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Patience is a virtue…..

7 Sep

I’m standing in line at Target today with Sully.  There are 2 moms behind me with their kids, loudly belting their private political conversation for everyone to hear.

  • Mom 1- “Did you hear Obama’s speech today on the news?”
  • Mom 2- “Yeah- PFFFT!!” (“pfft” is supposed to symbolize a loud ‘disgusted’ sound that came from her- but it was more disgusting sounding than disgusted-sounding)
  • Mom 1- “He sounds great and all with his ‘talking’, but we’re all still screwed.”
  • Mom 2- “Yeah- I know I’M not doing any better than I was 2 years ago.  What a bullshitter.”

At this point Sully elbowed me really hard in the ribs.  I looked down at his annoyed little face and rolled my eyes.  And he asked me, and the same obnoxious volume as the ladies behind us:

  • Sully- “Hey mom, how long has Obama been in office?”
  • Me- “Maybe a little over a year and a half.”
  • Sully- “Could anyone on the planet fix all our country’s problems in that short of time?”
  • Me- “No one, honey.  If there was a god, even he couldn’t do it.”
  • Sully- “People need to be more patient.”
  • Me- “You’re right.  It’s too bad adults aren’t as smart as you are.”

The woman ringing up our items was red-faced from holding back laughter.  As I took my receipt from her, she said “I want you two to have the most wonderful day!”.  At that point, Sully turned around and smiled the most hysterically huge and insane smile and the 2 fuming moms behind us as we happily hopped away.

We’re all screwed right now in one way or another by the state of our country right now.  Every single one of us.  No matter WHO won the presidency a year and a half ago, we’d all still be screwed right now.  It took us decades to get to this point- it’s going to take more than a couple years to get back to a healthy place.  Realistically- it will probably be another 6 to 8 years before any of us are even close to comfortable again.   We all need to accept this.  Health care, immigration, foreign oil dependency, our cancer ridden economy, the dead housing market, insane unemployment rates, the war, etc., are not going to go away overnight.  Each one of those topics is massive- and trying to tackle them all at once is unthinkable.  I don’t envy Obama.  And I will be patient.

We all also need to come to terms with the fact that the more we play into the media dividing us as a nation, our voice is lost.  Republicans vs Democrats.  Christians vs Scientists.  Tea Party Fundamentals vs Liberal Anarchists.  Right now, we’re all in the same boat.  All of us.  We’re all fucked.  And we’re all getting too caught up in nitpicking and trying to prove the other side wrong to be able to have one national voice.  Which means “the people” aren’t saying anything important… so the government isn’t going to listen, and they’re going to do their own self-serving thing.  And we’re too focused on hating the “other guy” to pay attention the fact that the government is doing their own self-serving thing- and then we get pissed when they “pulled on over on us”.  Pretty ridiculous if you asked me.

I’m just as guilty as the next guy when it comes to making fun of people that I see as ignorant.  But because we’re all in the tar pit together, I’m trying to look at things a little more universally.  So how about this… stop paying so much attention to how stupid you think your political nemesis is, and start working on what you can do to help.  Even if that just means reminding someone to have a little more patience with the state of the world right now.  Because if my 12 year old son was able to see how insane the expectations of those moms at the grocery store were- then we all need to get a little bit more realistic with life.  And for fucks sake, stop paying so much attention to people like Snookie, Lindsay Lohan, and whether or not it’s a big deal that Jennifer Aniston said the word “retarded” in a derogatory way during a morning talk show interview.  The self-serving political figures are SO happy that this is all the average American cares about, because we’re properly distracted by nonsense- which means they can do whatever they want.  You can’t really get mad about someone robbing your house if you leave all the doors and windows open, right?

The end.


Pulling out my soapbox and dusting it off…

29 Jul

A month ago when Sully went back to Kansas with his dad to visit for the summer, I thought I’d have SO much more free time to get all kinds of things done.  I’ll write more, paint more, draw more, clean my house more, garden more, etc etc etc.  None of that has happened yet.  I’m not sure how this human construct called “Time” can get so quickly filled with things that previously didn’t exist, or how it seems to slip away quicker and quicker each day… but it’s oh-so-very rude, and I resent it deeply.

