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I wanna punch Lila Rose in the face…

27 Apr

It’s been a month since I’ve had a chance to write on here.  A FUCKING MONTH!!   The passing of time is moving too quickly, and I see it as a personal insult to my daily list of tasks.  Time can go to hell.

Yesterday, I found a newspaper article on my desk that Brad had left for me with a front page article circled for me to read.  The headline read: “Abortion Foe Goes Undercover”.  You can check out all the details of the article at the “abortion foe’s” website HERE.  To sum it up, a college student named Lila Rose has been posing as a 13 year old, going into Planned Parenthood with a hidden camera, telling the nurses that she’s pregnant from a 31 year old and needs an abortion.  By law, if a minor goes into any health facility and states that they’ve had sex with an adult, the nurse has to report it as statutory rape, and parents must be notified if someone this young wants an abortion (the age on this varies from state to state).  But Miss Rose (who is a college student and NOT pregnant) has been trapping the nurses into telling her to not mention the fake boyfriends age, or telling her to go across state lines where laws are more lenient.  Miss Rose is trying to “expose” Planned Parenthood for not notifying police and parents, therefore allowing statutory rape to go unpunished.

BULLSHIT!!!! This has been played out in the media as if it’s one lady’s quest to protect young girls from “statutory rape”… a crusader trying to save young girls.  This is not true.  Rose is just another stereotypical anti-choice fanatic trying to find a back-end way to shut down abortion clinics.  She knows that the “abortion is wrong because god says so/all life is sacred/bla bla bla” is tired, played-out, and noone wants to hear it anymore… so she’s found a new stragey.  And, sadly, it worked.  Because of this gender traitor, on Wednesday Tennessee said it would seek to end it’s $721,000 contract with Planned Parenthood, and last month the Orange County Board of Supervisors voted to suspend a grant worth nearly $300,000 to Planned Parenthood.  Rose is seen as a hero for the rights and protection of young girls…. but the damage she’s ACTUALLY throwing onto young girls in crisis could be catastrophic.

Let’s throw personal beliefs out the window for a second and look at common sense facts.  Planned Parenthood does not exist because anyone thinks that abortions are a super fun good time.  They don’t throw little parties whenever a girl comes in to terminate a pregnancy.  Working there is NOT a fun job… but it’s a NECESSARY job in our society.  These nurses have to deal with young girls facing one of the toughest decisions in their life.  They aren’t cops.  They aren’t there to judge.  They are there to help girls who come to them.  And yes, young girls get involved with older men.  It’s awful, and these older men are vile creatures… but that doesn’t change the fact that these young girls need HELP and should NOT be forced to have a baby.  They go to places like Planned Parenthood because they don’t feel like they can go to their parents, or to any other adult in their life… and they rely on places like this to help them through this so they can get on with their life.  Planned Parenthood isn’t the Rape Crisis Center- if it was, it would be called the Rape Crisis Center instead of Planned Parenthood.  And yes, they’re supposed to report it when very young girls come in seeking help- but when you’ve got a 14 year old girl in sitting in front of you, pregnant, scared, and with nowhere else to turn; and you know that if you threaten to call the cops or her parents, she’ll just leave and either take extreme and potentially deadly measures to get rid of this baby or have the baby at too young of an age… well, I probably wouldn’t call the cops or her parents either.  They’re there to help the girls that come to them- NOT do the job of the police or the parents.

And let’s be realistic as to just how many 13 and 14 year old girls with adult boyfriends come into Planned Parenthood seeking an abortion.  Out of ALL the services that P.P. provides, just how prominant is this particular situation really?  3%?  5%?  Abortion services aren’t the only thing P.P. does.  They aren’t rolling in buckets of dead babies.  They are where I went in college for all my OBGYN check ups, to get affordable birth control, cheap pregnancy testing when I thought I was pregnant with Sully, to get my ex-husband tested for STD’s when we were dating before I let him screw me, to get my friends the ‘morning after pill’, etc.  I went there because it was affordable, staffed by women, and they were understanding of any situation.  To sever funding and shut down these clinics because one girl doesn’t like abortions and is willing to underhandedly trick the nurses into thinking they’re helping a child stuck in a HORRIFYING situation is just sick and wrong.

Not everyone agrees with abortion.  That’s fine.  BUT, in my book, if you’re a woman and you callously go out of your way to take away the choices of other women, making their life more difficult or forcing them into a situation that they aren’t prepared for or that could ruin their life- you’re a gender traitor, and an enemy of mine.  Go ahead and hate abortion… I think you’d be hard pressed to find someone out there who loves them, or thinks that they’re a good time.  But DO NOT make shitting on the rights of other women your life’s work.  We live in crappy times filled with horrible situations and decisions- don’t make it that much harder by forcing other women to have babies that they can’t possibly take care of, OR forcing them to go through with the pregnancy and put the baby up for adoption (which can be far more traumatic than an abortion could ever be)… or the worst- potentially harming themselves by taking dangerous measures to get rid of the unwanted fetus because their safe and legal clinics have been taken away from them.  Shutting down Planned Parenthoods’ and getting their funding cut because of your own personal beliefs IS betraying other women’s right to safety and control over their own life.

Lila Rose, you ARE a gender traitor.  You make me embarrassed to have a vagina, and I hope you get genital warts that spread all over your body.  And if I ever see you, expect to be vomited on.  You’re THAT fucking vile.  It takes ALOT to make me to hate another woman- but she won that prize.

I wrote her an email… feel free to do the same.  Her email address is lilarose@liveaction.org and the phone number is 408-497-3982.

One person CAN make a difference… it just sucks ass when the difference destroys the lives of so many others.

On a lighter note, I had a bookcase fall on me a couple days ago and I was told because of what I experienced afterwards I probably had a mild concussion (which is all my brain needs after all the other head injuries I’ve had); we went to a pet show last weekend and I now feel it’s mandatory that I own a Great Dane to go with my herd of cats; Sully was John Adams in a school play, and he wore the hat I made him for it upside down and backwards through the whole thing (which was a fucking riot); and I’m going to have new drawings for sale by this weekend on my webstore.  I believe that’s all I have to share with you this evening.

Big hugs to you all… except you, Miss Lila Rose.