do you see where I’m going with this?  Every one of these situations is a girl making attempts to fit into their social peer group that they’ve chosen, and spending the time, money and effort to properly adjust their appearance to be accepted in these peer groups.

Take the body modification:  Is there really any difference between unloading huge amounts of money to sit for hours and hours in pain having chemical inks permanently injected into your skin,  and spending huge amounts of money to have a procedure done that puts artificial implants into your boobs?  I know the immediate argument is “But tattoos are an artistic expression and boob jobs are to fit into a shallow social stereotype”.  But really… look deeper.  Both procedures are done so that the girls are more comfortable with their exterior.  Both procedures are done so that the girls feel more proud of their bodies.  Both procedures are done because it is what is socially acceptable in the social groups they have chosen to be accepted by.  On first glance- they seem to be so different… but when you dig down to the root, they come from the exact same place.  And this can be said for every aspect of how these ladies all choose to present themselves to the world.

I guarantee you the average “indie rock art chick” spends just as much money at Urban Outfitters or H&M than the “punk chick” spends on boots and studded belts as the “prissy chick” spends on… well… whatever expensive designer clothing “prissy chicks” buy (I’m getting prissier as I get older, but I’m still broke so  have no clue where those ladies shop).  I’m close friends with ladies from all these groups- and there is no difference between any of them.  The politics might be a little different, the life priorities might be a little different… but that’s it.  So I left Main Street today extremely sad at the fact that so many girls have so much hate for so many other girls just because of how they look- when their attention to detail in how they look is the unifying factor between them all.

So with those observations in mind- ladies, please feel free to ponder this.  And if you find yourself snubbing another lady because of something petty like what social club they belong to (and don’t feel bad if you have because it takes a conscious and continued effort to not do this)… please try to stop yourself.   We ladies have to stop treating each other like shit- especially over things as stupid as what uniform we put on in the morning.  Ladies hating ladies for any reason makes me really sad… so can we please all make a group effort to treat each other a little better?  Thank you and good night.

(ps:  The one group that didn’t get shitty about anyone were the hippy girls.  So thank you, hippy girls, for being smiley and loving like good hippy’s should… or for being too baked to care.  Either way is totally ok by me!  xoxo)

(pps: I almost forgot!  I finally got my jewelry line up and running!  So in addition to the new sunglasses line, I now have necklaces available!  If you wanna see them, click the image below to get swooped away to my webstore.  Yay!!)

Cats with Moustaches, Mirrored ghosts, and wooden whispering bunny necklaces!

Sticking a toe in the water….

22 May

Before the economy crashed, things were pretty awesome.  I was able to run my arty business from home, have the money and time to do pretty much whatever I wanted, and had the freedom to make whatever clothing I thought was cute and fun to sell.  I had my dream job of staying in my pajamas all day long, painting and designing clothing for all my adorable customers.

Then the economy crashed.  And the first 2 things that came to a complete standstill were sales of art and sales of non-necessity clothing… which is everything I did.  Sucks for me!!  So with that, I came to a screeching halt on making anything new until things got better and jumped into day-job land as an art director at a fantastic sunglasses company.

Fast forward 2 years…. guess what?  Things are better!  People can bitch all they want about Obama- but things are better than they were 2 years ago.  People have started spending again… and that’s a good thing.  When the media instilled financial terror in our society (whether it was warranted or not… and in a lot of cases it wasn’t), pocket books closed.  When an entire nation shut their wallets, business’s lost money and had to start firing people.  Those people weren’t able to pay their bills and lost their homes and there was less spending, which lead to more downsizing and more people being broke and more downsizing and homelessness and people being broke, etc etc etc.  The one thing that actually stimulates the economy (spending) is the thing that the media made people too terrified to do until people were actually at a place where they couldn’t do it.  Thanks, media!!  But that has gotten better.  I’ve seen it in the daily lives of the people I know, and on a national scale.  Is it great, or anywhere near where it was before the crash?  Of course not!!  But it is better.

So now that it’s better, I’m getting back into the game.  I wasn’t about to go into production on ANYTHING unless things looked a little brighter because going into production on ANYTHING is expensive, and I was broke.  But because of my amazing day job at the sunglasses company, and because of a few tips from glorious friends… Kristen Ferrell Clothing is getting a makeover and hitting it hard once again.

Last night I was up until around 6am with the flu putting my new sunglasses line on the webstore.  Here are a few examples of my new fun that I am SOOOOOOO excited about!:

Forrest Wayfarers- these already sold out, but more are on the way!