Here’s another thing that I’m getting to resent deeply, but is causing me great internal conflict-  rich white knee-jerk liberals and how seriously they take themselves.  Now, if I was to categorize myself, I could neatly be tucked into the “Liberal” slot on the pegboard.  If you go down the “Liberal” list of do’s and don’t- it pretty much sums me up (except for the death penalty… which I think should really only be for the rapists and child molesters.  And I’d happily gun down every guilty one of them out there and still sleep like a baby at night.)  But to make broad and sweeping generalizations, you can toss me in with the liberals.

Because I’m grouped into this category, it makes me hang my head in embarrassment every time I see them with their pursed self-righteous lips and tightly crossed arms over mundane and even humorous things.  The liberals have gotten even more uptight than the conservatives- but on the “Politically Correct” side of the coin.  “Political Correctness” was brought to the social table to keep people from being a target, as well as to keep offensive behavior at bay (or at least in a public setting).  Not a bad idea.  But of course, as with everything, people have taken it too far.  And now it’s obnoxious, petty, and irritating.  And it’s the equivalent of the crazy fundamental Christians who believe the earth is only 6,000 years old speaking for the entire Christian community.  Unfortunately, the fundamental Liberals are becoming more and more prevalent.

For example- I was watching the news today at work.  I watch the CNN channel HLN (Headline news) because it’s got an even mix of real news and silly puff pieces.  I like that… just when the horrors of today’s society start to get to me with stories of rape and abduction and suicide bombers and murder, they throw in a bunch of stories about kittens or monkeys.  It makes the horror go down a little easier.  But today their “Word on the Street” segment was about the site www.catsthatlooklikehitler.com.   Basically, all the site consists of is photo after photo of cats who’s markings make them look like Hitler.  My Oscar cat has a Kitler moustache.  See for yourself:

He looks like he's snarling, but he really was just about to sneeze.

This site is hilarious.  And what better way to degrade one of the most horrific men in modern history than to dedicate a site to kittens that cop his style, making a complete mockery of the man.  But what was the “Word on the Street” in upper-class white suburban Liberal America?  Horror.  People were “horrified”.  Their word- not mine.  One man was so appalled by these photos of kittens with little moustaches that he marched away from the camera man yelling.  Really?!?! THIS is what appalls our enlightened community?  THIS is what makes them angry?  Kittens.  Who look like Hitler.  On a website.  Ya wanna know what makes THIS Liberal angry? How about the fact that a woman born in South Africa has a greater chance of being raped than learning to read.  Or maybe the fact that we’re still spending billions on a war that we’ll never win while our economy has been leveled and our unemployment rate is through the roof and public schools are closing left and right.  Or maybe the fact that we never really did do much of anything to help the Hurricane Katrina victims and it’s still a mess down there YEARS after the storm passed.  Hell- pick a topic… any topic… and talk about how we’re globally failing at it.  But don’t you DARE post a photo of a kitten that has a Hitler Moustache.  Ever.  THAT’S just wrong!!!!

Fucking idiots.

This is just one example that really got to me today.  But it’s everywhere.  Sheltered white Americans desperate for a cause, and misguided about what that cause should be since they’re so achingly out of touch with what is truly degrading, insulting, and damaging.  The other day, I posted on my Facebook page that I was disturbed by the fact that “Jack in the Box” now accepts foodstamps- and my opinion was called “dictatorial”.  To flippantly throw the possibility of not being able to use foodstamps to buy french fries and milkshakes in the same dictator category as Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Saddam Hussein, and others of the like, degrades the horrors of what dictatorships have done to cultures.

