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Artypants Update….

15 Sep

Helloooooooooooo bunnies!!

Just a few little artsy announcements to fill your Saturday afternoon (which I hope isn’t as unseasonably hot for you as it is for me… because it’s like hell took over outside here in too-sunny Huntington Beach- and it’s GROSS!!).

TONIGHT!!!….  in beautiful Asbury Park, NJ (I love this town) at the AMAZING Parlor Gallery (I love this gallery even more) I am in a wonderful group show called “We Find Our Way”.  Artists in this show include Michael Mapes, Paul Romano, Scotty Albrecht, Jody Travis Thompson, Bryn Perrott, Brandon McLean, Ray Sell, Andy Pawlan, Kevin Hebb, myself, and Dennis Lee Mitchell.  It opens tonight, and if you’re in the area you should go.  For reals, yo.

“We Find Our Way” Group show at the Parlor Gallery in Asbury Park, NJ

The next show coming up is local for me (which I hardly ever do local shows, so I don’t have to travel for this… YAY!!!!).  I am participating again in the wonderful “Monstoberfest” group show at the fantastic Rothick Art Haus gallery in Anaheim, CA.  The opening is October 13th, and it is always a blast!


Aside from works for upcoming shows, I’ve decided to start a couple huge paintings (which I always regret doing because they take so damn long to finish and cost a fortune to ship- but I apparently am in an abusive love affair with stress, so I will continue to keep doing this to myself), and have been doing silly drawings.  To put giggles into your day, here is some of my new silliness:



I did a bunch of these… they’re my “Hare Studies”… get it? “Hare” studies?! Well… it made me laugh. 🙂

I’ve been posting a bunch of my “works in progress” on instagram.  So if you want to find me and be a friend with me on there, my username is kristenferrell.  I also post way too many photos of my dog, my cats, and all the ridiculous plants I grow in my backyard.  That is all I have to say for today.  Until we meet again, my darlings, I will leave you with some glorious photoshop magic performed by my dear and wonderful Stevil Kinevil on a photo of me and Brad …. enjoy.


Attention East Coast darlings!!!!……..

2 Jun

Allllllrighty….. if you’re looking for something fantastic to do tomorrow night, I have just the thing!!  The Black Vulture Gallery in Philadelphia is having their opening of the gigantic “Speaking in Tongues” group show curated by the amazing painter Buddy Nestor.  I will have a piece in it, and there are TONS of other artists showing.  It really is going to be spectacular.  On it’s facebook event, I have checked that I’m attending- but that means that I will be there in painted form via artworks, and my heart will be there.  But physically, I will still be in California (as much as it fills me with sorrow to not be able to go).    Here is the flyer for the show:

If you click the image, it will take you to the Facebook event page for all the information

And to preview the amazingness of the curator, Buddy Nestor, here is the portrait he did of me for his “Every Girl Goes To Hell” series.  I love it… and it terrifies Sully… which makes me love it even more.

Buddy is pretty great!!!

I’d like to report an overwhelming amount of love that I’ve gotten over my new funny little sunglasses and accessories- which means that more will be coming quickly.  Your excitement has spawned my excitement which has gotten the creative juices flying around like hummingbirds on crack.

Hope you all have a great weekend… and please check out the show if you’re in the area!!!  Hugs all around!!!

Hellooooooooooo New Jersey!!!!!………..

12 Nov

My internet at home has been extremely bipolar lately and dropping out for days at a time, I’m up to my eyeballs with craziness, and I’m supposed to be on a plane in 4 hours… so this will be short and sweet.

This Saturday (November 14th) is the opening of “Tragically Delicious: the bittersweet art of Kristen Ferrell and Angie Mason” at the Parlor Gallery in Asbury Park, NJ.

8125_140747570123_720695123_3090228_1122521_nParlor Gallery

707 Cookman Ave

Asbury Park, NJ  07712

The opening reception is from 7pm- 11pm- and YES, I will be there!  And if I’m flying across the entire country to be there, you can be there too… right? (if you live in the area, that is.  I don’t expect any of you to hop a plane to come to the show!  I’m not THAT demanding!).

Above is an example of Angie Mason’s work if you’re new to her world. And here are a couple of my new pieces that will be exhibited for the first time….

art 005_low_resart 009_low_resI hope to see all your bright shining faces there!!!

Off to finish packing, and hopping that plane!  Can one of you out there take care of that pesky rain that is falling all over the place out there before I arrive?  Please?  I appreciate it.


HORRAY for mediocrity!!!

