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Prop. 8 in California, and having to refrain from attacking old ladies before I’ve had my morning coffee….

30 Oct

It’s unfair to bombard someone with politics before they’ve had their morning coffee.  It can lead to violent tendencies and justifiable homicide.  Especially when you’re dealing with hot issues such as gay marriage, abortion, etc.  This morning, I had to fight every single natural urge surging through my body to keep from running a bunch of grannies over with my car because of exactly this (and even on my 2nd cup of coffee, I wish I HAD run them over).

We have a proposition on the table here in California threatening the sanctity of gay marriage.  It’s Proposition 8.  If Proposition 8 is passed on election day, it will define marriage as only being between a man and a woman.  Those conservative Bible-thumping piles of shit just can’t let others be happy and leave people alone.  They feel that EVERYONE has to live under their ancient and outdated doctrine, no matter how harmful and oppressive it may be.  These are the people that reaffirm my hatred of everything God-like, every single day. If their god is such a power-hungry bastard, then he had better stay off my side of the fence or I’ll beat him with a baseball bat.

So, this morning I’m driving Sully to school.  I’m still in my pajamas (which is routine… I don’t ever get dressed unless I have to), and half-awake because I haven’t had my morning coffee yet.  We pull up to the school, and across the street are groups of old ladies holding their “Vote YES on Prop 8; Save Marriage” signs.  I see red.  It’s 8:30 in the god damn morning!!!  And in front of a public school!!!  I fucking HATE these people!!!

Sully sees them.  He reads the signs.  He asks me “Who are they saving marriage from?”.  I tell him “They want to make it illegal for homosexual couples to get married legally”.  He says “Isn’t that homophobic?”.  I say, “Yes, honey…. very much so”.  His eyes narrow, and he growls under his breath “Hitler was homophobic, too”.  I have the BEST 10 year old on the planet.  He gives me a hug and a kiss, gets out of the car and walks to the school, looking back every few seconds and openly glaring at the old ladies.  Now I’m not only seeing red… I’m seeing blood and bile and fire and brimstone.  These stupid fucking old ladies have started my son’s day off with a big dose of ignorant social hatred and prejudice.  If they want to go and stand outside a mall, or at an intersection- that’s one thing.  But to stand in front of an elementary school and inflict their hate, stupidity, and religious oppression onto innocent children is just WRONG.  I parked the car and almost got out.  I sat there fuming and writhing in my seat, picturing the tire iron in the back of my car slamming into the face of one of the grannies who was wearing a sweatshirt that said “Grandmas for safe marriage” with little hearts on it.  I’m so fucking sick of these people.  Why don’t they all die already and let everyone else live in peace???!!!

But I didn’t get out.  Because I KNEW that if I confronted these ignorant women in that mental state, I would end up getting arrested.  And I preach non-violence to my son… so it wouldn’t be a very good example for him to see mommy getting hauled away by the police in front of his school in her pajamas and slippers after kicking the shit out of a bunch of old ladies.  But I did scream “GET CANCER AND DIE” at them when I drove past (immature… yes… but better than the tire iron scenario, so they got off lucky).

I’m just so sick of the ignorance in this country that it literally makes my stomach hurt.  Whether or not someone agrees with homosexuality, who the hell are they to tell ANYONE how they are allowed to live their life?  How is gay marriage being legal going to effect heterosexual marriage in ANY WAY?  Are the straight marriages out there all of a sudden going to be less valid, or change in some way?  Or are the religious conservatives out there SO selfish, hateful, and childish that they can’t stand the thought of people who they don’t like having the same rights as them?  Why do they care so much?  I honestly don’t understand it.

And this bullshit of letting the homosexual community only have the right to a commonlaw union, as long as they don’t call it a “marriage” is just insulting.  It’s “Separate but Equal” all over again.  “Separate but Equal” is a slap in the face to anyone having to live in it.  “Sure, we see your union as valid enough for you to share property rights, have medical authority over each other, share health insurance benefits, etc- BUT don’t you dare dirty our sanctity of marriage with your evilness”.  Why do the conservative Christians (the most hateful, harmful, and socially retarded religious group) get to set the rules for everyone else?  Why do they get to dictate the lives of so many people?  I FUCKING HAAAAAAAAAAAAATE THEM!!!!!!!!!!

I really hope these ignorant grannies aren’t there when I go to pick Sully up from school.  And if they are, I hope their god is ready to lend a hand if they say one word to me as I walk past them.  I don’t believe in god or Satan, but if they’re going to throw god at me, I might have to throw a little Satan back at them.  The 11th Satanic Rule of the Earth is this:

“11.  When walking in open territory, bother no one.  If someone bothers you, ask him to stop.  If he does not stop, destroy him.”

I like the sound of that.  (Too bad I don’t believe in religion, or else I’d join their team in a second)