I think it’s the pettiness of it that really gets to me.  The pettiness coupled with how very well off we all are… and the misdirected “horror”.  With all the monstrous acts that occur every single  minute of every single day- these silly and completely forgettable things are what that get the open-minded bohemian Liberals upset.  I was in Whole Foods today (a grocery store that I have grown to loathe and I swore to Brad that after today I cannot bring myself to enter one again), and the place was filled with rich white housewives complaining about how the price of organic produce has gone up while ignoring their exquisitely dressed spoiled children tearing through the store behaving like vile rabid monkeys. How out of touch are we in our little American bubble?  If you’re reading this right now, as far as global perspective goes,you’re well-off.  It means you have a roof over your head and a computer with an internet connection… or even an insanely priced cell phone that allows you access to the internet.  How many of you bought coffee at a coffee shop today?  Do you have a TV?  How about an ipod?  Dvd player?  How many of you were able to sleep soundly last night without the fear of gunfire shooting through your walls or having someone come in and assult/kill you or your loved ones?  Will you drink clean water today?  Take a shower without fear of being infected with parasites?  Did you go hungry today?  Did you sell your body on the street to buy your kid food?  Do you have access to medial treatment if you need it?  Are you able to pay most of your bills on time?  It’s all about perspective, and keeping our causes in check.  When Kathleen Hanna now devotes her political efforts to Peta commercials talking about saving the bunnies while infant rape is commonplace in South Africa- we Liberals need to wake the fuck up and realize that we have now become a joke. I’m just as guilty as lapsing into delusion as the next person- but I try to wake myself up as often as I can and realize that just because I can’t pay all my bills every month and things are sometimes a little tough- as far as “The Big Picture” goes, my little family unit is just fine and there are MUCH bigger problems to get upset about.

So to all my fellow ashamed Liberals out there… spread the word for everyone to lighten up.  Because if the biggest horror of your day is a website with photos of kittens with moustaches, you are extremely lucky- and embarrassingly misguided to see that as a “horror”.

“Tolerance” leaves a bad taste in my mouth…

29 Mar

There are 2 completely ridiculous things that people can do to me that make me angrier than anything on this planet.   They are:

  1. Tickling me.
  2. Looking at/acting like you want/or actually take a bite of my food before I get to eat any of it when I’m hungry.

Yes… these 2 things should be benign behaviors that invoke little sincere emotion- but they make me go bonkers with rage.  Why?

  1. Tickling:  I get weird sometimes about being touched if I’m not in the right mood or prepared for it.  And tickling is a completely spontaneous act of overpowering another person.  I know it’s innocent and done in fun… but my automatic defense system kicks in, and my immediate response to it is to repeatedly punch the tickler in the face.  I can’t help it.  It triggers my “fight or flight” response (and that almost always tends to be ‘fight’ instead of ‘flight’).  So when I get tickled, my brain sees it as an attack.  It’s too primal for me to do anything about.
  2. My food:  If I’m hungry, don’t fuck with my food.  Don’t look at my food.  Don’t ask me for a bite.  Don’t act like you want some… or at least until I’m no longer hungry (and when I’m no longer hungry, I will share my food openly).  You know when you try to pet an animal when they’re eating and they growl at you- that’s what I do.  Absolutely 100% stupid… I know.  But again… it’s too primal for me to do anything about.

Brad is extremely aware of these 2 things because we’ve actually gotten in really big fights over them.  He now knows that if I’m sitting in bed having a late dinner, he needs to keep walking and not even acknowledge that I have a plate of food he may want in front of me or else I’m forced to hover closely over it and growl.  But tonight, when I was making dinner, he decided to pull a double-whammy by coming in and saying, “What are you making us for dinner?”, acting like he was going to start eating it, and then tickling me.  He thought it was really funny.  I obviously still don’t think it’s funny because I’m bitching about it right now.  This is my public statement to my husband:

Dear Brad… If you ever do that again, I’m going to light you on fire.  Love, your wife.

Brad’s reworking Blacknoise Recordings (his online merch and music distro), and we’re adding a whole new section to it of political t-shirts and such.   I say ‘we’ because I’ve been helping him with the graphics and images to put on the new wears.  As I’ve been hopping around online getting ideas for political subjects to tackle and make into Positive Political Promotion, the word “tolerance” keeps coming up.  Racial Tolerance, Gay Pride Tolerance, Religious Tolerance, etc.  And it’s started to get to me.