16 Jun

Brad left for tour a week ago, kicking and screaming (and I mean that almost literally).  He’s recently developed a severe phobia of flying- and add to that the fact that it’s been ages since he’s been on tour, so he’s grown a little too comfortable being at home and didn’t want to go “back to work”.  I lovingly shoved him out of the car at the airport, told him to go earn a goddamn paycheck- and it’s been me and Sully flying solo.  I’ve got no problems doing the single-mom-thing while Brad is away (I did it before Brad was in the picture, so I slip back into that role with ease).  And there are perks- like less Man-mess infiltrating my clean home.  But this month was a pretty shitty month for Brad to go earn his paycheck.

He had to leave a few days before Sully’s birthday- which Brad was BUMMED about.  And in 2 days, Sully’s school year ends and then it’s a couple weeks of “what the fuck am I going to do with this kid while I’m at work!!” stress.  But my parents (being the AMAZING people that they are) are coming out for a week to hang with the little fella while I work- so that lightens my load considerably.  And the folks are coming into town just in time for Sully’s “Graduation”.

Here’s where the title of this little posting comes into play.  Sully is moving from the 5th grade into the 6th grade.  As proud of him as I am that he survived another year of existing in the academic world- does this really warrant a “graduation”???

This is one of the MANY examples of why the youth of our country are growing up to be spoiled lazy brats- and things like this drive me fucking batty.  Going from the 5th to the 6th grade is not a ceremonious accomplishment… it is a social expectation.  Ceremonies are supposed to be special things, marking a major life accomplishment, or a rite of passage.  Graduating from high school is the embarking of adulthood.  Graduating from college is the beginning of new major life paths and the celebration of a difficult accomplishment.  Weddings, funerals, birthdays, baby showers, etc… these are all ritualistic ceremonies that celebrate the beginning or finalizing of different important stages in life.

The problem is when we start having ceremonies for simple and expected behavior, then nothing is sacred anymore.  When children are praised, rewarded, and put on a pedestal for doing things that are simply expected of them- then why work harder for that higher goal?  Kids are SUPPOSED to move from the 5th to the 6th grade.  This isn’t something that deserves a fucking ceremony- it’s something that a kid should just DO.  We’re not supposed to shit our pants, either… so should I get a round of applause every time I don’t shit my pants?  No… because I’m EXPECTED to not shit my pants.  But it’s cute to dress our kids up in little hats and robes, and it’s precious to parade them across a stage and give them little computer-print-out diplomas and make a little event out of it.  But in reality, it’s celebrating the mundane- and tainting the specialness of REAL accomplishments that are deserving of a ceremony.  And what it teaches our kids is that all they have to do is the bare minimum- and they’ll get a fucking party. Total bullshit.

But yes… I’m attending Sully’s little “graduation” because it would be ultra shitty of me to be the only parent not there because I see the ridiculousness of it all.  But no, we’re no making a big thing of it, or inviting all the family, or having a party afterwards.  When he graduates from high school and college- both of those will be deserving of festivities.  But moving on to the 6th grade?  Gimme a break.  This is deserving of a special “end of the school year” trip to the ice cream parlor…. NOT a god damn ceremony.

On a lighter note… there are 2 gallery shows that I’m currently in that if you’re in the neighborhood you should go and check out.  First is the current exhibit at the Strychnin Gallery in Berlin, Germany titled “Midsummer’s Night Madness”.  It opened a couple days ago, and there are TONS of artists that participated.  You can check out pics of the opening night on their official blog HERE.

The second show I’m in is in Brooklyn at the Eastern District.  The show is titled “Plenty of Room on the Couch”, and again there are TONS of artists in this show.  AND all the pieces in the show are under $300!!!  I’m super giggly about this show because my pieces are in another show with the diabolical Steve Smith– a glorious fella and amazingly talented artist that I’ve had a show with before (and we’ve been aching to show together again).  Click on his highlighted name above and check out the wonderful things he does.

Finally… I’m doing oodles of “Tinys” drawings again.  If you’re unfamaliar with these little guys, they are drawings no bigger than 3 inches by 3 inches.  They come framed in tiny ornate frames- and they make me giggle.  I’ve got a few on the webstore– and there are more to come.  Here’s a couple of these little guys…..

Tiny Oops! There goes my hand!

Tiny Hauntings

Tiny Hauntings

That’s all the love I’ve got to give for tonight.  Off to vaccume the house, and make some cookies for my folks arrival tomorrow afternoon, then more drawing drawing drawing.

Go-Go-Gadget hugs to you all!