Daisy- which are one of my favorites!!

The cases all the frames come with (and these cases make me giggle)

And here's a preview of one of the new pendants that I'm making. This is made out of wood, and there will be oodles like this... and I LOVE them!!!

So good things are happening.  Finally.  This year has been a rough one so far and filled with lots of crappy drama thrown at me by terrible people and health bullshit and money woes…. but it’s all seeming to turn around.  And it fills me with smiles.  I hope all of your days are filled with smiles, too…. because you’re all fantastic bunnies!!!

And this is my personal message to the past stint of struggle that I’m starting to see my way out of:

Dear Past-5-Months... ya see that fat middle finger? It's all for you!! (but those glasses can also be found on my site to anyone who fancies them!)

Big love to you all, dearies.  And gigantic hugs for staying tuned and giving support!!!  I kiss the foreheads of each and every one of you. And you.  And you.

NO MORE TERRORISM!… oh…um….wait a second….

2 May

Here’s a Hallmark intro to a posting about assassination, mass death, revenge, blood hunger, shattered lives, and the delusion that history isn’t going to keep repeating itself again, and again, and again.

September 10th, 2001 I had cable/television removed from my house.  Sully was 3 and had learned all necessary life tools from Sesame Street and everything else was garbage- so we said good-bye to TV and its commercialism.  Brad and I were dating, and I lived in Kansas and he pretty much was either in California, touring, or visiting me.  He had just gotten to NYC the day before to start a tour.

September 11th, 2001 Brad woke me up early in the morning with a phone call screaming “Turn on your TV!  We’re under attack!  I just watched the Trade Center towers collapse!!”.  I jumped up, ran downstairs to turn on the TV- but there were no channels.  I called him back, and he told me that he watched the towers go down from a street corner in Brooklyn, and he was going to go back to his friend’s house to see what the news said was happening and call me right back.  And that was the last I heard from him for over 12 hours.  I had no communication with him, no television reports as to what was going on, the internet was just a wobbly toddler at that time so “up-to-the-minute-reports” really weren’t living up to their name.  I tried listening to the radio- but there was just as much confusion there.  And I had no idea what had happened to my Bradly.  At about 11pm that night, the phone lines opened up and he called.  And we both freaked out.  And we decided that we should probably just own up to the fact that we wanted to do the whole marriage thing to each other.  So 9/11 is pretty much our engagement date.

Today, almost 10 years later, Osama bin Laden is announced dead.  And today is me and Brad’s wedding anniversary.  The orchestrator of the event that spawned our engagement is killed on our anniversary.  Weird?  Yeah.  An omen?  Maybe.  A good or bad omen?  Who knows.  Good story?  Yup.

So bin Laden is dead.  I think this is a good thing.  I’m the first to throw fist pumps in the air at the prospect of ANY bad person being gunned down (whether they’re a murderer or a pedophile or a rapist or The Duggars- it really doesn’t matter).  I like bad people dead so there’s more room for the people who don’t do horrific things.  But there were a few things that I’ve seen on the news and through the manic twitter/facebook/etc feeds that make me uncomfortable.

As if the towers going down wasn’t horrific enough to leave us all speechless… the news images of people in the Middle East cheering in the streets because of the mass execution spawned a blood thirst in the American population that I had never seen.  That blood thirst led to innocent Americans of Middle Eastern decent being brutalized, vengeful prejudice, and an overall “kill them all!” attitude in the USA.  Being an organized nation of (somewhat) coherent rules of war-time conduct, we strategically went to war.  But the images today of American’s grouping in the thousands, cheering in the streets, and singing praises sparked all those images from 2001- and it didn’t sit well with me.   Not because bin Laden didn’t get his just desserts… but because we are celebrating death the same way they did.  The same way that sparked our hunger for revenge, retaliation, and the need to see the other guy suffer.  And we’re firing up that blood thirst in the people who brought us those insane attacks in the first place.  The people who are NOT an organized nation of (somewhat) coherent rules of war-time conduct… but quiet terrorist cells that could be hiding anywhere and don’t care about dying for their cause.  Are we relieved that guy is gone?  Of course!!!!  Do we need to behave in a way that is just going to add fuel to an already out of control fire?  No.  We don’t.