  1. capacity to endure pain or hardship
  2. indulgence for beliefs or practices differing from or conflicting with one’s own

When you look at the actual definition, it doesn’t feel as open, accepting, and loving as it’s intended.  And the misuse of this word insults me.  I don’t think that differing races, sexual orientation, religions, or ways of life should be merely ‘tolerated’- as if it’s a bad medicinal aftertaste that you endure in order to achieve the desired medicinal effect.  Somehow this negative word has taken on this positive meaning, and been embraced by the politically active- but they don’t realize its demeaning undertones.  Women’s rights shouldn’t be ‘endured’. Cultural and religious minority’s rights shouldn’t be ‘endured’. Non-heterosexual’s rights shouldn’t be ‘endured’.  And so on…  “Endurance” is insulting.  “Tolerance” is insulting.  The only thing acceptable is acceptance.  Does everyone have to roll around blind with love for everything everyone on the planet does… of course not.  But if you’re going to promote a cause and try to change the closed minds of people who blindly hate, at least use language that doesn’t promote the opening of minds in a belittling way.  Language is important.  The way we use our words to communicate messages is important.  How can we properly communicate important messages if we misuse the language.  This wouldn’t irritate me so much if it wasn’t on every single god damn site I went on.

If you don’t know how to use the language, then shut the fuck up.

Those are my soap boxes for the evening.  No to tickling.  No to looking at my food.  No to “Tolerance”.  But YES to acceptance, understanding, and dictionaries.

The FBI needs to get it’s priorities straight….

29 Apr

2 posts in one week!  Is everyone shocked and amazed?  It’s just like it was back before the “day job” entered my life and my free time flittered away… I miss you, free time.

So, let’s have a show of hands of anyone who’s heard of Daniel Andreas of San Diego… anyone?  This is interesting (or at least it is to me).  Daniel Andreas is  on the FBI’s top 10 most wanted terrorist list, and he’s an American.  That’s not what’s interesting.  What IS interesting is that his crimes hurt noone, didn’t intend to hurt anyone, and he is in no way involved in any terrorist cells or threatening organizations.  Daniel Andreas is a political and environmental activist.

In 2003, Andreas was involved in the bombing of 2 Northern California corporate offices- Chiron Corp (a biotechnology firm) and Shaklee Corp (a nutrition and cosmetics company).  No one was injured in the bombings, and these companies were targeted because of their ties to companies that did animal testing.

Now, I understand that big bombs are bad (but little bombs are fun, right?  No one can argue with that because we all set off little bombs all day long on the 4th of July).  And I’m not down with any group taking extreme measures like this because it taints the message of the whole activist community.  When animal rights activists (or any other type of activists) bomb companies for their cause, it just gives the general population cause to lump us all together as “wacko’s” and dismiss the cause altogether.  That’s not cool.  As much as we like to say “That company needs to go up in smoke”, it’s just not the proper way to get your point across or be heard.  Educating the public, and getting the public to rally behind your cause is the best way to make change happen.  Company’s are swayed by public opinion… and if public opinion is that animal rights activists are a bunch of violent wack-a-do’s who care more about bunnies than human lives- well, I don’t think that’s really a message that sits well with Average Joe American. Right?

But what I find really interesting is that because of these actions, Andreas is now on the same FBI list as Osama bin Laden.  Really?  How the hell does this make sense?  Yes, this guy took some extreme measures to let people know his opinion- but no one was even hurt, let alone killed.  It was just property damage.  How the hell does this put him in the same league as terrorists who are down with suicide bombings and taking down as many people as they can?  I don’t think Andreas’ actions warrant this kind of a manhunt… and I certainly don’t think that putting a $250,000 reward on his head is necessary, either.

Doesn’t the FBI have better things to do with their time, or more important people to look for?  I would think that with everything that’s going on in the world,  a guy who destroyed some property in the name of a political cause (and not even a political cause that’s tied in ANY way to terrorism) wouldn’t really be someone to go after.  Is this what my tax money is going to?  I’ve gotta say, this is a pretty big pile of bullshit.

That’s all for this evening.  Hopefully I’ll be able to write more again this week… we’ll see if my schedule allows it…..

(I apologized if this post comes across as babble, or has grammatical blunderings.  Sully is in a manic mood, and even though he’s been told to play quietly to calm down- he’s been popping his head into my office every 30-45 seconds to tell me every single thing that is going through his brain.  How do I know it has been every 30-45 seconds?  After the 15th time he popped his head in, I began timing him.  My brain is now tired from his brain’s mania.)

