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Artypants Update….

15 Sep

Helloooooooooooo bunnies!!

Just a few little artsy announcements to fill your Saturday afternoon (which I hope isn’t as unseasonably hot for you as it is for me… because it’s like hell took over outside here in too-sunny Huntington Beach- and it’s GROSS!!).

TONIGHT!!!….  in beautiful Asbury Park, NJ (I love this town) at the AMAZING Parlor Gallery (I love this gallery even more) I am in a wonderful group show called “We Find Our Way”.  Artists in this show include Michael Mapes, Paul Romano, Scotty Albrecht, Jody Travis Thompson, Bryn Perrott, Brandon McLean, Ray Sell, Andy Pawlan, Kevin Hebb, myself, and Dennis Lee Mitchell.  It opens tonight, and if you’re in the area you should go.  For reals, yo.

“We Find Our Way” Group show at the Parlor Gallery in Asbury Park, NJ

The next show coming up is local for me (which I hardly ever do local shows, so I don’t have to travel for this… YAY!!!!).  I am participating again in the wonderful “Monstoberfest” group show at the fantastic Rothick Art Haus gallery in Anaheim, CA.  The opening is October 13th, and it is always a blast!


Aside from works for upcoming shows, I’ve decided to start a couple huge paintings (which I always regret doing because they take so damn long to finish and cost a fortune to ship- but I apparently am in an abusive love affair with stress, so I will continue to keep doing this to myself), and have been doing silly drawings.  To put giggles into your day, here is some of my new silliness:



I did a bunch of these… they’re my “Hare Studies”… get it? “Hare” studies?! Well… it made me laugh. 🙂

I’ve been posting a bunch of my “works in progress” on instagram.  So if you want to find me and be a friend with me on there, my username is kristenferrell.  I also post way too many photos of my dog, my cats, and all the ridiculous plants I grow in my backyard.  That is all I have to say for today.  Until we meet again, my darlings, I will leave you with some glorious photoshop magic performed by my dear and wonderful Stevil Kinevil on a photo of me and Brad …. enjoy.



28 Sep

Ok, I have a problem. I thought I had it under control…. but apparently I was wrong.

I’m heavily addicted to ebay.

But not just the site in general…. it’s one particular thing on ebay.  Antique bird salt & pepper shakers, and chickens.  I don’t know what my attraction is with these… but I can’t make it go away. Let me site some examples:

All those above… that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  They’re everywhere in our house.  I can’t get enough of them.  (and in that last pic, the great big chicken… my beautiful friend Matt stole that off some jock’s front porch for me in the middle of the night because it was far more important for me to have it than them… so that wasn’t an ebay purchase.  This is one of the many ways that Matt is magical)

I swore off ebay for keeps almost 2 years ago, and never looked back.  I thought I had a thumb on it.  Until today.  Today showed me that the beast never left… it was just hibernating.  I found these amazing “Watchmen” movie posters that were only available at Comic-con that were taken directly from Watchmen images from 1986, and I HAD to have a Rorschach one (yeah, I’m a fucking nerd.. go ahead and laugh… watch me not care).  So I searched everywhere online, and then thought “well, maybe I can go on ebay just this once to see… it’ll be ok… I just want the poster…. nothing else… just the poster…”.

Well, I got the poster (not the original from comic con, but as good as I’m gonna get)…. but I now have 26 bids on various vintage bird salt & pepper shakers, one auction finished and paid for.  WHAT IS MY FUCKING PROBLEM?????  I KNOW BETTER THAN THIS!!!!!!  FFFFFFFUUUUUUCCCCCCCCKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!

It’s so difficult, because they’re all so inexpensive, and I think “hell!  That set is only $3.99!  I can get that!!”.  Then there’s the $4-$8 shipping on each one… so it adds up fast.  And my problem is that I’m really competitive, so if someone out bids me, I kindof go wackadoo and think “Screw that dick!  I’M gonna win those shakers!”, and I bid higher.  Seriously… it’s fully retarded.  And I can’t stop.  But now, I’m bound to ebay because I have to keep logging on to pay for auctions I won and to leave feedback and all that crap (because you’re just a jerk if you don’t leave feedback), and I KNOW that the moment I log on… I’ll check on the birdies.  Are there new ones?  Have old prices on ones gone up?  I’m a total tight-wad with every other aspect of my life… but these goddamn birds get me every time.

I’m looking for volunteers to come over and babysit me when I have to log into ebay.  This is mandatory for the safety of my financial stability.  Seriously.  Please?  Anyone?  Help?

Aside from that, I made more cupcakes.  They’re drying right now.  Some with the severed fingers…. but there are a couple new ones with REAL DENTURES in them!  No, not halloweeney store fakey dentures- but the real deal.  They’ve been in old people’s mouths.  For reals. (but I steralized them, so they don’t have dried up old people drool on them or anything).  THEY’RE SO FUCKING FUNNY!!!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!!!!  Pictures of them to be posted probably by tomorrow night (and they’ll be going on the webstore areound that time too).