The second thing that makes me shift uncomfortably in my seat is that this really changes nothing… but people aren’t seeming to see that.  Bin Laden is dead, but 15 other guys just like him are prepped and ready to jump in his spot.  We will soon hear of a new “Public Enemy #1”, and then be shocked by more violence thrown at us because we killed their leader (who is a hero in their eyes), and then danced in the streets in celebration of the death of that hero.  American’s are already letting out huge sighs of relief… but I think that we need to bring the troops home and start securing our motherland.  Because we thought the terrorists were pissed before… but I promise you, they are filled with rage now.

The final thing has been more annoying than anything… and that is the piles of moronic posts saying “Gas prices had better go down now” or “If all our troops aren’t home within a month I’m going to go back to hating Obama” or “The recession had better be over now!”, bla bla bla.  No, gas prices won’t go down for a while because they were based on projections from a while back and we will have to get to future projections at a lower cost in order to see the prices reduce.  Bin Laden has nothing to do with how much it takes to fill your tank.  No, we will probably not get our troops back in a month.  Who knows how long it will take… but they will come home.  Remember- Bush sent our troops over there, so don’t blame Obama for trying to clean up that monkey’s mess.  Finally… if  you think that the recession really centers around the war and bin Laden- you are retarded.  Plain and simple.  The crashing job market and housing market and stocks and banks and lending and so on and so on has been coming for DECADES.  It just happened to hit the same time the terrorists did.  Let’s not all get worked up and stupid.

So those are my thoughts.  In summary:

  • Bin Laden dead = Good!
  • Our rubbing the crazy terrorists nose in it = probably not such a good idea.
  • Letting our guard down after assassinating the leader of the scariest terrorist group in decades = not so smart.
  •  Gas prices will continue to suck
  • It will always take the military forever to do anything (ie: almost 10 years  and a trillion dollars to kill 1 man), so don’t expect the troops home tomorrow.
  • We will still be in recession, because to expect anything else makes you stupid.
  • Me and Brad’s marriage is intertwined with a dead terrorist… whether that’s good, bad or just entertaining-  we have yet to find out.

Happy dead bad guy to all of you, and happy anniversary to me and Bradly!!

My thoughts on Easter…

23 Apr

Easter has always been one of those holidays that never really emotionally swayed me one way or the other.  I hate Christmas with a blind passion… but Easter never really imposed that much on my time, and then there’s tons of chocolate on bargain discount for a week after it’s over- so I shrug, let it be, and make some obligatory Jesus-Zombie jokes.

But recently, I’ve been re-reading the bible.  I plan on doing a series of little mini illustrated bible stories… the real stories.  About what really happened at Gomorrah, and the petty reasons for the plagues and such.  And I was reading about the last days of Jesus, and I’ve decided that I’m really  not that impressed.

He suffered.  Sure.  For a couple days, things were pretty shitty.  But have you ever watched anyone die of cancer, or AIDS?  I have.  And I’ve watched them suffer… for months and months… unspeakable humiliating suffering.  Have you checked out what’s going on in South Africa- the raping of babies, and the mothers forced to carry the severed heads of their children?  Those people suffer.  Every day there are people all over the world enduring more than that one guy did- but they don’t get a religion based on them.  So his day or so on the cross?… Yeah, I bet that sucked.   But we’ve seen worse.

And Jesus got to come back!  Doesn’t that nullify the severity of the death?  He had a sucky few days (that he knew were coming anyways so he had time to emotionally prepare for it), then said “Wait!  Nevermind!  I’m not dead!”, hung around for a while to show off his not-deadness, and then got to float away into heaven.  But all of my friends who suffered excruciating pain for months and then died miserable deaths don’t get to come back.  They are gone for keeps.  So JC totally won by dying… but he did it to wash away all the sins of man… unless you don’t believe in him…. because it’s blasphemy to not think his parlor trick death was the most awesome… then that sin-scrub-down doesn’t apply to you and you’re going to hell… so there.

It’s not just bullshit… but it’s rude.  I don’t tolerate rude.

To sum it up, JC is an overly dramatic jerk who basically had a pretty crappy weekend for your sins.  And if you don’t think he’s most  awesome for having that crappy weekend,  then he’s gonna throw a tantrum and make you burn forever.  The more I re-read the word of God, the more I like that I’m not on his team.  But I’ll eat those chocolate bunnies all day long.

Happy Easter.

Kick-starting the new year 3 months late and with a bang….

16 Mar

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  Wait… it’s March already?  And halfway through March even?  Oops!

I don’t know about you, but 2011 has been a rude and relentless nightmare- so much so that I put myself in hiding for a while (hence the lack of writing on here).   But I got too comfortable in my hiding- so here I am.  Apologies for the disappearing act.  I’ll try not to do it again (but I’m not making any promises).