I wanna punch Lila Rose in the face…

27 Apr

It’s been a month since I’ve had a chance to write on here.  A FUCKING MONTH!!   The passing of time is moving too quickly, and I see it as a personal insult to my daily list of tasks.  Time can go to hell.

Yesterday, I found a newspaper article on my desk that Brad had left for me with a front page article circled for me to read.  The headline read: “Abortion Foe Goes Undercover”.  You can check out all the details of the article at the “abortion foe’s” website HERE.  To sum it up, a college student named Lila Rose has been posing as a 13 year old, going into Planned Parenthood with a hidden camera, telling the nurses that she’s pregnant from a 31 year old and needs an abortion.  By law, if a minor goes into any health facility and states that they’ve had sex with an adult, the nurse has to report it as statutory rape, and parents must be notified if someone this young wants an abortion (the age on this varies from state to state).  But Miss Rose (who is a college student and NOT pregnant) has been trapping the nurses into telling her to not mention the fake boyfriends age, or telling her to go across state lines where laws are more lenient.  Miss Rose is trying to “expose” Planned Parenthood for not notifying police and parents, therefore allowing statutory rape to go unpunished.

BULLSHIT!!!! This has been played out in the media as if it’s one lady’s quest to protect young girls from “statutory rape”… a crusader trying to save young girls.  This is not true.  Rose is just another stereotypical anti-choice fanatic trying to find a back-end way to shut down abortion clinics.  She knows that the “abortion is wrong because god says so/all life is sacred/bla bla bla” is tired, played-out, and noone wants to hear it anymore… so she’s found a new stragey.  And, sadly, it worked.  Because of this gender traitor, on Wednesday Tennessee said it would seek to end it’s $721,000 contract with Planned Parenthood, and last month the Orange County Board of Supervisors voted to suspend a grant worth nearly $300,000 to Planned Parenthood.  Rose is seen as a hero for the rights and protection of young girls…. but the damage she’s ACTUALLY throwing onto young girls in crisis could be catastrophic.

Let’s throw personal beliefs out the window for a second and look at common sense facts.  Planned Parenthood does not exist because anyone thinks that abortions are a super fun good time.  They don’t throw little parties whenever a girl comes in to terminate a pregnancy.  Working there is NOT a fun job… but it’s a NECESSARY job in our society.  These nurses have to deal with young girls facing one of the toughest decisions in their life.  They aren’t cops.  They aren’t there to judge.  They are there to help girls who come to them.  And yes, young girls get involved with older men.  It’s awful, and these older men are vile creatures… but that doesn’t change the fact that these young girls need HELP and should NOT be forced to have a baby.  They go to places like Planned Parenthood because they don’t feel like they can go to their parents, or to any other adult in their life… and they rely on places like this to help them through this so they can get on with their life.  Planned Parenthood isn’t the Rape Crisis Center- if it was, it would be called the Rape Crisis Center instead of Planned Parenthood.  And yes, they’re supposed to report it when very young girls come in seeking help- but when you’ve got a 14 year old girl in sitting in front of you, pregnant, scared, and with nowhere else to turn; and you know that if you threaten to call the cops or her parents, she’ll just leave and either take extreme and potentially deadly measures to get rid of this baby or have the baby at too young of an age… well, I probably wouldn’t call the cops or her parents either.  They’re there to help the girls that come to them- NOT do the job of the police or the parents.

And let’s be realistic as to just how many 13 and 14 year old girls with adult boyfriends come into Planned Parenthood seeking an abortion.  Out of ALL the services that P.P. provides, just how prominant is this particular situation really?  3%?  5%?  Abortion services aren’t the only thing P.P. does.  They aren’t rolling in buckets of dead babies.  They are where I went in college for all my OBGYN check ups, to get affordable birth control, cheap pregnancy testing when I thought I was pregnant with Sully, to get my ex-husband tested for STD’s when we were dating before I let him screw me, to get my friends the ‘morning after pill’, etc.  I went there because it was affordable, staffed by women, and they were understanding of any situation.  To sever funding and shut down these clinics because one girl doesn’t like abortions and is willing to underhandedly trick the nurses into thinking they’re helping a child stuck in a HORRIFYING situation is just sick and wrong.