Drinking bleach and going blind…

12 Nov

Ok, so I haven’t actually been drinking bleach… but the thought crossed my mind on more than 1 occasion over the past couple days.  I’ve been feeling sluggish, and sad for no reason, and panicked over my financial state (sales have been down because of the economy, and it’s scary).

To try to fight the sluggishness, I’ve started exercising.  I used to do yoga, but now I’ve been finding myself too manic to have the patience to “stretch and breathe” for any amount of time.  It doesn’t calm me or relax me… instead I find myself dwelling on all the things I need to be doing instead of “stretching and breathing”.  So I started doing “step aerobics”.  It’s ok.  You can laugh.  I can’t bring myself to go to a gym (the gyms out here are all such creepy meat-markets, and I’m not going to pay money to get creeped out), so the “step-thingy” came with an instructional DVD (which is hilarious enough to keep me entertained while I work out).  And I found that if you strap 5 pounds of weights onto your ankles for the workout, it really makes you sweat.  That’s fought the sluggishness- but not the pesky overwhelming sense of impending financial doom that hangs over my head.

Now for the blindness… last night, out of nowhere, I lost my ability to see clearly.  One minute- normal visual clarity.  The next minute, everything had a bright “halo” around it, and I had double vision.  This didn’t stop for a couple hours.  I tried to text Brad to tell him I was going blind, but I couldn’t see the screen on my phone to be able to send him a message.   And it was really stressful trying to make Sully dinner, working with a gas stove, and not knowing exactly how close my hands actually were to the flames (in hindsight, I probably should have just ordered a damn pizza).  With all my other health problems, this is the one that creeped me out the most.  I can’t lose my eyes.  Being able to see is kindof what I use the most when making art- so this was totally unnerving.  I might actually have to go to the doctor.  Ugh.  Gross.  We’ll see.

On an entertaining note, our little Daisy Ding-Dong Stupid Face kitten is in heat.  I know, I know… we should have gotten her fixed by now.  But she doesn’t go outside, and all the rest of our cats are fixed- so there’s no threat of baby Stupid Faces.  And right now, she’s HILARIOUS.  She’ll strut around the house calling for a boy, find one of our boy cats and try to woo him… but since all our fellas are fixed, they’ll just look at her like she’s crazy, and look at us like “What the hell is her problem?”.  Then, when she finally realizes that she’s not gonna get laid, she’ll hiss and smack them, and strut away- rejected and furious.  Our poor fella cats are so confused right now.  I love it.

My last post got a crazy amount of responses, and thank you all for joining in the debate!  But since I always have to get the final word in (I’m an Aries… it’s how I roll), I’d like to post this AMAZING little video that lovely Laura posted as a comment on my last blog.  It’s so great that it deserves it’s own blog- so here it is:

I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it…..from the bottom of my heart, thank you Keith Olbermann.

Another quest I’ve taken on this past week is trying to teach myself how to crochet.  This has been maddening.  I’m college educated.  I taught myself corporate graphics programs on the computer.  I’m a somewhat intelligent person… but for some reason I just have not been able to figure out how to make pretty knots with a metal stick.  Why the fuck is this??!!  It’s giving me low self-esteem.  I attempted to make a crocheted cake- but it turned out looking like a stupid hat.  And I made a birdy that was supposed to be 5 inches tall, but ended up 3 times that size.  But last night I made a little koala for Sully that actually looked like a koala- AND  was the size it was intended to be!!!  Here are the photos of the birdy and cake-hat:

I’m getting the hang of it a little bit.  My ultimate goal is to be able to make gigantic life-sized stuffed animals of the characters in my paintings.  I think it would be totally hilarious to be able to snuggle up to a 6-foot tall 2-headed llama with bleeding boobs wearing nurses hats.  So this is my current endeavor.  I will conquer this craft.  Mark my words.

Aside from all that, I’ve marked down ALL the clothing on my webstore.  I’m broke. You’re broke.  So to help out all the broke people out there, I’m making things a little cheaper. I also figured out how to provide gift certificates online… so hopefully that will help make holiday shopping a little easier for some of the folks out there (I don’t even want to THINK about holiday shopping… I might just crochet everyone a scarf and be done with it).

And right now, I’m part of the First Annual Midwest Plushforms Show at Shoparooni.  This is an online auction of hand painted plushform dolls, and is a charity show for Toys for Tots.  They’re still putting all the little plushforms onto the auction, I’m not sure if mine is online yet because I got it to them last minute (I seem to be doing everything last minute- sorry, Shoparooni!).  But the folks at the store are amazing, and you should all check it out.

I believe that is all for the day… or at least all I can coherently relay.  That rhymed!  Ha!!