And with that, if I’m back online- I’m gonna do it right and jump in with big kid gloves.  Let’s talk about the death penalty.

I’ve always been for the death penalty.  Even in my “Idealistic Twenties”, I never had a problem with murders, rapists, and pedophiles being a murder victim of the state.  I’ve always had a justice-oriented mindset, and if I had a religion it would be what Brad and I jokingly refer to as “Kristen’s Manic Rules of Society”.  These are the written and unwritten rules that people are supposed to follow to make life as a whole run more smoothly and allow all to co-exist in peace.  These rules stem from little infractions such as not taking up 2 parking spaces or walking really slowly in the center of the aisle with your shopping cart in a grocery store, to major offences such as murder, rape, etc.  The breaking of rules should have a penalty that is as severe as the inconvenience or harm it causes others.  For example, if you drive really slowly and horribly, wasting people’s time and endangering the lives of others- you will be slowed up and put in danger when I throw my full cup of coffee at your windshield, forcing you to have to pull off the road and waste your time wiping off your car.  See- the justice fit the crime.  And when you heartlessly murder someone, and have been found guilty of this beyond any possible doubt at all- then you have lost the right to exist anymore.  I throw rape and molestation in the same category as murder because even though the victim is still alive, so much has been destroyed emotionally and psychologically that I feel it carries just as much weight.  Now, every situation has extenuating circumstances and I’m not saying that this is a steadfast rule… but overall, if someone does horrendous inhumane things- they should no longer be allowed to exist as a human.  Right?

To site a few examples: The recent case of the 25+ men who gang raped an 11 year old girl.  I’d like for them to die.  The case of the Petit family- where 2 men saw a mother and her teenaged daughters at the store, followed them home, invaded the house, sexually and physically tortured the entire family for days, and were apprehended by police while running from the house after setting the mother and daughters on fire- leaving the father barely alive and having to live the rest of his life alone with these memories.  Those men need to die.  And when I say “they need to die”- I don’t mean they need to spend 35 years on death row with appeal after appeal being denied, and having this be a long drawn-out process at the taxpayer’s expense.  I mean that once the verdict is laid down, and the family’s of the victims get to make their statement to the guilty, the guilty are taken outside and shot in the head.  End of story.

I posted on my facebook page a link to the story of the gang-raped 11 year old girl, and stated that all these guys needed to be gunned down.  And, to my surprise- there were slews of comments from my very liberal and left-wing friends who agreed whole-heartedly.  So this got me thinking….. why are people against the death penalty?  I’m sincerely asking this- because I don’t understand.  And I WANT to understand.

I know there are dodgy cases where new DNA evidence is coming to light and showing people wrongly convicted… but those cases aren’t what I’m talking about.  I’m talking about the situations I sited above- where the guilty are red-handed guilty.  And the crimes are so horrific that the details are unthinkable.  Why are we paying to keep these people alive?  Provide them with lawyers and food and shelter and library books and therapy and letters from creepy fans etc etc etc.  Just recently Micheal Woodmansee was up for early parole.  If you aren’t familiar with him, he murdered and ate a 5 year old boy, shellacked the child’s skull and bones and kept them as trophy’s in his home.  His possible early release was for “good behavior”.  But do any of us really think this man is rehabilitated?  And if he got out, do you want him living next door to you?  Is he sane enough now to live near YOUR kid?  How healthy is this human tribe member really?  How much social good will he be bringing to the global table?   But the big question is, with over 6.5 billion people on this planet- do we really NEED this guy?  Why are people fighting so hard to keep these monsters alive?!  I sincerely want to understand this- because I see advocates for these monsters as traitors to the victims.  ESPECIALLY when keeping these murders and rapists alive and in our prison system cost millions every year.  And those millions come out of our pockets, and could be going to our kid’s schools (or countless other programs that help the people of our country who AREN’T convicted murders and rapists).

So, to the Anti-Death Penalty people out there reading this… I would like to understand your side of the coin.  I don’t want a heated and angry debate.  I just want to understand.  Because I watch horror after horror every day on the news-  then this week Illinois puts a ban on the death penalty…. and it makes my head spin.  Is it the fear of putting someone down who wasn’t really guilty?  Is it the cost of the appeals and the expense of their long stay on death row?   Is it just that “killing is wrong” no matter what?  I don’t get it.  I want to get it.  Please help me get it.  Please.

Thank you.  xoxo