Not everyone agrees with abortion.  That’s fine.  BUT, in my book, if you’re a woman and you callously go out of your way to take away the choices of other women, making their life more difficult or forcing them into a situation that they aren’t prepared for or that could ruin their life- you’re a gender traitor, and an enemy of mine.  Go ahead and hate abortion… I think you’d be hard pressed to find someone out there who loves them, or thinks that they’re a good time.  But DO NOT make shitting on the rights of other women your life’s work.  We live in crappy times filled with horrible situations and decisions- don’t make it that much harder by forcing other women to have babies that they can’t possibly take care of, OR forcing them to go through with the pregnancy and put the baby up for adoption (which can be far more traumatic than an abortion could ever be)… or the worst- potentially harming themselves by taking dangerous measures to get rid of the unwanted fetus because their safe and legal clinics have been taken away from them.  Shutting down Planned Parenthoods’ and getting their funding cut because of your own personal beliefs IS betraying other women’s right to safety and control over their own life.

Lila Rose, you ARE a gender traitor.  You make me embarrassed to have a vagina, and I hope you get genital warts that spread all over your body.  And if I ever see you, expect to be vomited on.  You’re THAT fucking vile.  It takes ALOT to make me to hate another woman- but she won that prize.

I wrote her an email… feel free to do the same.  Her email address is lilarose@liveaction.org and the phone number is 408-497-3982.

One person CAN make a difference… it just sucks ass when the difference destroys the lives of so many others.

On a lighter note, I had a bookcase fall on me a couple days ago and I was told because of what I experienced afterwards I probably had a mild concussion (which is all my brain needs after all the other head injuries I’ve had); we went to a pet show last weekend and I now feel it’s mandatory that I own a Great Dane to go with my herd of cats; Sully was John Adams in a school play, and he wore the hat I made him for it upside down and backwards through the whole thing (which was a fucking riot); and I’m going to have new drawings for sale by this weekend on my webstore.  I believe that’s all I have to share with you this evening.

Big hugs to you all… except you, Miss Lila Rose.

A new Girl Scouts for a new day and age….

28 Mar

I tried to cook a family dinner tonight.  I made a really fantastic spinach quiche (and for me to cook something fantastic from scratch is a day to mark on your calendar and celebrate for years to come. “Kristen cooked something that wasn’t burnt and vile” day is now officially March 28th. Notify Hallmark).   Sully refused to eat it.  Brad has sworn off dairy.  So I gave up, put it in the fridge, waited for Sully to go to bed and for Brad to go out for the night… now I’m eating graham crackers and home-made fudge sauce for dinner instead- unable to look at my rejected quiche.  Go to hell, “family dinner night”.  (and if any of you want the fudge sauce recipe, I’ll gladly post it- it’s AWESOME!!!… and sooooo easy)

Yesterday I was digging through piles of crap in my office, and I found some of my old girl scout badges.  I had to look them up online to remember what little duty I had to conquer in order to prove my worthiness of these badges.  While I was hunting, I stumbled onto the Girl Scout Law.  I had long forgotten it, but seeing it again- it’s pretty fucking awesome:

I will do my best to be:
Honest and fair,
Friendly and helpful,
Considerate and caring,
Courageous and strong, and
Responsible for what I say and do,
And to
respect myself and others,
respect authority,
use resources wisely,
make the world a better place, and
be a sister to every Girl Scout.

And the Girl Scout Motto:  Be Prepared

Now, I hated Girl Scouts.  I quit at the 5th grade school carnival when they told me I had to spend my carnival-time cleaning up tables instead of playing the games (but I was an asshole little kid).  I hated selling the damn cookies.  I hated the summer camp with the heat and the bugs.  I just don’t remember enjoying any of it.  And the uniform’s sole purpose seemed intent on humiliation.  But reading the Girl Scout law now- I kindof love it.

Granted, I’d take out the “respect authority”, because “respecting self and others” already sums it up- and frankly, there are oodles of authority figures out there not deserving of respect.  To blindly respect someone just because they are in a position of power is a frightening thing to teach a child in this day and age.  There are too many creepy bad-touch shit-bags out there.  But the rest- it’s pretty damn solid.  If everyone followed those simple rules- life would be so much better.

