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Artypants Update….

15 Sep

Helloooooooooooo bunnies!!

Just a few little artsy announcements to fill your Saturday afternoon (which I hope isn’t as unseasonably hot for you as it is for me… because it’s like hell took over outside here in too-sunny Huntington Beach- and it’s GROSS!!).

TONIGHT!!!….  in beautiful Asbury Park, NJ (I love this town) at the AMAZING Parlor Gallery (I love this gallery even more) I am in a wonderful group show called “We Find Our Way”.  Artists in this show include Michael Mapes, Paul Romano, Scotty Albrecht, Jody Travis Thompson, Bryn Perrott, Brandon McLean, Ray Sell, Andy Pawlan, Kevin Hebb, myself, and Dennis Lee Mitchell.  It opens tonight, and if you’re in the area you should go.  For reals, yo.

“We Find Our Way” Group show at the Parlor Gallery in Asbury Park, NJ

The next show coming up is local for me (which I hardly ever do local shows, so I don’t have to travel for this… YAY!!!!).  I am participating again in the wonderful “Monstoberfest” group show at the fantastic Rothick Art Haus gallery in Anaheim, CA.  The opening is October 13th, and it is always a blast!


Aside from works for upcoming shows, I’ve decided to start a couple huge paintings (which I always regret doing because they take so damn long to finish and cost a fortune to ship- but I apparently am in an abusive love affair with stress, so I will continue to keep doing this to myself), and have been doing silly drawings.  To put giggles into your day, here is some of my new silliness:



I did a bunch of these… they’re my “Hare Studies”… get it? “Hare” studies?! Well… it made me laugh. 🙂

I’ve been posting a bunch of my “works in progress” on instagram.  So if you want to find me and be a friend with me on there, my username is kristenferrell.  I also post way too many photos of my dog, my cats, and all the ridiculous plants I grow in my backyard.  That is all I have to say for today.  Until we meet again, my darlings, I will leave you with some glorious photoshop magic performed by my dear and wonderful Stevil Kinevil on a photo of me and Brad …. enjoy.


Back from Berlin, and searching for the motivation to function

19 Sep

I got back from Berlin on Sunday night.  The flight back was more grueling than the elderly infested flight out there…. but I’ll save that story for another day.  The show was fantastic, the Strychnin crew are all among my “top 10” people on the planet, and much fun was had.  I posted a bunch of pictures on my flickr page of the show, some that I took, but mostly ones that Iris Bitter (one of the lovely Strychnin folks) took. I’m really really bad about remembering to take pictures wherever I go, so thankfully Iris was there with her trusty camera to capture memories that will soon be flying out of my head.

Something interesting that I discovered at the show while talking to some of the locals is that apparently the Germans’ don’t know what a cupcake is.  I have cupcakes in a few of my pieces, and I was asked by more than a few people what exactly those were.  This kindof blew my mind, because I rely on cupcakes for the bulk of my dietary intake.  Not to mention I have framed photos of cupcakes around the house because I love them so.  But to try to explain what a cupcake is to someone who’s never had one, and then try to explain why it’s important and has become such an american cultural obsession is difficult… not to mention it makes you sound like a crazy person.  Because they are silly and insignificant.  But they’re so much fucking fun!!!   So for any German out there reading this who doesn’t know what a cupcake is, here ya go (and I stole these off flickr, and I don’t remember who I stole them from so I can’t give proper credit… so sorry to whoever these pics belong to… bla bla bla whatever)

There.  Cupcakes.  Do ya get it?  With cupcakes, everyday can be your birthday.  It’s your own little personal cake, but small enough to where you’re not obligated to eat an entire regular sized cake.  And they’re pretty.  And made of magic.  Maybe it’s just an American thing…. but the Japanese have caught on, and they understand it too (but it’s probably because cupcakes are small and adorable, and Japan has perfected the art of creating things that are small and adorable).  Yes, it’s probably moronic that we’re obsessed with something so insignificant just because it’s small and cute and yummy… but that’s kindof what the U.S. is known for- being obsessed with stupid things for ridiculous reasons.  IE: Paris Hilton, Pokemon, the pet rock, Cabbage Patch Kids dolls, porn or anything related to sex that causes a juvanile reaction, Urkle, Bay Watch, Pogs, flip flops, designer sweatpants with stupid phrases written across the ass…. should I go on?  I’d rather not… it kindof hurts my feelings and makes me wish I was Canadian.

So since I’ve been home, I’ve been in a slump. I’m not sure what’s wrong with me.  Maybe it’s because I was running on manic for so long that now I don’t know what to do with myself (because I’m not good at sitting still, or slowing down… it makes me weird).  And I KNOW part of it is because of money, and that forever-growing virus in the back of my brain that says mean and horrible things to me all day and night because I’m bound to financial struggle (I fucking HATE being broke… I don’t want to be rich… just stable… for once…. please?).  But I’ve just been tired and non-responsive and unimpressed with everything.  I’d like to have this go away and go back to perky.  Maybe I’ll make some cupcakes and it will all be better.  Brad says I need to get a part-time job somewhere I like to get out of my head for a couple days a week.  It’s probably a good idea.  Because right now I’m sick of my head.  Anybody know anyone who’s hiring?

For now, lets all watch something that makes everyone happy……

Oh yeah… I have a couple drawings for sale on the webstore that weren’t needed for the show, so go take a peek.