But what really gave me tiny little chills was the motto: Be Prepared.

I know that it’s not supposed to be ominous- but to me, it is… yet mandatory.  Every little girl on the planet needs to have “Be Prepared” drilled into their head… and then they need to be taught how to prepare themselves, and for what.  I want to start my own Girl Scout Troop- but screw the lanyards, and the baking, and the cookie sales, and my little girl’s uniforms would look a little more Black-Panther-Party and a little less Designed-By-Retards-Who-Really-Like-St.Patrick’s-Day (the Black Panther’s just looked so damn cool!!).

In my girl scout troop, here are the ways I would start my girls on the road to Being Prepared, and what they would earn merit badges for:

  • Self defense classes: not martial arts or any of that “zen” stuff- but ways to beat the living shit out of an attacker in order to get away to safety
  • Loyalty to your fellow female: because there is FAR too much ladies-hating-ladies for the sake of stupid boys going around
  • Realistic Body Imaging:  every girl should be aware of just how much airbrushing goes into all those “perfect magazine girls” AND it’s not desirable for a 5’10” girl to weigh 110 pounds
  • Sex and Body Education:  everything a girl MUST know about her body and sex, but the church, the public schools and parents are too afraid to tell them
  • Rape and Abuse 101: the physical abuse, sexual abuse and rape statistics are through the roof- so every girl needs to know how to help themselves and help their friends if the unspeakable happens
  • Objectification 101:  ladies are not here for the sole purpose of getting a man off, serving his needs, or being his property.
  • Self Respect 101: seems simple- but it’s not… but fully necessary.
  • Self Reliance in ALL things: we don’t need men to hold our hands or support us through life.  Everything we want, we can get on our own… and then we can find a partner to be with because we like them, and not because we NEED them
  • Business, banking, and financial success:  ties into self reliance, and makes for more lady millionaires, which makes for more ladies calling the shots
  • Political Activeness: mandatory badge to be earned (but there will be different badges for each political or environmental issue)

The list could go on and on.  I’m thinking about having my own set of merit badges made for these and have them on my webstore (just like the little ones in girl scouts so we can sew them on our hoodies).  One for each topic.  If we feel we’ve really conquered and mastered this skill, and are secure in our abilities- then we get a badge, and can wear it proudly.  And if any of you have other things that need to be on this list- call it out!  I think the Girl Scouts needs a renovation.

But the motto “Be Prepared” should most definitely stay the same.  It applies now more than ever.

The highs, the lows, and the gloating….

5 Nov

So I’m just gonna get this outta the way right off the bat, and then we’ll move onto other things…


Ok…. I’m done gloating.  I can honestly say that this is the first time in my adult life that I’ve experienced this kind of American Pride.  When Clinton was in office, I was too young to have really cared about the “pre-Clinton” years, so I didn’t appreciate how good we had it with him.  And then almost 8 years of Bush retardation left a bad taste in my mouth and constant gas pains towards our country that I never thought would go away.   But then minty-fresh and soothing Obama stepped up to the plate… and for the first time I have hope.  I have hope that the rest of the planet will slowly begin to be friends with us again, and that I won’t have to immediately apologize whenever I’m traveling overseas and tell someone I’m from the U.S.  I have hope that there is FINALLY going to be someone in the White House looking out for those of us who don’t own multi-billion dollar companies.  I have hope that someday my husband will be able to have health care.  I have hope that this moronic war will soon come to an end, and that the troop’s families will finally have them back home safely.  The list goes on and on.  His election shows a massive change in our country… it’s proven that the majority of the country is completely sick of the “Old Rich Guy” way of doing things, and we’ve spoken.  This is also a MASSIVE step towards people being hired for a job based on merit- and not hired or discriminated against because of color.

I actually cried last night during his acceptance speech.  Brad was driving home from class listening to it, and he called me and told me he was crying too.  For those of you who don’t know me personally… I’m not a teary person.  I usually only cry by reflex if I get socked in the nose.  And I’m not easily moved in a positive way… especially if politicians are involved.  But Obama made me cry.  For that, he should get a bonus award.  I’ve been on cloud 9 all day long.

But now the lows….. there were oodles of propositions on the table for California in this election.  One of them, Proposition 8,  was to ban homosexual marriages.  This was passed.  It is now no longer legal for homosexual couples to get married in the state of California.  And this breaks my heart.  Below is a video that I think sums up the just how ridiculous and unjust it is to deny these loving couples the right to a sacred union.   Warning …. there are violent and graphic scenes in there, so if you’ve got a weak stomach or freak out easily, don’t watch it.  Seriously… and if you do watch it and freak out, it’s not my fault.

If you didn’t want to watch it, I’ll sum it up.  This video lists serial killers, violent offenders, serial rapists and pedophiles (basically people who are so horrible that our society has locked them in a cage to keep them away from us) who all got married AFTER they went to prison.  Some were married while on death row.  Some even fathered children while in prison.  Ted Bundy. Members of the Manson Family.  John Wayne Gacy.  The Hillside Stranglers.  And on and on.  These people have the constitutional right to get married… but law abiding, tax paying, loving couples don’t.  Does that make sense? Does that seem fair?   So I can rape people, kill people, dismember them, eat them, mutilate them, rape and kill children, kidnap people, etc… then after being caught and sentenced to a life time in prison (or even be sentenced to death), I can get myself a pen pal, decide to marry this pen pal even though we will never be able to share a home, a life, or even a bed every night… and that marriage is viewed as sacred.  BUT if I’m a good person, follow all of society’s rules, living a happy and productive life, and I fall in love and want to share my life with this wonderful love- I’m not allowed to if my love has the same reproductive organs that I do?

WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE!!!!! There is no excuse for this.  It is so horribly fucking wrong that it makes my stomach hurt.  Does this make sense to ANYONE out there?… because if it does please stand the fuck up and explain it to me.  Seriously.  I want to understand this.  I want to know why 18,000 couples who were FINALLY able to get married in California now have the heartbreak of their wedding no longer being recognized as valid.  I want to know why anyone feels they have the fucking right to do this to other people… to perfect strangers.  Shame on you, right-wing conservatives.  What would Jesus do?…. certainly not what you Christians did to the homosexual population…. that’s for fucking sure.  But seriously… if the facts above make any sense to anyone out there reading this, PLEASE explain.  I promise I won’t go off on you, or call you names, or be disrespectful in any way.  I just really want to know why love isn’t celebrated…. no matter who the couple is who shares that love.

Brad said that at least gay marriage is still legal in Massachusetts.  And if you’re married in one state, then that marriage is recognized legally in all states (Article 4, Section 1 of the Constitution states “Full Faith and Credit shall be given in each State to the public Acts, Records, and judicial Proceedings of every other State”).  So if you break a law in one state, your still a criminal in every other state… AND if you get married in one state, you’re still married in every other state.  But that doesn’t make it better in my eyes.  Brad also said, “Well, we can’t win everything”.  Oh yeah?  Why the fuck not?

The Republicans, the rich, and the Christian Evangelicals have been running the show for close to a decade.  We were inches away from having Roe v Wade back on the table; from having a Vice President who thinks that our environmental tragedy had nothing to do with pollution and doesn’t believe that horny teenagers should be taught how to use a condom (ie: her own knocked up teenager who is being forced into marriage); from having another president who only looks out for fellow members of his rich, white “Boy’s Club”, and leaves the rest of the nation to fall to pieces… etc.  The other guys have had it all for fall too long.  I think it’s time WE had it all.  And not even ALL of it… just a little justice, common sense, and equal treatment.  Why is that so much to ask for?

So shame on you, California, for letting Prop. 8 get passed.  One step forward, two steps back.  That is the American Waltz.

I apologize for not being able to rant to you all until this late in the evening today.  I am part of a group gallery show in Cleveland at a magical little place called “Shoparooni“, and I had to finish my piece and overnight ship it to them so they would have it tomorrow.  The opening is Friday night, and it’s a “plushform” show… which means it’s all hand painted little dolls!!!  So if you’re in the area, you really should go out to it.

So let’s all end this day with swelling happiness for the Obama victory, but keep the couples who have been hit hard by Prop 8 in your thoughts.  And let’s hope that now since we’ve got some good in the White House, we won’t have as many Prop 8 tragedies in our future.